WWE Superstars Results and Reactions from October 10: Look kids, Big E!

Kaitlyn's back! If that doesn't either draw you in or scare you off, there's another Big E Langston versus Justin Gabriel match on the show this week. Read what we thought about the streaming show right here.

Time for the only WWE original programming you still have to pay for on Hulu!

Big E Langston defeats Justin Gabriel

in approximately seven and a half minutes via pinfall

  • Gabriel's entrance music, which I remain obsessed by for no apparent reason, is kind of similar to what they played over the infamous "WWE Network is coming in 2012" commercial. I'm glad they at least found a home for the beats, since they couldn't find one for the network.
  • Big E shrugs off all attempts at a lock-up early and even tosses the South African to the mat a couple of times. Justin's reactions here are pretty great. Langston even holds onto a headlock during the spot that starts all matches were a guy miraculously gets out of a hold by charging the ropes. It actually makes the sequence look more "real", because I don't for a second thing that the high-flier could easily get out of any hold that the powerlifter didn't want him to.
  • This whole match is really a showcase for feats of strength from the heel. The shoulder block takedowns are thunderous. Gabriel leaps on him for a monkey flip but Big E catches him, holds on and slams him down. There's a delayed gutwrench backbreaker that I slipped a disc just watching.
  • The Darewolf gets off a few of his signature moves, but not many. The story here is that he survives for a while, not that you ever believe he's going to win by anything other than a roll-up. My favorite bit is actually when he spins himself around on Langston's side to counter a hip toss and get behind the big man. He also connects with a corkscrew European uppercut that looks cool, and a few of his usual springboard maneuvers.
  • I've noticed something about Alex Riley, who is announcing this with Tom Phillips, just as he was this week's NXT were I first noticed this. He's (mercifully) stopped talking about his days with either Miz or at Boston College, but now he's often on the line between kayfabe and "real world". He spends time here talking about how much exposure Gabriel will get from being a playable character in WWE2K14 and how E needs to get the people booking matches to notice him. I guess it fits in with the "Reality Era"; it's just interesting to watch A-Ry try out different approaches as he develops his style.
  • After a crossbody barely gets a two count, JG charges Langston in the corner, but gets caught around the neck with one arm and sent to the mat via a Spinebuster variant. Then it's Big Ending time.
  • He didn't do it, but it really, really looked like Big E wanted five.
  • Match Footage below via WWE.com's Official YouTube Channel:

    First recaps are the speeches from the three Hall of Famers on the app ballot for the guest referee job at Hell in a Cell (Bob Backlund was robbed! #SwingAndWing). That's followed by a medley of Alberto Del Rio macking on Vickie Guerrero, beating up Ricardo Rodriguez and freaking out about having to face of John Cena.

    Tamina Snuka defeats Kaitlyn

    in approximately seven minutes via pinfall

  • Hey, the former Divas champ does more for WWE than just hipster pin-up photo shoots!
  • Tamina kind of looks like she's a lost member of Aces and Eights with her leather pants and vest combo. She wears the vest for the first half of the match, too.
  • I give them credit for trying to do the female version of a hoss fight here, but there is no way that either of these women should get a seven minute match. It starts out as a shoving contest and doesn't get much better - just a lot of strikes and rest holds.
  • Best botch of the show - early on Kaitlyn tries to slip under a charge in the corner and roll-up Snuka, but doesn't get her leg and has to go back and do it again. Second best, well maybe not a botch, but what looked like it was supposed to be an inverted DDT from the Hybrid Diva ended up looking like they both just fell down together.
  • AJ's enforcer does flatten Kaitlyn with a headbutt, which you don't see the Divas do very often - so that was kind of cool. Tamina wins it when she gets a knee up to counter a Spear attempt and then finishes with a Samoan Drop.
  • Are they gonna have her not do the Superfly Splash as a finisher any more? I thought she still used it, even as a heel.
  • Match Footage below via WWE.com's Official YouTube Channel:

    In case you missed it on Monday, next you get to see Stephanie McMahon fire The Big Show. Then we join the six-man main event, already in progress, but are shown all of Show's rampage through The Shield and HHH.

    Eh, love you Big E, but this is one skippable show.

    Grade: D

    How was it for you, guys and dolls?

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