Preview for the October 11, 2013 episode of WWE Smackdown: The Hungry Truth

Sure, half the roster is in the Middle East, but that doesn't mean tonight won't be worth watching, right? Find out what we thing about advertised matches like The Wyatts vs. The Rhodes and R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel, as well as what else we might see, right here.

What you need to know

Big Show is on the run from the law! The Giant finally snapped on Monday night, fighting his way through all three members of The Shield in order to lay the Chief Operating Officer (COO) flat. Stephanie McMahon, who may have instigated the incident with her latest demeaning rant and literal slaps to the face of the World's Largest Athlete, is reportedly considering pressing charges.

Meanwhile, there is still no WWE champ, but we do know that the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels will be the special guest referee for Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan's cage match on Oct 27th.

World Heavyweight Champion (WHC) Alberto Del Rio was shocked that his flattery of Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero fail to sway the Cougar. More shocking than that, despite chasing Rob Van Dam into hiatus, Del Rio will defend his title at Hell in a Cell in a few weeks - against none other than a returning John Cena!

R-Truth is in the midst of his biggest push since Survivor Series 2011, losing on pay-per-view (PPV) to Intercontinental champ Curtis Axel and then getting a chance to work with CM Punk against Paul Heyman's faction on Raw.

As the Suntanned Superman himself might say, big things are popping in the tag division. Champs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield look fallible coming off their loss to The Rhodes brothers at Battleground. The Usos still have a title shot promised to them, and Los Matadores are racking up wins since their debut.

The Divas division is also in a state of flux, albeit for a different reason. Greenhorn Total Divas stars JoJo and Eva Marie are now active, competing roster members - even though JoJo hasn't been the legal person in a match, she was technically booked in a match - and champ AJ Lee is on the shelf with "concussion like symptoms".

Oh, and half the roster is on an overseas tour to the United Arab Emirates, so a lot of these storylines may be on hold until Monday night.

What to look out for

A bunch of Buckeyes, since this episode was filmed on Tuesday in Columbus, OH. As always, previews are spoiler-free, but Cageside Seats can tell you all about what went down if you click right here.

The advertised main is the resurgent Rhodes clan against the insurgent Wyatt Family. None of the creepy beardos, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, have been taken down yet since coming to the main roster. Can Cody and Goldust be the first to pin or submit Harper and Rowan when they face off tonight, or will the end up down or disappeared like past foes Kane and Kofi Kingston?

By virtue of getting the "sure, why not?" rub from the Second City Saint on Monday, Truth gets another shot at Heyman Guy Axel tonight. And we know from that Ryback has accepted Punk's challenge for Hell in a Cell, will either Paul E or his big, bad, beautiful client respond further on SyFy?

We also know what's next for the WWE championship players...what about Show? (sarcasm font) He probably won't be arrested (/sarcasm font), but, in-story, how did he get back in the building and why did he seem some unconcerned about repercussions after weeks of bawling and blubbering about his his house and family?

What they should do

If, as almost everybody expects, Vince is coming back as a babyface to feud with Hunter for a big program that will lead to WrestleMania 30, we can probably leave that on the back burner for a while. There are a lot of hours of television to fill between now and April in New Orleans. And it would serve to keep Big Show out of the ring for a while longer, since we have no kayfabe reason to believe he can beaten right now.

Ryback is gaining traction with his ironic "bowlie"-hating schtick, and I for one would like to see more of Perfect, Jr's confused meathead character. As much as it pains me to say as a long-time mark for Punk and Heyman, I think we've all heard just about everything we need to out of them concerning their issues. Let's swing the spotlight to a couple of guys that can be useful tools in the Creative toolkit, in Axel's case as a mid-carder and tag team player and in Big Hungry's as a mid-card/main event swingman à la Dolph Ziggler or Christian.

It'll be interesting to see how they handle having two hot acts collide on the B-show. As much as we're all leery of non-finishes these days, the Wyatts versus the Rhodes calls out for another one, most likely due to interference from Bray. That could also allow Cody to see if he can maintain momentum as a singles competitor while Goldy works with the Eater of Worlds in an awesome weird vs weird feud.

What we're afraid they will do

Given the depleted roster, air roughly 85 minutes of footage from Battleground, Raw and the app.

This will undoubtedly be a placeholder show, but hopefully they can serve up some solid wrestling and use the opportunity to build characters and stories with performers we don't always see. It was a bit of a bummer to see guys like Truth, Kofi, Santino and Khali shoved onto a PPV card with no warning. But if WWE takes that as a sign that they should have storylines for those kinds of guys so that there's an attachment to them when they're needed for that duty, Smackdown is the place where those stories should be built.

But, yeah, probably just 85 minutes of footage from Battleground, Raw and the app.

Who's ready for the night on which they fight?

Sound off below, and come on back for tonight's live blog and tomorrow's reactions!

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