July 2011. For some wrestling fans it was just another month, but for me it was the moment that got me back into wrestling. A superstar named Phillip Brooks, better known by CM Punk cut one of the best promos you will ever hear in your life. He was on his way out of the company. When I heard about it, I was hooked back into wrestling again.

You see, I was a huge wrestling fan when I was younger. Then Hulk Hogan winning every match bored me. I was never a Hogan fan, (until he started the nWo with two people who I am huge fans of.) Bret Hart never really got me excited about anything. Shawn Michaels lost his smile. So I got away for a little bit. Then the nWo got me back and the WWE attitude era kept me around. Then the attitude era got a little too silly for me so once again, I got away. Saw Wrestlemania 22 live was hooked again. Then Chris Benoit happened and from there I was out for a long time due to the way it was handled.

Then I hear this radio guy from WKRS left the Zion baseball broadcasting team and he used Punk's promo. I had to go to you tube right away to see the promo. There was buzz about it everywhere. And when I finally saw it, along with the Money in the Bank main event between Punk and Cena, I had a feeling wrestling was going to be good again.

Sure, it has its issues. Like they are in this PG era now and John Cena has to act like a 12 year old every time he gets a mic. Sheamus and Zack Ryder play to the kids. However, CM Punk is a great wrestler, has awesome mic skills, and became my instant favorite. You know how hard it was to pick between him and HHH when they had their short program.

So let past be past and let's talk about last night. Punk cut once again another awesome promo. He was making fun of the business as a whole, and the Rock had to come out and set him straight. Punk was flat out rude, disrespectful, and defiant, and I loved it. Every time Punk said something that made the crowd cheer, he kicked them in the balls by insulting them. He had that crowd in his hand last night. When Punk does a legit promo, I don't think there's anyone better. You can tell his work ethic is high. He tries to bring the best he can every time he is on camera.

This was evident by the "The Best in the World" DVD I watched the other night. You see how Punk came up in the business. His backyard shows, Ring of Honor, and when he first joined WWE. I you tubed some of his past work and thought it was brilliant. The Straight Edge Society was dope. But the thing special about Punk is the ability to bring the best out of his opponent. Classic case, he made me appreciate John Cena, someone I couldn't stand for many years, and quite frankly still can't. As a matter of fact, Cena who seemed more like a carnival barker when Raw started last night reciting what was happening on the program and then resorted to childish jokes when Dolph Ziggler and AJ came out to confront him, I started fast forwarding. Great match with Ziggler, but the first 10 minutes sucked the life out of the program.

The bottom line is this. If you look at the future, you see some great talent coming into the fold. Guys like Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Damien Sandow, the Prime Time Players, Cody Rhodes, the list is building. However make no mistake about it. CM Punk is the leader of this generation. I am sad because I have a huge feeling about how Wrestlemania 29 goes down. At the Royal Rumble, Punk will meet the Rock in which will be an epic match. However, anyone that has wrestling IQ knows that as my friend Jim says "the WWE is in the John Cena business." Rock will beat Punk and then Cena takes down Rock at Mania proving once in a lifetime is a fricking lie. The truth, Punk should be main eventing Wrestlemania with Rock. Not Cena.

In closing, Cena might make a night here or there. Especially for the children in the audience. Punk makes the company. Therefore, the company needs to give Punk RESPECT.

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