Tammy Sytch remanded on $100,000 bail, will undergo psychiatric testing

Maybe Tammy Sytch can be Aces and 8s female valet after all this is said and done. - Photo by daysofthundr46 of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

Tamara Sytch, aka Sunny, appeared in court today facing charges of breaching her ex-boyfriend's protective order again. The case was continued until Feb. 7th and Sytch will remain in jail unless she can pay a $100,000 cash bond. She will also undergo psychiatric testing to discover the cause of her mental instability.

As we promised last night, Cagesiders, here's an update on the circumstances behind Tamara Sytch's latest arrest and the developments from her court appearance earlier today.

According to a members only update on f4wonline.com, before the hearing even took place Sytch's estranged boyfriend, independent wrestler Damien Darling, refuted the allegations that he had assaulted his former lover on his Facebook page and claimed that no charges had been filed against him by the Branford Police Department.

Apparently, Sytch was X-rayed at a local hospital and did not have any broken ribs as she alleged. However, she is believed to have struck Darling in the head with a hammer during their most recent fight together that got her arrested for a sixth time.

The New Haven Register wrote a very detailed report about Sytch's court hearing this morning, which is well worth reading in full. Here's a summary of the new information that was brought to light by the legal wrangle:

  • This time Sytch was remanded in jail in lieu of a $100,000 cash bond.
  • Rob Serafinowicz, Sytch’s attorney, claimed that his client had been "lured" back to Darling's home, which she wasn't allowed to be at, due to the ongoing restraining order against her.
  • Sytch continued to argue that she was the one who was attacked, telling the judge: "I don’t think it’s fair to me. I was the one abused." This led her to "self-medicate" and start drinking again the morning after the assault was supposed to have occurred.
  • Branford Police Capt. Geoffrey Morgan said Sytch’s allegations were still being investigated and that she complained of breathing problems while in custody, which led to her being taken to a hospital.
  • Serafinowicz told the judge that Darling had encouraged Sytch to break the protective order by picking her up, taking her back to his place and requesting that they move back in together. Darling even gave her an engagement ring so they "could begin their life together" again. Apparently, Darling had called Sytch's lawyer several times, telling him how much he loved Tammy and how he wanted to do anything he could to help her.
  • The police report stated that Sytch had told them at the time of her arrest that she had been given a key to Darling's property and had been living there for a fortnight.
  • Even if this is true, then it was still up to the court to allow her to stay in Darling's home, so anyway you slice it, she still broke the law.
  • The protective order was modified last month to enable Sytch to call Darling for the purposes of ongoing therapy, but she was still not supposed to meet him in person.
  • Past warrants for Sytch's arrests detailed her regularly being intoxicated and once using "UFC moves" to strangle her ex-boyfriend.
  • When the judge reminded Sytch not to return to Darling's residence if she is released from jail, she meekly said: "After what I just went through, I won’t go back."
  • Serafinowicz asked the judge to allow Sytch to have psychiatric testing to be done to find out the root cause of her mental health problems. She is already being treated for bi-polar disorder.
  • The case was continued until Feb. 7th.
We'll have more on this tragic soap opera next week then, Cagesiders.
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