The Four Horsemen of the Modern Era

By Simon from United Kingdom (WWE Hall of Fame 2012 - The Four Horsemen) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

With Ric Flair back, it gets you thinking about his past in WCW and his runs with the Four Horsemen. Seeing him "passing the torch" to the Miz (a guy who can't throw a proper chest chop much less slap on a figure four) instantly made me horrified. Might they actually start to bring back the Horsemen with Flair as the figurehead and Miz as a Horseman?

Thankfully, that never came to pass. But the next logical thought was, "Could they bring the Horsemen back into WWE under the tutelage of Flair?" Never mind the "should they" aspect, this is pure fantasy drafting fun... so, who would make the cut under your Horsemen umbrella?

My four can kick off the debate:

  1. Randy Orton: The dude is a second-generation star, and he's athletic & charismatic enough to belong in the elite of the WWE. He seems to tread the line between clear-cut heel and face, reminding me almost of the loose cannon aspect of Brian Pillman, without the insanity. Plus, he just seems like a natural fit.
  2. Chris Jericho: Even though Flair would probably serve as the mouthpiece of the group, having Jericho would give them more mic skills and showmanship to run with.
  3. Ryback: Every team needs an enforcer, and Mr. Hungry should fit the bill nicely. He looks and feels more athletic than the other big men in WWE, and he did save Flair from The Shield, so it would make sense from a storyline standpoint that Flair would return the favor. And for those who think he doesn't belong, remember--at least he's not Mongo.
  4. Daniel Bryan: Do I really need an explanation? Technical skills and charisma out the yin-yang, former world champ and more of a threat than guys twice his size, he fits the Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit role.

Anyone want to share theirs or discuss these choices?

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