Fine Nonetheless: A Personal Bias Analysis

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For those of you reading anything I've written for the first time, you might've noticed you're favorite glyph is rather opinionated on his likes and dislikes. To many, it might sell the idea that no matter what a wrestling company does, nothing can please this ol' glyph's standards.

So why did I defend Cena and Rock winning at the Royal Rumble to the death? Shouldn't a guy who was calling for Cena's head mere months ago be pissed that he's getting back the win from the one guy who actually beat him?

In a way, yes. I don't want Cena on top anymore. I hate his promos, I hate his booking, I hate the little flaws in his style that drag down already predictable matches too often, and I'd much rather see him face Punk or Undertaker this year at 'Mania if he has to be involved at all.

But there's a difference between what I want to happen, what I think is best for business, what I think is fine for both, but not my first choice, and what I think is fine for business even though it's not my thing at all and I don't want to watch it. Rock/Cena is thankfully well into the third portion of those differences.

To start with this admission of bias, even though Punk/DBD is the main event I want to see at 'Mania, and the program I'd love to book if I were in Vince McMahon's position, even If I were to Quantum Leap into Vinnie's demented brain right before the Rumble, I still wouldn't book that match, and would still put Rocky at the top of the card because Rocky's unlike anyone else in the business.

Anyone who's seen a movie trailer in the last decade knows that Rocky could easily take his tutu back from Larry the Cable Guy, crank out half a dozen dogshit movies, and make substantially more money than he'll make in any program WWE could swing him into while doing absolutely no work whatsoever.

Not only is any program involving Rocky set to make more money than anything else any wrestling company can run, not only is Rocky still in excellent physical shape, he's actively costing himself money to boost the profits and profiles of the business he made part of the national conversation. With the exception of Shawn Michaels, Rocky's never once objected to working with anybody or jobbing to anybody no matter how far below his level the unworthy mortal was.

No matter where he is or who he faces, Rocky's automatically the guy, and no brain should be addled enough to not work by that standard.

As for Cena, even though I'd grill the shit out of him for his flaws the second I Scott Bakula Vince McMahon, it's completely unreasonable for anybody not to work around Cena's significant strengths. The man has insane cardio, a physique well above most Greek statues, strength unrivaled by anyone outside Sammartino and Cesaro, and a dedication to fulfilling his company man role so deep it honestly makes me question his sanity.

Those strengths are enough to designate Cena as an Ace for any promotion he could be in through any era, if not the number 1 outright.

After living through the last Cena/Rock program, which gave great promos, actual character development on Cena's part, a very good match, and 1.25 million fifty dollar payments to see the match on pay-per-view (PPV), it's absurd not to run their program a second time. Especially when said program offers the chance for the Rumble, the Belt, the "Main Event" of 'Mania, and the biggest heel in the company to look like things that actually matter as opposed to the meaningless trinkets and gold watches WWE's done their best to turn those labels into.

Now, on the matter of Punk. It's sad to see a great title reign end, but it's the good kind of sad to have any great title reign end the right way. While there are numerous good ways to end any title reign, booking your biggest heel to lose clean to your biggest face on the second biggest show of the year so said face can face the second biggest face, and said heel can work another very important match before taking some time off to nurse the numerous injuries a long title reign sets into his body isn't any better or worse than the other right ways.

It's merely one among multiple equally good options.

The People's Elbow's a stupid move? Hell yeah! So's Hogan's Leg Drop. Being stupid doesn't stop either from being the most over moves in the business, nor does losing clean to any move that over bring shame to the loser in any way. Jobbing to a People's Elbows at Rocky's hand's is worth more than kicking out of of ten finishers from almost anyone else in the business, and Rocky's never been greedy about returning the favor.

Rock/Cena's a predictable match? Hell yeah! Predictability's often the best option. TNA and Glee are among the least predictable programs on television, with male strippers, gay caricatures, and a mean-spirited jackass treating human beings with less dignity than most eleven-year-olds treat action figures.

If anything, the lack of predictability only increases the respective suck factor. WWE's last three Rumbles were all unpredictable, and all three finishes sucked mightily, so let's reward WWE for doing exactly what we expected by acting logically in their booking for once.

A favorite poet of mine Herman Cain once wrote a ballad expressing what I feel about Rock/Cena right now. By itself, I don't agree with the statement, but with a caveat, it sums up my philosophy on many things rather well. Right in the middle of the chorus, insert the following phrase, and don't forget to sing along with the rest:

"...think logically, might...."

Don't worry, you'll happily know where to sing.

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