WWE FL: Jan. 27 (Sea. 1, Wk. 2)

This is the FanPost for Week 1 Results, and for posting your Week 2 picks. Your 8 picks are due Sunday, January 27, before the Royal Rumble pre-show begins taping. Wrestlers chosen will earn points at the Royal Rumble, as well as this week's Raw, SmackDown, and Main Event.

Cheers! And good luck! If you haven't joined the game yet, please do! It's never too late. *thumbs up*

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Week 1 Results

Please take note: SmackDown spoilers could be contained in this thread; or, at the very least, scoring of how they performed. Don't read anything too far down until Friday, if you care.

Each week, I edit a Google Spreadsheet document to give us our scores. The document includes:

Feel free to check out any math you want, or double-check to make sure I got your picks right.

If you're wondering what each wrestler did on each show, I will post that as a separate comment to this FanPost, so as to not clutter things further.

Now, without delay, Week 1 Results:

  1. 145 - Kanenite
  2. 124 - AlexMathew.XtremeHardyolic
  3. 113 - GreyedOut
  4. 111 - jsims2
  5. 110 - DanosFC
  6. 106 - bmf1314
  7. 105 - liberty_JAC
  8. 104 - C.J. Bradford
  9. 103 - 49erLou
  10. 96 - Dannie Ray
  11. 83 - ReverendKain

Kanenite jumps to the early lead after one week -- with AlexMathew hot on the trail -- while the rest of us already look like amateurs.

"u srs, bro?"

7 of the 11 of us (myself, included) picked John Cena -- probably assuming he would have the pleasure of burying Ziggler one last time heading into the Rumble. But, instead, he stayed off our TVs all week except to deliver one promo and earn himself a whopping 1 point in the process; making him our easy Disappointment of the Week. Just be glad I didn't deduce points after what he made us sit through.

"the wisdom of crowds"

More people (9, to be exact) picked Antonio Cesaro than any other wrestler; but our Consensus Pick of the Week failed to deliver the goods: losing to Orton on RAW, Ryback on ME, and then netting only a guest commentary appearance on SD!. The end result was 10 points, proving once again that us Americans are very dumb.

"come on, man!"

ReverendKain had the worst week of the bunch, due in-part to picking Cena, but also because he picked Ric Flair. Flair is retired, Kain! "Come on, man!"

Week 1 Wrestler Scores

  • 26 - Orton
  • 22 - Ryback
  • 22 - Big Show
  • 20 - Sheamus
  • 19 - The Miz
  • 17 - Del Rio
  • 14 - Ziggler
  • 14 - Bryan
  • 14 - Sandow
  • 14 - Rhodes
  • 12 - Kane
  • 12 - Kaitlyn
  • 10 - Cesaro
  • 10 - Barrett
  • 5 - CM Punk
  • 4 - The Rock
  • 1 - Cena

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Royal Rumble Scoring

Scoring will work as normal in all matches, except the Royal Rumble, which will be graded as follows:

  • +2 - Appearance
  • +6 - Enter the Rumble Match
  • +1 - Eliminate Another Wrestler
  • +1 - Every 8 Minutes Survived
  • +1 - Every 5 Eliminations Ahead of You **
  • +10 - Win the Rumble
  • +2 - Finisher Executed

** This is scored regardless of Entry #. If you enter #20 and are the 21st eliminated, you get 4 points for surviving 20 eliminations (20 / 5 = 4). If you enter #30 and get eliminated 27th, you get 5 points for surviving 26 eliminations.

For some examples of all the scoring added together, in case you are confused:.

... in last year's Rumble, The Miz entered #1 and was eliminated 25th. Therefore, 24 were eliminated ahead of him, earning him 4 points (24 / 5 = less than 5; rounded down to 4). He also survived 45 minutes, earning him another 5 points for Every 8 Minutes Survived (45 / 8 = 5). Count that with his 2 eliminations (+1, +1) and his Appearance (+2) and Rumble Match points (+6), and you get 19 total points.

Sheamus, who won the Rumble, received Rumble Match points (+6) as well as Appearance (+2) and Elimination points for three eliminations (+1, +1, +1). He also received 2 points for surviving 22 minutes (22 / 8 = less than 3; rounded to 2), 5 points for the 29 eliminated in front of him (29 / 5 = less than 6; rounded to 5), and 10 for winning the Rumble. Altogether, he earned 28

I tried to find a way to reward both making it far, regardless of Entry #, as well as lasting long, once entered (TWSS?).

If anything about the scoring confuses you, then please ask me questions!

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

The Rules

For an explanation of The Rules, please check out our original introduction FanPost for the game.

You may also ask any questions you have in this thread. Thank you.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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