my SmackDown experience

I went to last night’s WWE TV tapings, so I thought I would share my experience . My first live show since 2005.

Disclaimer – I did enjoy some cannabis before going in. Not a lot.

My AJ THIGHS sign made through 2 security checks. But my seats were only visible if the Shield had come through my section (I was right on the aisle too. I think the camera hit our section during the opening of Main Event, Superstars or Saturday Slam. I stopped holding it up after that.

It was a good crowd, most of the death trap known as Arco Arena’s Upper Level was blocked off but the lower bowl was full. A lot of little kids and teenagers. Lots of Woos! for no reason

These tapings were a good reminder how great WWE is at producing TV. Watching a TV match like PTP vs Kofi & Clay with no commentary or camera is weird.

I was high but even my sober friend thought the “Feed me More” more chant was creepy.

There was no Aj . But Rosa Mendez raised my spirits a bit. She looks damn good in person. But if she wants to be a heel, don’t salsa dance in the ring. No one will boo that. EVER.

I love watching these guys play the crowd, it’s the best part of it the live experience. Rhodes Scholars were amazing as always people love to go after the Cody Stache.

Disappointed that there was no direct attacks on Sacramento because a heel wearing a Sonics jersey might have started a riot. That maybe because it’s a taped show.

The Rock easily got the loudest pop. Even when they showed him on Titan Tron. Punk got a big response but the same people that boo him, finish the BITW phrase. Tough job for him. But I was enthralled by his promo

I hope they never change the Shield’s entrance, it is so badass in person. And that whole segment was tremendous.

What they likely wont’t show- Punk running down the Rock after he left the ring, Rock comes back and they brawl. Punk beats him down, then Punk stops to off his shirt and gets Rock Bottomed. No peoples elbow though (thank God)

I missed it because we left but ADR and Show had a last man standing match with ADR putting Show through a table (or 2) for the win.

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