Just a couple of suggestions for the Pick 'Em game..

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Hello, Cagesiders !!

Its been about a year now that I’ve been following Cageside Seats, and I’ve really wanted to make a contribution here. And so, I want to start my 2013 in CSS with an attempt to make a fruitful contribution. And where better than one of my most favourite things about the site – The PPV Pick ‘Em Game..

Yeah, that’s right, I am at the top of the standings right now (YES! YES! YES!) I’ve been thinking of ways to make this already exciting game, even more exciting. So here are a couple of suggestions, which I think can help settle some inconsistencies and also add more unpredictability in the scoring.

I love the way this game is being organized, and how all the cumulative stats are maintained and stuff. But I've had just a little question about the scoring and the confusions that arise in certain scenarios.

Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars on Hell In A Cell, and Big Show vs Sheamus on Survivor Series. What do they have in common ? The champions ended up retaining because of a disqualification. So it was like, Rhodes Scholars and Sheamus actually won and the people who picked them got the points, but Hell No and Big Show walked out with the titles. I think this causes a lot of confusion. And, lets be honest, a lot of heartbreaks too (mine included).

There are a lot of ways to perceive a person’s pick in this game. Either he’s Nostradamus, and he actually expected a DQ finish. Or what he actually expected was that the person he picked would walk out with the title.

I think it’ll be better if we just change the format of how the picks are made. So it’ll be like, for picks for title matches, the chosen wrestler is the one who walks out with the title.

So in the two cases I mentioned,

*Hell No* vs Rhodes Scholars, and *Big Show* vs Sheamus – earns the point,

Hell No vs *Rhodes Scholars*, and Big Show vs *Sheamus* - doesn’t earn a point.

I feel that implementing this will reduce a lot of confusion, if WWE or TNA decides to book a title match for a DQ finish again.

Also, another idea thats been running in my mind for a while now.

The game right now is going really tight, with a lot of competition at the top and the middle of the standings. I think it'll make it a whole lot more exciting if we add a catalyst that can impact the scores.

Remember the bonus points that were on offer for Ziggler’s cash-in on Hell In A Cell and the Team Foley vs Team Ziggler match on Survivor Series ? It was a real game changer and shuffled up the standings in a big way. So I was thinking of a way to expand the effect that bonus points have, and make it a "weapon" of sorts that a participating Cagesider has in his arsenal. Something like a Money In The Bank briefcase for this game. I haven’t really thought of any name or something for this, but here’s the idea.

Cagesiders get to pick the winner of the Royal Rumble. And seriously, the odds of getting this right are absolutely crazy. So if someone does get it right, he deserves to be rightfully awarded. So he gets a "multiplier" kinda thing which he can use any time between then and Wrestlemania (or any time between then and the end of the season – its up for discussion if this idea does come through). So when he does use it, he gets +2 for every right pick on the undercard and +3 for predicting the main event right. But on the flip side, he gets -2 for every wrong pick on the undercard and -3 for a wrong pick on the main event. Its big risk, big rewards. Of course he can let the time expire and play it safe without using it, but this is a real game changer. It can shoot him up the standings, or send him crashing back down.

And if it is implemented on Royal Rumble and works out well, we could probably give it out again for the Cagesider with most points on Wrestlemania night.

So, thats it, Cagesiders.. What do you think ?

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