top 10 wrestlemania matches ever.

Hey Cagesiders, I haven`t been a member here for too long, so if this list has been made before, sorry. With Wrestlemania on its way, I thought I would count down my 10 favorite matches in Wrestlemania history.

10.The Rock v John Cena - Wrestlemania 28


Now, I know from a technical standpoint, this match wasn`t that great. But it just had that factor of seeing two of the biggest stars ever in the same ring. And tell me you didn`t enjoy seeing the fruity pebble attempting the peoples elbow , only to get a rock bottom.

9.The Rock v Stone Cold Steve Austin- Wrestlemania 17


Out of the three times these two met at WM, I had to pick this one. The No DQ aspect made this one of the most kick ass main events ever.

8.Edge v Mick Foley - Wrestlemania 22


This match was everything you would want out of a match with mick foley. Blood, sweat, tears, and of course, weapons. All I can say, is when Mick got sent through the burning table, my 9 year old mind was blown.

7.Ricky Steamboat v Macho Man Randy Savage - Wrestlemania 3


Im not a huge fan of this era. Its probably because Im not old enough to remember it. I never really liked its over the top superhero kind of image. But DAMN, this was a great one. It tends to get overshadowed by a certain match that will be later on in this countdown, but it really did steal the show for me.

6.Ric Flair v Shawn Micheals - Wrestlemania 24


This match could not of been written any better. Flair went out that night, but he left as A stylin, high profilin, limousine ridin, jet flyin, sun of a gun. He pulled out all the stops, the figure four, the low blow, the chop, the elbow, all vintage flair as Micheal Cole would say. And lets not forget, that flair asked for the best of HBK. And he got it. He was the Show stopper, Mr.Wrestlemania. It was so touching, and will stay in my memories forever.

5.Undertaker v Triple H - Wrestlemania 28


Call it cheesy, or stupid, but this match brought tears to my eyes. To be honest, I think this should of been there last match ever. When Taker got hit with the super kick, and then the pedigree, I honestly thought the streak was over. The sight of HBK, HHH, and taker, standing on top of the ramp, under the wrestlemania lights, was truly out of this world. AMAZING is all you can say about it.

4.The Rock v Hulk Hogan - Wrestlemania 18


Pop Quiz, when is the last time you heard a heel get a standing ovation from 95% of the crowd?? the correct answer, is this match. I have honest to god never seen a crowd go more wild then when Hogan started "Hulking out" Toronto got a treat.

3.Hulk Hogan v Andre The Giant - Wrestlemania 3


I dont think anyone remembers this match for its amazing moves, or great in ring ability. This match laid the groundwork for the basic Heel-Face dynamic. Hogan picking up the giant and slamming him with superman like strength, is truly a great Wrestlemania moment.

2.Shawn Micheals v Bret Hart, Wrestlemania 7


The first ever iron man match. This match really launched HBK into super stardom. I know he was big before, but he went to a new level with this match.

1.Shawn Micheals v Undertaker - Wrestlemania 26


If theres a person on the planet that says they didn`t get goosebumps from watching this match, there lying. Being the last match of HBK`s career, he was, like he always had been, the showstopper. This one beats the one at WM25 for me. Both are special, this one just had something magical though.

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