10 royal Rumble Returns I would like to see


With the 2013 Royal Rumble less than two weeks away, I thought I would give my input on who I want to see make a big return, and give the crowd that big pop.

10.The boogeyman


This would just be one of those fun entries in the rumble. Think of the pop you will get from the Phoenix crowd, when you just heard "I`M THE BOOGEYMAN. AND I`M COMIN TO GET YOU!!" He made a short appearance at the Slammys, so why not have the creature from the bottomless pit grace us with his worm infested smile??

9.Booker T


Ok just imagine this for a second. Over the next couple of weeks, Big Show repetitively gets in the face of the GM. Show loses his match to Del Rio, and enters the rumble match. In a blind rage, Big show eliminates everyone in the ring, he stands all alone, on top of the world, and boom, " CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKAAAAAA" Out comes Booker T, eliminates Big Show, and gives us a spin a roony. How epic would that be??

8. The APA


Ok, once again, imagine this. JBL comes out of the booth, and enters the rumble. In the center of the ring, a heel,maybe someone like Antonio Cesaro or Tensai, backs down Bradshaw, about to strike. And then BOOM. We hear DAMN over the speakers, and the APA`s music starts playing. Ron simmons runs down to the ring, starts whippin ass, JBL gives a clothesline from hell. Fun all around.



Raven to me is one of the most underrated performers of all time. The guy has done it all. I think this would be a nice gift to all the real hardcore fans. The members of CENAtion might be wondering who the hell it is, but hey, there superman is probably gonna win anyway.

6. Finlay


The rumors that Finlay worked backstage at WWE were confirmed this past Monday when you saw him in the mob of people trying to break up the Rock and Punk brawl. This man is a legend. What more can I say. The Irishman who loved to fight half decade before Sheamus.

5. Rikishi


Ok, so here is the scenario for this one. The Usos are in the ring together, and the prime time players, are about to eliminate them. BOOM, here comes uncle Rikishi to save the day. Who doesn`t want to see Darren Young get a stinkface??

4. golddust


You know why its hard to describe why a golddust return would be so awesome?? because no one knows why golddust is so awesome, he just is.

3. Christian


Not only do I want to see this man make a heart stopping return, I really wouldn`t mind seeing him win. And just as a side note, I want them to use his TNA music. I know they cant, but I can dream. Best wrestling theme ever.



We all know Batista wants to come back to the WWE. But he says he is waiting for a big moment. Well, here it is buddy. Unleash the animal on Phoenix.

1. Brock Lesnar


The WWE would never put a return in the Royal Rumble THIS big right?? well, lets think about it. We saw Cena return, we saw Edge return, so why not Brock. If were really gonna see this HHH v Lesnar match at WM29, there gonna have to do it sometime. I cant think of a bigger moment then now.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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