The Pros and Cons of Title Unification

This thing belongs in Vegas, not on the waist/shoulder of every forthcoming champ on my TV

Hey all! I've only been here a few days and this is my first FanPost, so hopefully you'll take it easy on me.

Anyway, let's talk WWE Title Unification:

Seems like nowadays the idea of unifying the WWE Heavyweight and the World Heavyweight into one title has been talked about with both negative and positive connotations, and it doesn't seem like it's going to go away any time soon.

Ever since I first heard about the supposed plan to merge the two belts, I got thinking, "Wow, this is a horrible idea," but then I thought of another reason and said, "Hey, this might be a good idea."

Anyway, I've been thinking about writing this for a while, and hopefully it'll entertain some of you. So, here we go...


Let's think about who's held the WWE title for the past five years: Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Randy Orton, John Cena, Sheamus, Batista, Rey Mysterio, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and CM Punk. Whew.

Now, think about who had the World title in that same amount of time: Undertaker, Edge, CM Punk, Big Show, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Christian, John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Jack Swagger, Chris Jericho, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, and Alberto Del Rio. Man, that is a list, isn't it? Almost a bit too much.

You have guys that were midcarders suddenly holding a belt, guys who held the belt becoming midcarders (or dropping off the face of the organization), guys holding the belt for an hour before they lose it... honestly, it gets a bit annoying seeing a new face every other PPV hoisting the title(s) above their heads.

Merging the two belts would go a long ways towards cleaning this slight mess up and giving us more reigns like CM Punk's 400+ day title reign.


Look at those lists up there: how many of them were one-time holders? How many of them were deserving of the title and not simply on the faces of video games and T-shirts and soda cups the world over? How many of them got the title because ratings were in the dumper and not because they were actually hard workers who've been with the company long enough to get a nice promotion to World/WWE champ?

Try this: take both lists and chop everyone not named Cena/Punk/HHH/Sheamus/Show/Ziggler off. Now, imagine this being the title picture for the next five years. Not fun, is it?

With two titles, the company actually has something to give those other workers some time to shine. C'mon, who else cheered when Mark Henry got the title? Same with Kane, ADR, and (I hate to admit it) Jeff Hardy. Without that second title, a lot of the new guys' chances go out the window for the time being.


Okay, so bear with me on this: I think WWE needs another belt. With Punk holding the WWE title and aiming for Bruno's record, and ADR currently feuding with Show over the World title, that leaves the US and Intercontinental titles up for grabs.

Only problem is, I don't think there's a lot of guys out there fit to carry either. Kofi isn't a stellar personality, but he and Wade Barrett sure seemed to make the IC title matter between them (I know it started with Cody Rhodes holding it, but he & his mustache are feuding with Daniel Bryan's beard, so we'll leave them to it), and the fact Antonio Cesaro even touched the US title, much less held onto it, means it's too important for someone like, say, Tensai or whichever member of 3MB doesn't win the tag titles, to even look at.

But the fact is, there's a lot of undercard guys just kind of milling about, getting squashed by the upper card, and waiting for something to do in the meantime. I say, fill that void with a belt that will give them something to feud over. Hell, take Zach Ryder's Internet title, re-christen it the WWE Universe title, and set some guys after it. Make it defended on Main Event or Superstars; but just have fun with it. Plus, it'll give these guys an actual WWE-sanctioned title to hold in their lifetime.


Yeah, I know. But let's face it: there are a damn lot of belts in the WWE right now as it is. WWE, World, IC, US, Tag, Divas... OK, so that last one might not count. WWE has seemingly gone out of their way to kill both the US and IC titles in the past few years, and it's only within the last three to five years that they've done anything to make it feel like both titles matter.

Whenever Santino Marella holds a major singles title, it instantly turns it from a legit belt to a prop, like Mr. Socko or Head--something you lug around as part of your character.

Plus it's not like WWE is going to shine the spotlight on anything other than the WWE/World titles, either for ego or other reasons, so it's not like having a seventh (sixth?) belt will matter.


Remember when Jericho was the first Undisputed WWE champion? Remember how it seemed like everyone went "WHAAAAT?" and "OMG he beat The Rock and Stone Cold in the same night?!" Now, imagine that scenario for a guy like Dolph Ziggler. Imagine the celebration the next night: Ziggler coming out to confetti, standing on the turnbuckle and holding both titles above his head, becoming the first ever Unified title holder in the modern era.

Having only one title will really boost the first guy who manages to either defeat both competitors in the same night, or--more likely--taking the title they already have and beating the other belt holder. Doing so, will cement whoever holds both titles in one night for the first time not only as a main event player, but also as someone the company has faith in to carry the load.


Let's be honest, Cena is going to hold this thing whether we want him to or not. Making him the first ever Unified title holder is a "safe" way of thinking, as far as WWE is concerned (remember the way Jericho was booked after he won both titles--and who he lost it to?). It would also go a long way to building up the "Legend of Cena" they want to cultivate.

Really, there's nothing else that can be said about this, except Cena will probably be the guy to unify the titles because, well... he's Cena. I can see it now: Cena wins the Rumble, challenges Ziggler for the briefcase, wins the case, beats The Rock and whoever has the World title, holds both belts up, calls AJ a slut, makes some gay jokes about Ziggler, "celebrates" with the crowd, and continues to dress like a 12-year-old for the rest of his career.


If they finally decide to unify both belts, one positive side effect will be the prospect of a new belt. The spinner belt is a joke that got so old and unfunny even Dane Cook wouldn't touch it, while the big gold belt is just that--a plain gold belt that doesn't look flashy or even noticeable compared to the rest of the titles.

Creating a new undisputed/unified title belt would open the door for something else classic, like the winged eagle championship, or something new. Either way, no more spinner belt, hopefully.


Seriously, have you seen this thing? That's the proposed replacement for said spinner belt, but imagine if you had to see that thing on the waist/shoulder of every champ every Monday/Friday/PPV for a while. Thing looks more at home in Vegas, covered in flashing neon, than on the waist of the man you want to push as the unified champ.

Well, that's all I got for now. What do you think?


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