Pre-RR WrestleMania Dream Card

Well, not necessarily a Dream Card, but part "What I Want To See" card and part "What I Think Will Happen" card:

WWE Championship: The Rock (c) vs Brock Lesnar

The Rock will be there, Brock Lesnar will be there, and I just don't think the WWE can pass up this matchup. While I think the Punk/Rock (I like the way that sounds) match at the Royal Rumble will be a great one, I would also think their presumable rematch at the Elimination Chamber PPV will also be a classic, so do we really need a third? I can't think of anyone I'm terribly excited to see win the Rumble this year, so how about Lesnar shows up as #30, kicks everyone out of the ring, and challenge The Rock to his newly-won belt? I'm not sure these two aging beasts can put a great match together, but I sure am curious to see them try.

C.M. Punk vs The Undertaker

I am 100% certain that Punk would gladly give up a title shot to end The Streak, if said streak is still something to be fought for again. If Taker does decide to drag himself back to the ring, Punk can certainly coax a great match out of him.

World Heavyweight Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs John Cena

Yeah, I'm not sure I want this feud going on for another 2-3 months, (or more), but at this point, any feud Cena is in gets stale fast, so we might as well stick with this one. I'm not sure why Cena must win every match these two are in, but I would hope Ziggler taking the BIg Gold Belt from ADR or whoever will switch things up. Anyway, if Ziggler wants to get a title match at WrestleMania, he'll need a high-profile opponent like Cena, unless he wants to get Sheamus'd.

Ryback vs The Shield (Gauntlet Match)

Right now it looks like Not Skip will get Sheamus and Randy Orton on his side, and a 6-man tag team match would certainly be okay to see, but I would like, for once, to see a WrestleMania match be the definitive end to a specific feud. I'm getting a little sick of the constant 3-on-1 beatdowns The Shield arbitrarily deals out every week, but a single match where one Hungry Hungry Hippo Ryback can beat all three Shield members on somewhat-even terms would be a great end to a great feud.

Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus and Big Show

I don't think the WWE will actually give Sheamus a heel turn any time soon, but he could certainly use one, and it would be the best thing for his career at this point, to boot. I always found that the worst bullies were the "friendly" bullies; the guys with a natural smile and an easy charm, who would pull up next to you and drop one backhanded compliment after another. Sheamus is already this guy, so he might as well get some mileage out of it and bully the faces of the WWE. I think Orton is capable of more than this, but until the WWE can give him an angle that doesn't bore us to tears, he'll be happy to get this match.

Tag Team Championship: Team Rhodes Scholars (c) vs Team Hell No

We stop a good thing? No one would be more thrilled than I if Daniel Bryan were to main event a WrestleMania, but I'm not holding my breath, and these 4 guys are good together inside and outside the ring.

US Title: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs The Miz

If Cesaro is going to continue insulting American culture, then a feud with a former reality TV star seems like a perfect fit, although battling Brodus Clay and America's obesity epidemic might be a better storyline, though a worse wrestling match. The Miz has been pretty "Mustn't See" the last year or so, though I do have hope he can step up his game for the Big Swiss.

Intercontinental Title: Wade Barrett (c) vs Tyson Kidd (Title vs Career Match) Rey Mysterio

I would like to see Barrett take a step up from the Kofi Kingstons and Santino Marrellas and Zach Ryders of the WWE, and this would probably be the perfect time to bring in a special guest or former wrestling great (Like Ricky Steamboat?) to give this match a little more zing, how about, instead, we take a guy we already know is awesome, and give him a chance to grab a hold of the spotlight and seeing if he deserves to stay? The beauty of this match is that it's entirely possible that Tyson loses this match and gets shitcanned, and perhaps getting fired on the biggest stage is a far better situation than whatever the hell he's doing now (apologies if he's blowing up the place on Smackdown or some other WWE show I don't watch). Too bad the WWE will never do this. Let's just look forward to Kofi KIngston jumping some more.

Hey, let's replace a guy who already blew out his knee with someone who'll probably blow out there knee before this match actually happens. But at this point it's Rey or Kofi, and I'd rather see Rey. Is there anyone else I could be forgetting?

No way we get more than 8 matches at WM, and I must be insane to think we'd get tag team, US and Int'l title matches, but it looks like all of the "minor" title holders this year are at least worthy of showing up on the grandest of PPVs, so maybe we'll get lucky.

***YouTube Pre-show*** Divas Championship: Kaitlyn (c) vs AJ Lee

As usual, I forgot about the Divas. I might give more of a crap if the WWE gave more of a crap, but they don't and I don't. Sorry. In any case, any friends-turned-enemies match is already compelling, and it would be nice for AJ to take her crazy away from John Cena and Dolph Ziggler and focus it at a wrestling opponent, where it might do her some good. And since these two seem to be the last two Divas left on RAW, let's see what they can do with this opportunity.

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