Take Royal Rumble XXVI back to it's roots

(Yeah I used Wrestlemania's numbering convention, I love it that much)

We need a Royal Rumble that's unpredictable.

I know that is a bold statement to make when these days we know results and story lines days, if not weeks and months before the event, however there has been some signs of unpredictability in recent months which I would love to see carried over into this Daddy of events (his Dad is of course Grandaddy Wrestlemania, but in my view The Rumble is a close second) . I mean who knew that The Shield were making an appearance at the Survivor Series and there has been some other signs of revivals of some old favorites when it comes to story lines and talent (Brock Lesnar, Ric Flair, Screwjobs (HAIC, Punk v Ryback)).

What made the name of the Royal Rumble was a early events of this series, again there has been hints here as well, but what I'd love to see is the return of The Tumbler, (see Smackdown's recent WHC draw) but this time make it extremely random and not 'fixed', every entrant has to pick their number out, even if it means that the penciled in winner picks out number 1 or 2, that would actually make it more interesting, even if they did this as part of the Pre-Show and if they have a few surprise entrants then they don't need to show everyone or at least they could just show their hand in the tumbler, to keep the mystery up.

What has made the Rumble in recent years not as 'polished' is the obvious set ups when it comes to the draw (I know you could argue the Million Dollar Man draws from 89 and 90 and The Demolition in 89), but for a good number of years the draw did seem quite random, but in recent years it's been set up as one giant story line which is a shame (The Straight Edge Punk thing 2010 for example). Battle Royals have always maintained that air of unpredictability and this is something that should be maintained for the best version of this style of match-up.

There would still be time in the build up for creative to adjust things, two wrestlers could swap numbers or they can change it so x wrestler stays out until y wrestler comes in so they can maintain their feud or start a new one, if the eventually winner draws out an early number then they would get more of a rub from the fans anyway. The extra benefit of this would be that in the interim period x wrestler might end up having a 'good time' with z wrestler and the fan reaction might even lead creative (aka Vinny Mac) to respond and build up a new feud with x, y and z wrestler, which would be good all round.

For this years event I'd love to see a break out win it, either one of The Shield (Ambrose), Ryback, Daniel Bryan, Big E Langston or maybe even someone who deserves a win in this event after all the years of service he's provided in this event and let Kane win it. Ultimately it needs to be unpredictable which I understand can be hard given that the winner gets a title shot at Wrestlemania, so it kind of forces the hand of creative to build up the winner to be 'the next big thing', but is that such a bad thing, given that a lot of the top players are not that far the beginning of the twilight of their careers (and/or suffering from injuries) and WWE are not known for letting their stars roll on and on (Taker and Flair the exception). I know that it can also be hard as well considering so much is 'leaked' via the internet before events, something which the early days didn't suffer from (lack of internet and Kayfabe rules applied), but WWE could make it so much easier if they didn't hype up Wrestlemania so much prior to the Rumble and then kicked it in once the Rumble is done.

As for the 'regular' matches in this years event, they are primarily academic with the exception of the WWE title, for this I would like to see a Punk v The Rock match up and despite the hype I would like to see Punk win only to build up a great match for Wrestlemania, and on this rare occasion I wouldn't mind if they 'relegated' the Rumble itself to the second from last match only to make the impact from this match more spectacular. And for this I would like to see Punk win and then take to the mic and in classic Punk style start gloating that he is the best in the world and he's beaten everyone including 'The Great One', so does he have our respect now... Lights out, cue the 'Bong's', then lights back up, to reveal The Undertaker holding Punk in the tombstone and the piledriving him into the canvas, he then does his classic eyes and tongue thing holding over him and pointing to the Wrestlemania logo. In the mean time Punk can drop the title to The Rock at Elimination Chamber and yada, yada, yada.

So in summary, we need an unpredictable Rumble, because the last thing I'd like to see is the Rumble turning into bland B Grade Pay Per View like Summerslam has turned into and The Survivor Series is slipping into as well. This unpredictability will also gain back some of the trust of the fans that WWE can pull off twists and turns that aren't obvious and most of all it will show that WWE has trust in it's own talent to pull of a great show with out them being lead all the time into following a stale routine.

My Big Mouth... Shut.

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