WWE releases 2013 DVD/Blu-ray schedule

via cdn3.sbnation.com

Every year, WWE continues to impress with the videos it churns out. With the fact that it owns virtually every second of pro wrestling footage that has been filmed in America, and it has one of the best video editing departments around, the bar is constantly set high.

Well, WWE.com has announced the 2013 DVD and Blu-ray release schedule, and it looks like they will live up to those expectations yet again.

Next year will be filled with a number of "Best of's" including: The Best of Nitro Volume 2, The Best of In Your House, Best of MSG, Best of War Games, and Best of WWE PPV's.

There is also a listing simply titled Goldberg that will be released in the summer of 2013. There were rumors floating around recently that Bill Goldberg was on the verge of signing a Legends deal with WWE, and this lends credence to that rumor. It is unknown whether or not Goldberg will be doing any more work outside of the DVD deal, although I wouldn't be too surprised if he does appear on TV to help promote the release.

Also of note: Bret Hart Unreleased Matches, Top 25 Rivalries, History of WWE and a Triple H biography (which is sure to be 10 discs-ah).

The complete listing after the jump.

  • WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2012 - 01/15/13
  • Best of Raw & SmackDown 2012 - 01/29/13
  • The Best of Nitro Volume 2 - 02/12/13
  • Royal Rumble 2013 - 02/26/13
  • Bret Hart Unreleased Matches - 03/05/13
  • Elimination Chamber 2013 - 03/19/13
  • Mick Foley Biography - 04/16/13
  • The Best of In Your House - 04/30/13
  • WrestleMania 29 - 05/14/13
  • Top 25 Rivalries - 05/28/13
  • Extreme Rules 2013 - 06/18/13
  • Goldberg - 06/25/13
  • TBD PPV - 07/16/13
  • ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 - 07/30/13
  • Money In The Bank 2013 - 08/13/13
  • Best of MSG - 08/27/13
  • Best of War Games - 09/10/13
  • SummerSlam 2013 - 09/17/13
  • Top 20 Divas Countdown - 09/24/13
  • Triple H Biography - 10/08/13
  • Night of Champions 2013 - 10/15/13
  • Money In The Bank Anthology - 10/29/13
  • Over the Limit 2013 - 11/05/13
  • History of WWE - 11/19/13
  • Hell in a Cell 2013 - 11/26/13
  • Raw 20th Anniversary Box Set - 12/03/13
  • Survivor Series 2013 - 12/24/13
  • Best WWE PPV's - 12/31/13

So what do you think, Cagesiders? Anything that stands out to you as a "must buy"?

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