Rosa Mendes's fiancé, Jackson Andrews, was engaged to another woman

Rosa Mendes, clearly unlucky in love. Photo via

As my colleague Sergio Hernandez reported on Monday, WWE Diva Rosa Mendes filed charges against her fiancé Andy Slocum for domestic abuse, after police officers found her in a distraught state in a bathroom stall at San Antonio International Airport late Sunday night, which she flew into for a scheduled appearance on Monday Night Raw, with bruises and scratches on her body. Obviously in no fit state to be in front of the cameras, WWE wisely cancelled that appearance when they found out about the news.

Slocum is better known under his WWE stage name of Jackson Andrews and had a very brief run as Tyson Kidd's bodyguard in December 2010, before being sent back to developmental when Vince McMahon quickly realised he was too green for TV, despite his imposing physique. In their original report, TMZ claimed that Slocum was fired by WWE soon after for breach of contract after continually blowing off training sessions, but Dave Meltzer said in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that that was only part of the story:

What happened was that a close family member overdosed on Oxycontin and he flew back home and tried to help him wean him off the drug. When he told the office, they wanted him back in Florida for practice and he said he wasn't coming back until he helped his family member through with the ordeal and at that point he was let go.

That sounds a bit harsh to me, but I'm bet WWE are glad that they washed their hands of him when they did, as having an alleged habitual woman-beater on the roster is the last thing they want.

It turns out that Slocum was not only abusive to Mendes, but was also engaged to another woman, Amber Stovall, who he had been going out with for four and a half years, and was living two lives, one in Las Vegas, where he worked as a bodyguard for celebrities and lived with Mendes, and another in Houston where he visited Stovall on weekends when Mendes was on the road for WWE. Unsurprisingly, Stovall told TMZ that she has already dumped Slocum:

"I was not aware of his double life with Rosa," Amber tells us adding, "I'm incredibly angry and I feel betrayed."

Amber -- who says the two shared a home in Houston and have two bulldogs -- tells us, "I was blindsided by the TMZ story. He had just flown me out to Vegas the weekend after July 4th and we made plans for him to return home to Houston at the end of August."

Despite the lies, Amber insists Slocum was never violent with her ... telling us, "He's never even raised his voice to me."

Obviously, Amber has since called off the engagement noting, "He has not reached out to me despite my efforts to contact him since I found out about Rosa. So as of today, I have cut off all joint accounts which includes his cell phone."

Sounds like the love rat got what he deserved in the end. More details after the jump.

Meltzer corroborated TMZ's story in the Observer and noted that Stovall was the one Slocum truly loved, despite two timing her for years with Mendes, aka Milena Roucka:

The situation is a mess. According to those who know the situation, the two have broken up many times and always got back together again, but he was trying to break up with her and falling back, as Stovall was in his mind the real one. Slocum and Roucka had been dating since he was on the main roster, if not earlier, because he wound up with heat really quickly because when he got to the main roster, she kept telling people how her boyfriend was going to be world champion to the point it drove some people crazy and it ended up reflecting badly on him.

There's no word on how Mendes is taking these revelations, but one would expect that Slocum has gone from two fiancés to none in the space of a week. It serves him right too!

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