TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for Aug. 9: The 'Hardcore Justice' go home show

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., Aug. 9, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for yet another live show, this one the Hardcore Justice go home edition.

Tonight's show features the continuation of the Bound for Glory Series with three matches set to take place as a "preview" of the loaded line up of four-way matches on pay-per-view (PPV) this weekend.

First, Kurt Angle takes on AJ Styles before James Storm battles Bully Ray and finally, D'Angelo Dinero squares off against Rob Van Dam.

The Aces and Eights are still running wild with accusations still being levied at Storm as the ringleader of the invading group. But there's undoubtedly more to the story and we'll get some of that tonight.

Plus, the final angle in the Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode feud leading into their rematch on Sunday night.

All that and more.

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Nolan in.

Video recap from last week's episode, detailing the Aces and Eights saga.

Broadcast is live.

Bully Ray is out and we definitely know who he is.

And he has his "fire-breathing Twittah machine!" Brilliant.

He says he learned something from Joseph Park. He says that enough evidence equals guilt and that James Storm has a lot of evidence following him around. Not to worry, he says he'll focus on beating Storm tonight and on winning his match at Hardcore Justice.

"Shut the hell up and stop booing, you know I'm right!"

He has all of the facts against Storm and that the fans should be able to see this.


James Storm enters and he looks none too pleased.

Storm wants no blame and he wants Bully to shut his mouth. He pleads his innocence in the Aces and Eights debacle and says he is too focused on the Bound for Glory series and getting his title back. He says he is all wound up.

Storm says that, where he comes from, men settle their problems with fisticuffs. He says Bully Ray and him are gonna settle this right now, and Bully looks ready to engage as Storm counts.

"1! 2! 3!" And Bully steps out of the ring.

Aces and Eights in their hideaway and they say that they'll be making an appearance tonight...on their own time.

Bully starts freaking out and accusing Storm as we cut to commercial.


Recap of Aces and Eights saying they'll be coming tonight.


D'angelo Dinero saying he is ready for Hardcore Justice and he'll be returning to relevance in the BFG Series.



Mr. Anderson is at the announcer's table for the next match, so we'll see how that goes.

Rob Van Damn vs. Magnus

Lockup provides no advantage for either man, save for RVD getting a headlock.

Both men staredown and RVD prepared to run the ropes, only to be clotheslined to the outside. Magnus follows and stomps and punches RVD, also throwing him into the ring apron.

Rolling RVD back in, Magnus gets the nearfall. Both men slug it out before RVD is caught off a crossbody into a brutal slam. Near fall for Magnus. Magnus taking advantage and tries to toss RVD into the corner, but RVD counters with a kick. RVD with a springboard sidekick and he is mounting the comeback.

RVD landing punches, but Magnus with a knee to the gut. Magnus catches and RVD kick, but RVD uses it for a flying leg scissors nearfall. Stiff kick by RVD for a nearfall. He sets up for his monkeyflip, but he eats a brutal clothesline from Magnus, who only gets a nearfall.

Magnus gets a stepover spinning kick from RVD, and he is down. Frog splash from RVD gets the victory and gets him seven in the BFG series.


Bobby Roode is asked about his contract signing with Austin Aries tonight. He is looking forward to it, but only because his lawyers have spotted some spotty language and there might not be a match if he has his way.

We'll find out.


Recap of the lovely Ms. Claire Lynch's baby shower from last week.

How can you not love her, folks? Shame on you!


World Tag Team Championship match: Kazarian and Daniels vs. Garrett Bischoff and D'von

Kaz and D'von starting off.

Kaz brawling to start, but D'von hits the flying corkscrew on Kaz.

Bischoff in and a bodyslam for a nearfall. Locks up with Kaz, but eats a jawbreaker.

Daniels in.

Daniels eats a hip toss and gets punched from D'von, followed up by a clothesline from Bischoff for a nearfall. D'von back in and working power moves, most notably a nearfall from a legdrop.

Bischoff back in and him and D'von hit a double hip toss on Daniels. Bischoff with the inverted atomic drop. Kaz distracts Bischoff and gets slammed down with a leg sweep.

Kaz in and Daniels hip tosses Kaz onto Bischoff for a nearfall. Daniels in now and Kaz Irish whips Bischoff into a Daniels' elbow. Daniels with a knee to the chest from the top and a thrusting motion taunt.

Nearfall from Daniels here as he works Bischoff in the corner and tags Kaz in. Daniels misses Bischoff off in the corner, and Bischoff rolls through for a tag.

D'von clearing house here.

D'von getting a nearfall and still powering through. Spear on Kaz.

Daniels tries to bring the title in and the ref stops him, but Bischoff charges and gets backdropped over the ropes. D'von plants Daniels and the ref goes over to try to shoo him away.

Kaz has the title belt, slugs D'von with it, and gets the victory.


Recap of the backstage segment last week between Sting and Brooke.

Sting backstage and says he'll be taking care of Brooke and he calls out Aces and Eights.


BFG series matches at Hardcore Justice get a buildup video package.


Robbie E is here with Robbie T. Table in the ring with them.

He knows that people have been counting him out and points out that he has five points. He seems very pleased with that accomplishment.

He says he'll be getting twenty points Sunday, bro. He points out Jeff Hardy will be going through the table on Sunday, just like when Robbie beat him a few weeks ago.

He has five reasons he'll beat Jeff Hardy. "I wear cool pink sweaters, you wear dirtbag wife-beaters, bro."

Out comes Jeff Hardy and Robbie E is egging him on.

Jeff Hardy hits Robbie T with a jawbreaker and corners Robbie E. He feigns the fist pump motion, then slaps Robbie E hard. Robbie T comes from behind and slugs Hardy.


Robbie T hits Hardy with a powerbomb through the table and Robbie E is pleased.


AJ Styles is frustrated backstage.

"How bad do you have to be at sex for someone not to remember it?"

Ignoring Claire, he has a match with Kurt Angle later and needs to focus.


Samoa Joe coming out to join the commentary team.

He is not pleased with how awful the company has treated him and he's MAD. He says he'll be winning on Sunday, and with that intensity, how could you not believe him?

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

Claire is at ringside, looking as amazing as ever.

Lockup and Styles working a wristlock behind Angle's back. Elbows from Angle and running the ropes. AJ Styles with a dropkick and Angle goes outside.

Over the top rope crossbody from Styles...kind of lands as we go to break.

Angle in a front headlock as we come back from break. He charges Styles into the corner and Irish whips Styles into the opposite corner. Charging into Styles, but he catches a boot to the face. Styles walks forward into a belly-to-belly suplex from Angle.

Resting now as Angle working a sleeperhold. Styles out and opening up with a brutal leg kick and a chop. Styles looking to build up steam, but he gets hit with a tiltawhirl backbreaker. Nearfall and back to the sleeper for Angle.

Claire at ringside, chanting for AJ. Awesome.

Styles out now and punching and copping. Styles and Angle both off the ropes and lariat from Styles and clothesline from Angle knock each other down. Ref starting the count.

Both men up and Angle and Styles at it. Styles with a beautiful backbreaker and working some high-flying maneuvers. Angle now working his trifecta of German suplexes and he gets all three.

Angle looking for the Angle slam, but he gets countered and Pele kick from AJ. Nearfall!

Styles Clash is countered by a back bodydrop. Angle slam for Angle gets a nearfall. Both men looking done here, but Angle with the ankle lock. Styles kicks out and hits with a German suplex. Angle counters out, rolls through, and gets the ankle lock once again. Styles reaching for the ropes, but instead rolls through and Angle goes into the corner face first.

AJ Styles opening up here and hits the springboard flying forearm. Styles Clash is successful and this looks to be over! Styles gets a long two on the count and the crowd is hot!

Styles going up top and Angle meets him there with the belly-to-belly! 1-2-....STYLES OUT!

Both men are worn out big time and this has been a good match.

Angles going up and he misses on a moonsault. Styles looking for the springboard 450, but he eats Angle's knees and instead.

Angle slam!

1-2-3! Angle wins and give him seven in a tremendous match.

Claire at ringside taps AJ and says he did good. AJ looks at her befuddled and walks off.

Poor Claire.


Aces and Eights have their dead man's hand ready for someone tonight. They'll be revealing their next victim tonight.


Mr. Anderson backstage says Storm's "boys" are funny.

Storm has no idea what "boys" Anderson is talking about.

Anderson says Aces and Eights are ready to strike and that if Storm isn't their next victim, he'll be awfully suspicious.

Storm looks pissed and focused as we go to commercial.


Austin Aries backstage and he is wondering what Roode is gonna do about this contract dispute over their bout.

Aries says the match will happen and he'll accommodate Roode as long as he gets the match.


TNA Knockouts Championship: Miss Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim

Gail Kim looking for a baseball slide to start, but Tessmacher isn't having it and cracks her with a forearm on the outside. Back in and Tessmacher is flapjacked on the top rope.

Kick from Gail, knees and more kicks follow. Tessmacher coming back with punches and forearms. She is in the corner and launches up, only to be caught by Gail Kim and dropped with a brutal gutbuster. Nearfall.

Gail wearing Tessmacher down in the corner, using her five count on a variety of moves and holds.

Tessmacher is being beaten down until she runs the ropes and hits a flying shoulder block. Body blows from Tessmacher, but Gail Kim stops that and is holding the leg scissors around the body. Gail slamming the leg down on the stomach of Tessmacher.

More kicks from Gail and a gutbuster. Tessmacher now brawling out and clotheslines and dropkick land. Flying clothesline from the to from the champ. Butt bounce in the corner and a stinkface for Gail Kim. How (un)lucky.

Gail looking to switch things up, but gets crotched on the middle turnbuckle. Facebuster from Tessmacher gets the pin and she retains the title.

Madison Rayne comes out and looking very happy. She stares down Tessmacher, sweeps Earl Hebner off his feet and onto her knee, and plays some tonsil hockey.



Joseph Park is offering his thoughts on the contract signing and recalls his days in the courtroom.

Park saying we should expect some intensity from this signing tonight, then has to run to catch a potential client.

Aries/Roode are shown walking backstage.


Recap of the King/Aries vs. Ion/Roode match.

Video package on Kenny King follows.


Stinger is out right now and he offers Aces and Eights some time, if they so choose.

Not likely.

We continue with the contract signing.

Both participants enter.

Sting asks what is wrong with Roode's attitude.

Roode is not pleased and asks Sting if he is stupid. Roode's problem is with the contract. The contract states that if Roode loses to Aries, then he will never get a shot at the title as long as Aries is in his current reign as champion.

Roode ain't signing because of that stipulation.

Aries hushes Roode and wants him to stop whining. He says Roode shouldn't be concerned about a rematch if their last match was a "fluke." Aries is willing to throw out the old contract for a verbal agreement.

Aries' compromise is a winner-takes-all, no rematch match. Aries will waive his rematch clause if Roode wins.

The two shake with Sting, off come the jackets, the chairs are flipped, the tie is loosened from Roode, and he offers the hand.

The two men shake hands as Aries raises his belt in Roode's face. Roode takes a sip of water, then tosses the rest in Aries' face. Aries is not pleased and flips the table as Roode scurries.

Main event is next.


Kid Kash, Gunner, Guerrero, and Hernandez will be tagging up at Hardcore Justice.

Then there's a rundown of the rest of the matches.


Bully Ray vs. James Storm

Bully Ray mouths off at James Storm to start.

Bully doesn't wanna engage and keeps ducking in between the ropes, as he is waiting for Aces and Eights.

Lockup and Bully Ray controlling the arm of Cowboy.

Cowboy reverses and now working the arm of Bully Ray. Both men exchanging clubbing forearms and clotheslines, but Bully Ray gets the advantage with a big boot. Bully then tosses Storm out of the ring and plays to the crowd.


Storm down as we return, but he escapes a Bully elbow drop.

Storm fighting back, Bully ends that and grabs a leg lock. Storm counters out of it, but Bully escapes out and hits a brutal clothesline.

Bully playing to the crowd and misses a splash. Storm now with punches and a neckbreaker. Backdrop from Storm. Rock Bottom from Bully Ray.

Storm with a crossbody and he is taking advantage as he climbs up top. Bully knocks the rope and Storm lands on his "yambag," Taz says. Storm pushes Bully off the top and gets nothing from it.

Bully with the Bubba bomb and misses a backsplash.

Codebreaker from Storm.

Superkick time? No.

Pinning predicament leads to a Bully cutter and a 1,2,3. Give Bully seven.

Bully wrapping his hand in the chain and he's waiting for Aces and Eights.

He asks Storm to send for them.

Aces and Eights are in their hideaway and congratulate both men. They tell Bully they'll be seeing him at the PPV on Sunday.

Oh no.

Bully is not pleased.


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