List of possible upcoming WWE DVD releases


If you're like me -- and you wish you were, admit it -- you've spent obscene amount of money on wrestling over the course of your fandom with most of the coin going toward DVDs (VHS for us old timers, Blu-rays for you whippersnappers).

WWE has come through with some great DVD sets over the past few years -- Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart, The Rise of Fall of WCW and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's latest four-disc bonanza immediately come to mind -- and heaven knows they've got enough in the vault to keep churning them out.

That's why WWE recently sent out a survey trying to gauge interest on several different ideas they have. Some dip into their own tape library, some into rivals World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) while one focuses on a long-gone regional promotion steeped in tragedy.

Take a look at the list after the jump with some comments from yours truly.

  • Best of WCW Great American Bash - Definitely a renter for me. Perhaps a more seasoned WCW fan can explain if this is a must buy or not?
  • Best of WCW Nitro Volume 2 - Just give me full years already, dagnabit!
  • Best of WCW War Games - Yes, yes A MILLION TIMES YES. War Games was awesome.
  • Raw 20th Anniversary Box Set - Ditto from the Nitro comment. Full years. Or at least amended years like Saturday Night Live has on Netflix.
  • ECW Unreleased, Volume 2 - Considering Volume 1 wasn't exactly "unreleased," I really don't have interest in this.
  • Money in the Bank Anthology - There's only been, what? A dozen of these? And they've all been in an era where the DVDs of the event are readily available.
  • Mick Foley Biography - I think this has been done to death, no?
  • History of the WWE Documentary - I would much rather this come from a non-WWE source, although The History of WrestleMania doc was really neat.
  • Triple H Biography - Haha! GEE, I wonder who pitched this idea???
  • Best Matches of World Class Championship Wrestling - I'm a Texas gentleman so yeah, for sure.
  • Best of WWE In Your House - If we're not going to ever get these events on DVD, I suppose a "best of" compilation will have to do.
  • Goldberg Match Compilation - Maybe but ONLY if they include his match with William Regal.
  • Bret Hart Unreleased Matches - Call me a heretic but Hart's best matches were when there was a great storyline involved. His matches with Austin and younger brother Owen Hart are perfect examples.
  • Top 25 Rivalries in History - Now this I could get behind.
  • Top 20 Divas in History - No thanks.
  • Best of the Giants - Double no thanks.
What say you, Cagesiders? Which of these would pry open your wallet and which are doomed to collect dust on the shelf?

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