WWE's list of the top 50 finishing moves of all time from upcoming DVD release

Photo by Felipe Bascuñan.

What is the greatest finishing move in pro wrestling history?

WWE is answering that question in an upcoming DVD release counting down the top 50 finishers of all time. The video will hit shelves on Aug. 21, 2012.

But you know how we're such blithering marks for lists like this, Cagesiders. We couldn't wait to take a gander at the goods and let you fine folks dissect it and tear it to shreds.

And after seeing it, believe me, that's exactly what you're going to want to do. Here's your teaser before you take the jump and see the full list for yourself -- I agree with number one and then I absolutely despise the entire rest of the list.

Sufficiently excited to see it? Good.

Check it out:

50. JBL - Clothesline from Hell
49. Vader - Vader Bomb
48. Dusty Rhodes - Bionic Elbow
47. Ted DiBiase - Million Dollar Dream
46. Kerry Von Erich - Iron Claw
45. Rick Rude - Rude Awakening
44. Lex Luger - Torture Rack
43. Dudley Boyz - 3-D
42. Bam Bam Bigelow - Moonsault
41. Diamond Dallas Page - Diamond Cutter
40. Mankind - Mandible Claw / Socko
39. Honky Tonk Man - Shake Rattle and Roll
38. Yokozuna - Bonzai Drop
37. Flash Funk - 450 Splash
36. Sting - Scorpion Death Lock
35. Lita - Lita-sault
34. Kevin Nash - Jack-knife Powerbomb
33. Jerry Lawler - Piledriver
32. Rob Van Dam - Five-Star Frog Splash
31. Big Show - Chokeslam
30. CM Punk - GTS
29. Brock Lesnar - F-5
28. Bob Backlund - Crossface Chicken Wing
27. Batista - Batista Bomb
26. Mr. Perfect - Perfect Plex
25. Kurt Angle - Ankle Lock
24. Chris Jericho - Lion Tamer / Walls of Jericho
23. Edge - Spear
22. Iron Sheik - Camel Clutch
21. John Cena - Attitude Adjustment
20. Scott Hall - Razors Edge
19. Goldberg - Jackhammer
18. Rey Mysterio - 6-1-9
17. Road Warriors - Doomsday Device
16. Bruno Sammartino - Bearhug
15. Sgt. Slaughter - Cobra Clutch
14. Jeff Hardy - Swanton Bomb
13. Eddie Guerrero - Frog Splash
12. Macho Man Randy Savage - Flying Elbow Drop
11. Randy Orton - RKO
10. Bret Hart - Sharpshooter
9. Jimmy Snuka - Superfly Splash
8. Ric Flair - Figure Four Leg Lock
7. Hulk Hogan - Leg Drop
6. Shawn Michaels - Sweet Chin Music
5. Jake "The Snake" Roberts - DDT
4. The Rock - Rock Bottom / Peoples Elbow
3. Triple H - Pedigree
2. Undertaker - Tombstone Piledriver
1. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Stunner

Thoughts? Opinions? Rants?

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