256 Wrestlers Better than CM Punk


I would like to preface this list with a note that I have been intending to put together a FanPost on what TNA can learn from Michael Lewis' Moneyball. I would really love to write it (as I enjoy writing), but I have been busy and I am still quote-hunting. I note this because I wanted to write a quality post to earn some good will, but instead my first post will end up with me dumping 256 names on you, some of which many of you reading may find dubious. I apologize in advance for this, especially because only one person really asked for it.

Second, I want to note that I am only judging these wrestlers based on mic work and ring ability. I think things like drawing power are sort of outdated ways to judge a wrestler (at this point, the WWE brand name is really what draws, though there is a possibility that certain events get bumps from John Cena main-eventing or from big-time names like The Rock returning).

I also think that titles won is not the best judge for a gimmicked sport. The Great Khali has more World Championships than Ted DiBiase, but that should never be a measure for which guy is better at the pro grapz as far as I'm concerned -- not even a little bit.

So, of the wrestlers that I list here, I am claiming that:

A) They might be even with or below Punk as a worker, but their mic skills more than make up for that,

B) They might be even with or below Punk as a talker, but their mic skills more than make up for that,

C) They blow Punk out of the water at both of these things.

I also want to note that when I speak of "working," I don't just mean a very narrow version of "doing technical wrestling moves" that some (not all) people seem to speak of when they speak of working. I'm also talking about everything from facial expressions to timing.

I won't leave an explanation with every wrestler, but if there is one guy you think is egregious, we can discuss it in the comments. I'm expecting that if people read this, there will be quite a bit of dissension, so feel free to tell me how wrong I am. This is at the very least a discussion generator. Note also that I cut out Japan, Europe, and Mexico guys unless they worked in the U.S. for a reasonable amount of time (just for simplification's sake).

So, after the jump, this list that almost no one asked for! Note that I genuinely believe all 256 of these guys are better than Punk. I'm not stretching it. I like what I see from these guys overall, at least more than what I've ever seen from Punk.

1. Ric Flair

2. Sting

3. Lex Luger

4. Arn Anderson

5. Tully Blanchard

6. Barry Windham

7. Ron Simmons

8. Shane Douglas

9. Terry Funk

10. Dusty Rhodes

11. Bobby Eaton

12. Ricky Morton

13. Vader

14. Mick Foley

15. Brad Armstrong

16. Brian Pillman

17. Ricky Steamboat

18. Harley Race

19. Verne Gagne

20. Andre the Giant

21. Hulk Hogan

22. Rick Steiner

23. Scott Steiner

24. Rey Mysterio Jr.

25. Psicosis

26. Dory Funk Jr.

27. Kerry Von Erich

28. Jerry Lawler

29. Bill Dundee

30. Sid Vicious

31. Paul Orndorff

32. Ultimo Dragon

33. Dean Malenko

34. Raven

35. Diamond Dallas Page

36. Mick Foley

37. Booker T

38. Tommy Rich

39. Kevin Sullivan

40. Mike Rotunda/o

41. Dr. Death Steve Williams

42. Eddie Guerrero

43. Chavo Guerrero

44. Art Barr

45. Roddy Piper

46. Fatu

47. Bruno Sammartino

48. Pedro Morales

49. Tito Santana

50. Rick Martel

51. Bret Hart

52. Owen Hart

53. Davey Boy Smith

54. Dynamite Kid

55. Jake Roberts

56. Jimmy Snuka

57. Chris Benoit

58. Chris Jericho

59. AJ Styles

60. Austin Aries

61. Samoa Joe

62. Bully Ray

63. Awesome Kong

64. Hamada

65. Taylor Wilde

66. Gail Kim

67. Alex Shelley

68. Chris Sabin

69. Low-Ki

70. Christopher Daniels

71. Jeff Jarrett

72. James Storm

73. Bobby Roode

74. The Undertaker

75. Brock Lesnar

76. Curt Hennig

77. Sgt. Slaughter

78. Scott Hall

79. Shawn Michaels

80. Marty Jannetty

81. Adrian Adonis

82. Buddy Rose

83. Doug Somers

84. Steve Austin

85. The Rock

86. Dustin Rhodes

87. Bam Bam Bigelow

88. Barry Darsow

89. Magnum T.A.

90. Haku

91. Yokozuna

92. Randy Savage

93. Ted DiBiase

94. Junkyard Dog

95. John Tenta

96. John Cena

97. Daniel Bryan

98. Mark Henry

99. Tyson Kidd

100. Dolph Ziggler

101. Cody Rhodes

102. The Big Show

103. Randy Orton

104. Goldberg

105. Tony Anthony

106. Jeff Hardy

107. Matt Hardy

108. Steven Regal

109. Jerry Blackwell

110. Jesse Ventura

111. Matt Borne

112. Doug Williams

113. Brutus Maximus

114. Michael Modest

115. JBL

116. John Morrison

117. Brian Kendrick

118. El Generico

119. Paul London

120. Christian

121. Kurt Angle

122. Taz

123. The Sandman

124. C.W. Anderson

125. Ballz Mahoney

126. Sabu

127. Eddie Gilbert

128. Jyushin Liger

129. The Great Muta

130. Rob Van Dam

131. Jack Victory

132. Big Boss Man

133. One Man Gang

134. Chris Adams

135. Chris Candido

136. Terry Gordy

137. Luke Gallows

138. Chris Masters

139. Chief Jay Strongbow

140. Big Cat Ernie Ladd

141. Ole Anderson

142. Butch Reed

143. Bob Backlund

144. Terry Taylor

145. Koko B. Ware

146. Bobby Fulton

147. Tommy Rogers

148. Robert Gibson

149. Dennis Condrey

150. Bull Nakano

151. B. Brian Blair

152. Jim Brunzell

153. Colt Cabana

154. D'Lo Brown

155. Dan Severn

156. Ken Shamrock

157. Road Dogg Jesse James

158. Billy Gunn

159. Umaga

160. Lance Storm

161. Pierre Oullette

162. The Mountie

163. Rick Rude

164. Greg Valentine

165. Sean Waltman

166. Konnan

167. Blackjack Mulligan

168. Blackjack Lanza

169. Dick Slater

170. Stan Hansen

171. Robert Fuller

172. Jimmy Golden

173. Tajiri

174. Finlay

175. Ron Killings

176. MVP

177. Edge

178. Nick Bockwinkel

179. Larry Zbyszko

180. Greg Gagne

181. Animal

182. Hawk

183. Wayne Bloom

184. Mike Enos

185. Alberto Del Rio

186. Yoshi Tatsu

187. Primo

188. Hunico

189. Antonio Cesaro

190. Kevin Steen

191. Kassius Ohno

192. Human Tornado

193. Chuck Taylor

194. Jimmy Uso

195. Jey Uso

196. Manny Fernandez

197. John Nord

198. Marcus Bagwell

199. Yuji Nagata

200. Masahiro Chono

201. Norman Smiley

202. Jamie Noble

203. Kaz Hayashi

204. Shane Helms

205. Mike Awesome

206. Del Wilkes

207. Savio Vega

208. 2 Cold Scorpio

209. Taka Michinoku

210. Funaki

211. Brian Lawler

212. Scott Taylor

213. Dick Togo

214. Tom Zenk

215. Abdullah the Butcher

216. Mike Quackenbush

217. Fire Ant

218. Soldier Ant

219. Green Ant

220. Jigsaw

221. Ultramantis Black

222. Gran Akuma

223. Sugar Dunkerton

224. Tracy Smothers

225. Doug Furnas

226. Philip LaFon

227. Nick Dinsmore

228. Stevie Richards

229. Mikey Whipwreck

230. Louie Spicolli

231. Spike Dudley

232. Chris Hamrick

233. Blitzkrieg

234. Kanyon

235. Sean O'Haire

236. Mark Jindrak

237. Al Snow

238. Perry Saturn

239. Mike Sanders

240. Elix Skipper

241. Masato Tanaka

242. Steve Kiern

243. Harry Smith

244. Super Crazy

245. Juventud Guerrera

246. Sonjay Dutt

247. Jay Lethal

248. Charlie Haas

249. Shelton Benjamin

250. Homicide

251. Steve Corino

252. Necro Butcher

253. Kenny King

254. Nova

255. Simon Diamond

256. Stan Lane

Photo credit: Ed Webster.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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