Precap to the Aug. 31, 2012 episode of SmackDown or, simply waiting for the inevitable

Sheamus! Del Rio! Ziggler! Holding Pattern! Almost Done! World Heavyweight Championship!

Alberto Del Rio is now officially Sheamus' opponent at Night of Champions for the World Heavyweight Championship after defeating Randy Orton clean last week (Aug. 24). It was actually a little surprising to see Orton submit to the cross arm breaker, but it's a good thing they are finally trying to build the move up. If the only people tapping out to it are Zack Ryder and Sin Cara, then who is going to believe it will have any effect on Sheamus?

However, there's no real doubt that Sheamus will be retaining at Night of Champions. The real question becomes exactly when and where Dolph Ziggler will be cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. He's been getting closer and closer, but either Sheamus is able to recover or a wild RKO appears before the bell can be rung. There is a definite feeling that we are right on the cusp of a Ziggler reign.

What a glorious reign it will be.

Until that moment though, fans are stuck watching this angle repeat itself. We might as well make Sheamus' intro music "I got you babe" and dress Ricardo Rodriquez in a groundhog suit. It's frustrating to see where the story is headed and being told to just wait it out. Sheamus and Del Rio have been getting better working together and this incarnation of their feud is a bit more interesting than previous ones.

We've seen this movie though and we all know how it ends. So why is the WWE making us wait for the sequel?

The rest of the show after the jump.

Layla! Kaitlyn! Eve! Friends! Enemies! Frenemies! Divas Championship!

Last week's segment was weird, right? Layla defeated Alicia Fox in a non-title match and following her victory, the number one contender Kaitlyn came out to give the Divas Champion a hug. Which, fine okay, Layla and Kaitlyn are friends and they are excited to be facing each other at Night of Champions. There is nothing wrong with two fan favorites who respect each other going one on one.

But then Eve Torres came out, walked quickly to the ring, and raised both of their hands.

I'm not sure why Eve felt it necessary to inject herself into that moment. What is even more odd is the Backstage Fallout for last week's SmackDown. Eve randomly turns into Meg Griffin, practically begging Layla and Kaitlyn to hang out after the show.

This is a woman who was practically running SmackDown for John Laurinaitis, and who's still the Assistant General Manager to Booker T. For some reason though, she's being made to look like the awkward little duckling trying to fit in with the popular girls.

However, we do have a legitimate storyline featuring the Divas, and that's always a good thing.

It's a shame WWE has set the bar so low.

Everything Else! Bullet Points!

  • Cody Rhodes has made it his mission to take off Sin Cara's mask and reveal his face to be horrifyingly disfigured... because that makes sense. I'm not sure what Rhodes did to piss someone off backstage but he should feel thankful he's not jobbing to Zack Ryder each week.
  • Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are the Tag Team Champions. No real story there, but I feel like that is something people need to be reminded of.
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