WWE Smackdown results and live blog for Aug. 31: Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08: World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa. (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

WWE Smackdown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Fri., Aug. 31, 2012) from Green Bay featuring a taped show on SyFy with a main event of Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler. That's what's been advertised, at least.

With Orton going away soon to film a movie, expect him to give Ziggler a run of good matches and it's no different here. Just don't expect him to enter the world heavyweight championship picture.

That's why Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio are still feuding over "The Celtic Warrior's" belt, though they take different paths on tonight's episode. Sheamus meets up with Cageside favorite Damien Sandow while Del Rio runs into a certain "Big Red Monster" who is struggling through anger management classes.

All that and more.

If you don't want to wait until tonight, you can click here to read full spoilers.

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on SyFy so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Smackdown open discussion after the jump.


Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

Orton/Ziggler and HHH recaps await us.


WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is here.

Sheamus says before he gets down to business, he wants to acknowledge one of the toughest men he has ever fought.

Triple H...ugh.

Says he doesn't know what HHH's future holds, but he respects him and he thinks the fans do as well. He says Triple H embodies a champion, something that Alberto Del Rio doesn't.

Hallelujah, Sandow is here.

He is asking for indulgence and says he wants to help all of us. Especially Sheamus. Sandow says Sheamus is as ignorant as he his enormous. He saysSheamus lauds HHH, but Sandow doesn't because of how HHH and his band of degenerates treated him on RAW 1000.

Sheamus says that he couldn't forget that because of how great it was.

"Typical response from an ignorance spewing hooligan!"

Sandow says Sheamus furthers the ineptitude of the WWE Universe. Sandow says that Sheamus shouldn't call himself an Irishman, as he brings disgrace and perpetuates a negative stereotype.

Sheamus says no one wants to hear Sandow speak because he and the fans have a life.

"And I'm here to enrich it!"

Sheamus bluntly tells Sandow to shut up and that if he wants to enrich everyone's lives, he should go in-ring and say it to Sheamus' face.

Sandow says that although he'd love to thrash Sheamus in a debate of philosophies, he has deemed Sheamus unworthy of his time.

"I can't help that! That's just the way it is!"

Sandow says he has just saved Sheamus from an intellectual thrashing and he will now take his leave. He tells us that we are welcome.

But, Booker T is here.

He tells everyone that he agrees with Sandow. No one wants to see an intellectual thrashing. However, the fans want to see a physical thrashing. Booker says that they may not be in Ireland, but gets a cheap pop and name checks Green Bay.

He announces Sandow vs. Sheamus.



Rey Mysterio will be in action next.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

Prior to the match, an aside video of Rhodes talking about masked wrestlers. Rhodes says they claim to wear them out of honor, but he says they are full of panic, fear, and ugliness.

Rhodes wants to start with the old fashion test of strength. Mysterio and him lock one hand, but Mysterio is on the wrong end of a drop toehold. Cody whips around for a front headlock. Mysterio reverses into a hammerlock.

Rhodes escapes by shouldering Mysterio into the corner. Ref wants a break and Cody starts, but then boots Rey in
the gut. He drops Rey with a right hand and gets a nearfall.

Rhodes putting Mysterio up for a suplex, but Rey reverses and takes the back. Rhodes grapevines Mysterio’s leg and trips him. He panders a bit, then begins to run the ropes. Hops over Rey, turns around, and kicks a standing Mysterio in the stomach. Sends Mysterio to the ropes for a back bodydrop, but Mysterio with a boot to the chest. Dropkick from Rey.

Cody is on the middle rope. 619?

Nope, he scoots under the bottom rope. Mysterio takes chase to the outside, only to catch a kick in the gut. Rhodes slams Mysterio’s head into the announce table.


Rhodes back in control. Whips Mysterio into the turnbuckle and goes for the mask, but Mysterio is able to drop toehold him into the second turnbuckle. Mysterio with a dropkick to the back of Rhodes, slamming his head into the turnbuckle once again.

Seated senton lands. Mysterio with a hurricanrana. Mysterio runs into a boot from a cornered Rhodes. Sunset flip from Rhodes, but Mysterio rolls through and lands a kick to the face.

Rhodes regains control with a running knee to the face. Rhodes mounting more offense, but Mysterio is able to drop toehold Rhodes into the second rope once again.

619? No, Rhodes stops it. Going for the mask, but he gets a jawbuster.

Into a pin here...Mysterio gets the pin! Victory for Mysterio.

Rhodes attacks Mysterio from behind. He is going after the mask.

Enter Sin Cara. He drop toeholds Cody and Mysterio gets a 619.

Sin Cara gives Cody a replica of his mask...and slaps it right over the head of Cody. Rhodes wearing the mask as we shift focus.


Replay of the first bit of Daniel Bryan’s hilarious anger management class.


Eve joins the announce crew.

Kaitlyn vs. Natalya

The ladies lockup to start. Nattie pushes Kaitlyn into the ropes, then gives her a kick to the stomach. Side headlock takeover form Nattie.

Kaitlyn reverses with the leg scissors on Nattie’s head. Knee to Nattie’s midsection. Kaitlyn with a side headlock, but she is pushed into the ropes. Huge shoulder block from Kaitlyn.

Nattie rolls out, but Kaitlyn takes chase. Huge mistake as Nattie grabs her hair and pulls her down to the matted arena floor on the back of her head. Stomp.

Back inside. Nattie slams Kaitlyn’s face into the mat. Stomps, then an eventual abdominal stretch from Natalya. Nattie hooks a leg to add a new twist. Kaitlyn elbows the thigh and gets out. Kaitlyn out and gets a snapmare. Rollup for a nearfall by Kaitlyn. Aikido-like wrist toss from Kaitlyn. Dropkick, then a knee to the gut from Kaitlyn.

Nattie stops the momentum with a kick to the stomach. Spinning lariat gets a nearfall for Nattie. Natalya looking to choke Kaitlyn, but small package!

Kaitlyn with the pin and the victory.

Striker with Booker.

He asks if he has received a lot of scrutiny as GM, showing the clip of Vickie criticizing AJ on RAW.
Booker says he has high hopes for AJ, but her handling of Jericho/Ziggler and Vickie was uncalled for. He says AJ is off her rocker.

Enter Vickie.

Vickie says that all of AJ’s friends have turned their backs on her. Vickie says she has received numerous social media messages saying that she should take action.

Vickie says the Board of Directors has assured her that they would take action. But if they don’t, she will.

Booker looking on, obviously upset.

Recap of the CM Punk/Jerry Lawler/John Cena antics that went down on RAW.


Recap of Kane’s entrance into Bryan’s anger management class.


Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow

Lockup and Sandow gets to the rope and begs the ref to do his job.

Another lockup goes to the corner and Sandow is upset at the disengage. Sheamus grabs his beard and the ref admonishes him, but Sandow takes advantage and gets a side headlock. Sheamus sends him into the ropes, and Sandow goes outside to regroup.

Back in and Sandow goes behind the ref, then kick Sheamus' knee. Sheamus fires back with a shoulder block, so Sandow gets out of dodge again. Sheamus follows, only to get rammed into the steel steps.

Sandow scrambles back in the ring as the ref starts a count.

Sheamus beats the count, but Sandow attacks Sheamus with stomps and a knee drop. Axehandle from Sandow. Forearms to the chest from Sandow leads to a sleeper. Sheamus fights out, but get a headbutt to the back. Sandow with the Russian Leg Sweep. Elbow of Disdain is stopped by a blow to the gut from Sheamus.

Sandow with his straight jacket neckbreaker for a nearfall. Sandow working the stalling offense, but Sheamus bringing the brawl. Clubbing blows makes Sandow roll to the outside.

Sheamus ain't having it as he goes outside and gets him. He gets the ten forearms to the chest, then a battering ram.

Sandow again rolls to the outside. Sheamus goes and gets him. Sandow in and tries to mount some offense, but Sheamus counters into a Brogue Kick...no, Sandow rolls out again.

Sheamus fetches, but Sandow rolls out the side closest to the ramp. Sheamus tries to throw him back in, but Sheamus gets tossed into the apron.

Sandow running for the hills. Countout victory to Sheamus.


Prime Time Players vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

Kidd and O'Neill start off.

Tout is shown from the Usos.

Back in-ring with Gabriel and Young. Leg sweep from Gabriel and Kidd in. Gabriel holds a sub on Young and Kidd with a boot to the face. Titus breaks up a nearfall.

Young drives Kidd into their corner and O'Neill in. O'Neill powering Kidd down with punches and slams. Spinning pumphandle slam from O'Neill.

Young in and O'Neill suplexes him onto Kidd. Young working Kidd, but Kidd is able to escape and get Gabriel in. Spinning back kick, roundhouse, chop, STO. Gabriel lighting it up here. Gabriel up top and O'Neill tries to stop this, but Gabriel shakes him off.

Kidd is able to hit a over the top crossbody on O'Neil.

Unfortunately, Young gets Gabriel with his gutbuster after he picks him up from the top.

Young gets the pin and victory for the Prime Time Players.

Recap of Kane's sharing during the anger management class.


Alberto Del Rio is to have an exclusive interview with Josh Mathews.

ADR out with Ricardo and a 1989 Excalibur Roadster.

ADR and Mathews chat about his chances at the championship and what he thinks he'll do to Sheamus. ADR gets offended when Mathews brings up that he never beat Sheamus. He takes off the scarf and is about to beat up Mathews.

Enter Kane.

"Hello. My name is Kane."

Kane says he needs to apologize to Mathews, per anger management. He does so and thanks him for helping him in his recovery.

Teddy Long here, playa.

He announces Kane vs. ADR.


Kane vs. Alberto Del Rio

Back from commercial and Kane is overpowering Del Rio. Del Rio off the ropes and thwarts a Kane back bodydrop with a boot to the face. Knee from Kane ends a comeback. Dropkick from Kane.

ADR going up top, but a Kane uppercut puts him on the apron. ADR with an eyerake, then wraps Kane's arm around the ringpost. ADR taking control, but he runs into a chokeslam attempt. Enzuigiri from ADR to Kane's shoulder.

Kane stops all that and gets a sidewalk slam. Going up top and Kane hits the flying clothesline. Setting up for the chokeslam, but Ricardo Rodriguez swipes at his feet. Kane picks up the announcer, but ADR hits the Backstabber on Kane.

Pinfall and victory for ADR.

Kane is in ring and he is mad. He runs out to the announce table and chases Mathews down. He rag dolls him to the arena floor. Kane takes him to the ring, all while apologizing for his temper, and chokeslams Mathews.


Triple H Raw recap.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton

Lockup. Side headlock for Orton. Orton sent off the ropes, but he shoulder blocks Ziggler. Orton off the ropes again, but he eats a Ziggler dropkick.

Ziggler with a strut.

Lockup again and Ziggler gets the side headlock. Orton reverses and gets his own. Orton sent off into the ropes again and another shoulder block. Rope running predicament leads to Orton dropkicking Ziggler. Nearfall. Orton stomps the leg, the arm, and the face of Ziggler.

Boot to the chest of Ziggler. Orton with a slingshot suplex. Nearfall. Zigs sent into the ropes, Orton setting up a back bodydrop, but Ziggler with a kick to the face. Neckbreaker from Ziggler. Stomps, punches, and multiple elbow drops for Ziggy. Ziggler with his jumping elbow drop for a nearfall.

Sleeper in for Ziggler. Orton fights out. Headbutt and punch for Orton. The men exchange punches, but Orton comes out on top. Nope, Ziggler gets a flurry at the end and whips Orton, but Orton holds on and sets up his inverted backbreaker.

Orton punts Zigs in the chest. Ziggler is corned, but he rakes Orton's eyes. Flying clothesline from Ziggler out of the corner. Jumping elbow misses for Zigs. Both men up now and Ziggler misses a splash.

Ziggler gets hit with clotheslines. Ziggler going for his own, but Orton ducks under and gets the powerslam. Orton going for the rope DDT, but Ziggler with a hangman's neckbreaker.

Ziggler mounts the apron, but Orton is there with punches. Orton going for a suplex...but decides to take it up top. Superplex lands. Nearfall.

Both men slow on the get up, but Ziggler gets a big jumping DDT. Nearfall. Ziggler stalking Orton, going for the sleeper. Orton holds the rope and shakes him off. Zigs charges, but gets whipped to the apron. Rope DDT connects.


Viper is coiled and Orton hard.

But Ziggler gets to the outside. Orton sends him over the announce table. Orton goes in with Ziggler and Zigs charges, only to eat the RKO.

Pin and win for Orton.

Vickie grabs the mic and says that Ziggler is still the MITB winner!

Orton staring Vickie down and his music hits.

Ziggler and Vickie licking wounds on the outside.

Orton poses.


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