TNA Impact results and reactions from last night (Aug. 30): With a side of flapjacks

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The latest live episode of TNA Impact aired last night (Aug. 30, 2012) on Spike TV and everything was geared towards the Bound for Glory (BFG) Series and Aces and Eights. We also had some Knockouts action, as well as Gut Check.

To get complete results, as well as the running live blog, click here. Now let's cut to the chase (not like Triple H) and get right down to business.

  • Aces and Eights had another brawl with the group of TNA superstars. The main point of this was to have an unmasked member come up to the apron, wrap a bandana around his face, and hit TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries with a flapjack. While they keep adding new kinks, I'm just waiting for the big payoff. It isn't necessarily anything that is badly executed, but it just keeps winding on. I'd liken it to the Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio feud in WWE. I hope they find a new spin when they go to the well once again next week.
  • TNA needs to learn a little bit about timeliness in its storylines. Like I said, they don't execute the scripts badly, they just spread things out over too long a time period. In this case, Aces and Eights and the Bound for Glory series are my main gripes. It seems like both have been going on forever at this point. The shows have become centralized on these two things and everything else gets overshadowed.

After the jump, more thoughts on last night's show.

  • The Bound for Glory Series matches were pretty fun to watch. The first match featured RVD and James Storm. Both men put on a pretty solid performance, despite it being somewhat slow at points because of RVD's limitations. Storm ended up winning and clinching a spot in the final five.
  • Madison Rayne vs. ODB was next. The match was seconds long and ODB picked up the squash. The big payoff here was seeing if Eric Young still had love for ODB, which he did. I enjoy their chemistry as an on-screen couple and I thought this was a pretty fun bit for the Knockouts division.
  • Hulk Hogan and Sting scared Kazarian and Christopher Daniels a little bit. Hogan talked them down and said he'll set up a match for them, but he hopes they get their brains beaten in. Sting made Daniels spill some of his appletini. Despite my lack of love for Hogan, I enjoy the tag team of Kaz and Daniels, so this turned out okay. I hope they find room for them after the Claire Lynch saga.
  • AJ Styles and Samoa Joe squared off in a pretty fantastic match in the BFG Series. There was a spot where Styles was going for a crossbody over the top rope, but caught a Joe kick to the chest before landing. Brutal. These guys are great in-ring and this match demonstrated that.
  • Gut Check participant Kris Lewie was denied a contract. I feel there is some legitimate evaluation going on when they bring these guys in, because he got two straight "no" replies from Taz and Pritchard. And if you saw his match last week, boy did he deserve it.
  • Joey Ryan showed up to rouse Al Snow a little more, splashing him with water from the crowd after berating him on a loudspeaker. I really like what Ryan brings to the table and he is obviously the shining star out of what has been presented on Gut Check.
  • Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy brought it in the main event. The match would determine who got the chance to get into the final five of the BFG Series. Hardy got the nod in what was a great match. While I would have rather seen Angle win for pure match quality, it makes sense to put the more popular Hardy over here.
  • Just a final note: TNA match quality is excellent week in and week out compared to WWE. There is a lot more variety in matches and a lot of these guys are spectacular between the ropes. While their storylines may not be your particular cup of tea (although they have improved), TNA's wrestling is worth some of your time.

I'd give last night's show a "C+." While there wasn't anything that made me cringe, there wasn't really anything that set my world on fire. In all, this is your prototypical TNA show.

Catch the matches if you can.

Any thoughts you Cagesiders would like to share as well?

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