Precap to the Aug. 30, 2012 episode of IMPACT or, the one where we get patched in

Tara shows Miss Tessmacher why she is still a force to be reckoned with in the Knockout Division

Aces & 8s! Hollywood Hogan! Sensational Sting! The Same! Damn! Impact! Order!

Last week (Aug. 12), Hulk Hogan showed up on IMPACT feeling a bit more "Hollywood." What this is supposed to mean is he is going to go old school on Aces & 8s' asses. What it actually means is Hogan's dyed his beard back to his New World Order (nWo) days and is able to magically knock out three guys with a single swing of his bat.

Oh Hulk. You never change, do you?

It's weird how his three-minute appearance has completely changed the tone of the show. The Impact Zone had a "we want Hogan" chant going the entire night. IMPACT General Manger Sting was giddier than a schoolgirl and was screaming "Showtime!" all night. Aces & 8s, who before seemed like an unstoppable invading force, started dropping like flies as soon as he showed up. What was a great angle suddenly became the second coming of the Nexus.

This is not the TNA I had learned to love.

Maybe one of the worst parts is what happened to Austin Aries last week. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion found himself outnumbered to end the show and had his hand smashed between a barricade fence and a steel chair. It seems this incarnation of the TNA Championship curse is that the titleholder cannot protect himself against the masked group while every other person on the roster is able to take on three or four guys at a time. When you cut a heel group off at the knees, it makes those who do fall look incredibly weak.

However, there is still time for the wrongs of last week to be righted. The great reveal of Aces & 8s will most likely occur at No Surrender, which is only two weeks away. We still don't know which side Hogan is going to fall on or what the fallout will be. This angle may end up working out. This angle could end up working out.

I really hope this angle ends up working out.

The rest of the show after the jump.

Storm! Joe! RVD! Bully! Styles! Angle! Anderson! Hardy! Bound For Glory Series!

The top eight in the Bound For Glory Series is as follows*:

  1. James Storm -- 66 Points
  2. Samoa Joe -- 61 Points
  3. Rob Van Dam -- 55 Points
  4. Bully Ray -- 55 Points
  5. AJ Styles -- 50 Points
  6. Kurt Angle -- 48 Points
  7. Mr. Anderson -- 47 Points
  8. Jeff Hardy -- 42 Points

*If you've noticed a new format this week, it seems has gotten tired of my copy and paste jobs the past few months. So they've posted a picture of the standings instead of the regular text.

We only have two more episodes of IMPACT left before the standings are locked and there are five more matches to go. Tonight we get James Strom against Rob Van Dam, Samoa Joe faces AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy goes one on one with Kurt Angle. TNA actually has a great piece listing the wrestlers who are still in contention, as if Joe Lunardi was hired as the resident "seriesologist."

The long and the short of it is a win locks Storm in the number one spot, everyone in the top four has at least one more match and can control their own destinies and the only way Mr. Anderson has a chance is if everyone above him gets disqualified (a 10-point deduction).

I plan on giving the Bound For Glory Series a final farewell next week but right now let me just say it has been an amazing gimmick. I can give TNA praise upon praise for the BFG Series and it will still be underrated. A tip of the cap to you, TNA.

Gut Check! New Opportunity! Failed implementation!

Last week's Gut Check candidate, Kris Lewie, finds out if he earned a TNA contract. While Gut Check is great in theory, it has fallen short in its execution. My girl Taeler Hendrix is the current Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) Women's Champion but hasn't seen any television time since winning a contract in June. Joey Ryan was unsuccessful in getting a job but still shows up on TNA now and again.

With the BFG series and now Aces & 8s eating up most of the two-hour show, there simply isn't much room to add new faces to the roster. Hell, there is hardly enough screen time for the people already there. Not that I'm complaining, just making a point -- but when was the last time we saw Garret Bischoff? Although with stars such as Velvet Sky and Devon leaving the Orlando promotion, now is as good a time as any to stock up on young, cheap talent for the future.

Enjoy the show!

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