TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for Aug. 30: the Bound for Glory Series continues


Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., Aug. 30, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for yet another live show, and a few more big matches in the ongoing Bound for Glory Series.

We're getting down to the wire and every point counts as the remaining competitors race to reach the Final Four headed into the No Surrender pay-per-view (PPV) next month.

Scheduled for tonight are three match-ups: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles, and Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm.

Also on tap, is an update on Austin Aries after he was attacked by the Aces and Eights and Gut Check contestant, Kris Lewie, learning whether or not he'll be given a contract with the promotion.

All that and more.

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

Recap of last week's action, including Tara vs. Tessmacher, BFG Series, amd the end of Claire Lynch.

Broadcast intros, now into an Aces and Eights recap.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Mr. Austin Aries, is gracing us. Suit jacket, jeans, sunglasses, and TNA World Heavyweight title all with him.

Aries says that he has to give credit where credit is due and that Aces and Eights pulled out all the stops. He says their cavalry smashed his arm.

Aries says that people have been asking if he will relinquish, but there are two problems with that. One is that he isn't medically cleared to compete, but he doesn't need to be medically cleared to fight. The other is that he is left-handed, and they smashed his right hand.

Aries says if they want him or his belt, he is in the ring for the takings.

He wants them to step in and fight him.

He says he'll sit there all night until someone answers his challenge.

Nothing doing yet.


And Sting is with him.

Hogan, bat in hand, says he wants the champ to calm down. He announces that he is back as GM. He thanks Sting for ruling with a steady hand. He says he is gonna run with things the way he wants to now.


Hogan says if Aces and Eights wants a bloodbath, that there will be one. Hogan says that Sting and himself are there for support.

Aries says he wants a one-on-one fight tonight.

Aces and Eights backstage sipping on brewskis. They thank Hogan and Sting for this time. The leader says that TNA is making their job really easy, calling them out and all. Leader says that they will be there, but on their time, of course!

The leader asks how Aries' wing is doing.

Aries looks shocked in the ring and we get some BFG match previews.

RVD vs. James Storm up next.


ODB on the phone with Eric Young and says that if he doesn't call her back in ten minutes, they are done. She goes through playing phone tag with EY and says that she needs some fried chicken and loving, so he has to show up next week or they're through.


BFG Series: Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm

Lockup and RVD takes the back. Storm with a side headlock takeover. Nearfall for Storm, then RVD gets a nearfall.

Storm holding the side headlock. RVD attempts to put him off the ropes, but Storm holds. RVD trying to pry the hands, but nothing. Side suplex from RVD, but Storm still holding it from the ground. RVD bridges and gets a nearfall, but Storm still holding.

Back to the feet and RVD punching the stomach. He gets Storm off the ropes, but shoulder block from Storm. Running predicament and Storm knocks RVD down for a nearfall. Storm has RVD in the corner and unloading with punches.

Stomping a mudhole now.

Back to the feet and Storm going for a splash, but RVD turns the tide with a forearm. Punches from RVD. We go into the opposite corner via Irish whip, with RVD on the wrong end of it. Storm charges, but gets put out to the apron. He attempts to slam RVD's face in the turnbuckle, but RVD with a kick to the dome over the top rope.

RVD looking to fly. He goes over the top rope with a crossbody.


Neckbreaker from Storm to RVD that gets a nearfall.

Commercial recap shows RVD getting the better during the break.

Step over kick by RVD and both men down. Storm in the corner and RVD with a spinning hook kick. Springboard sidekick by RVD. Rolling Thunder hits for RVD. Nearfall. Both men hurting here. RVD first to his feet. He gets a spinning back kick in his gut from Storm.

Jumping DDT from Storm gets him a nearfall. RVD down and Storm picking him up with a front headlock. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm, but only gets a nearfall once again.

RVD going into the corner and Storm stalking. He knocks RVD down with a right hand. Storm whipped into the corner and he ends up on the wrong end of a monkey flip. RVD looking for another monkey flip.

Storm hits the Last Call Superkick in the corner!

Cover and pinfall victory for Storm. Give him seven.

Celebratory beer for Storm.

Christy Hemme congratulates Storm on making the final four in the BFG Series. Storm says he is doing exactly what he said he'd do, and that is winning the BFG Series.


Madison Rayne is on her way to the ring next.


Madison Rayne vs. ODB

Prior to the match, Madison is on the mic. She says she received a phone call from Brooke Hogan earlier this week that she'd have a match tonight.

Rayne says she is glad Brooke gave smartened up and gave her a rematch for the Knockouts Championship.

ODB out.

She says Brooke gave her a phone call as well saying that she'd have a match tonight, too.

Rayne says she isn't ready for ODB yet.

She tells Taryn. Terrell to do her job and let her make this trailer park trash famous.

ODB takes a swig from the flask and spits it in Rayne's face. Shoulder bumps, clotheslines, and a splash from ODB. ODB with a driver.

ODB with the pin and the victory.

Eric Young is here and comes out in a suit.

Oh, and he has some fried chicken and beer.

Young goes in the ring and ODB grabs a piece of chicken. ODB doesn't look impressed with the suit.


EY says he's been in Hollywood and he is pretty successful. He says he finally brought the chicken and the beer that ODB sent him out for months ago.

ODB wants to know what happened to EY, because this isn't who she married.

EY says that this doesn't feel right and he'll fix it. Gets the crowd to start clappingand begins to disrobe. He is rocking a USA speedo.

ODB jumps in his arms, chicken in hand, and the happy couple is back!


Claire Lynch drama is recapped.

AJ Styles says he isn't done with Kaz and Daniels, but he wants to be in the BFG final four. His focus is on Samoa Joe.


Gut Check shown backstage as Bruce Pritchard and Taz chat it up.


More Gut Check stuff as we are back. They discuss the finer points of Kris Lewie, along with the baggage he carries.


Hogan and Sting talking backstage. Hogan wants to put some scare on someone.

They invite Christopher Daniels and Kazarian in. They say they have ironclad contracts and Hogan can't fire them. They try to make all friendly with Hogan.

Hogan ain't having it. He says they aren't friends and that he hates their guts. He says his champions need to fight and he will tell them when and where.

Sting bucks at Daniels, causing him to spill his beloved appletini. Damnit, Sting!

Sting and Hogan are proud of themselves as we go to commercial.


BFG Series: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Joe opening up with a leg kick. Body kick to the liver from Joe. Attempted lockup, but Joe's injured forearm isn't having it. Collar tie up and Joe with a knee to the gut.

Rope running and AJ Styles escapes a stomp from Joe by going to the outside.

AJ coming back in.

Lockup from AJ, but Joe pulls out. AJ drops under a lockup and gets the back, then takes a side headlock. Styles goes off the ropes and eats a shoulder block. Hurricanrana from Style puts Joe in the corner.

Styles attempts a suplex in the middle of the ring, but that isn't happening. Elbow to the back of the head of Joe. Styles runs into a Joe elbow. Joe now hung up in the middle rope and Styles with a huge leg kick. Styles still wants to work the leg as Joe is down on the mat.

AJ stomping on the leg of Joe. AJ looking for a leg submission, but Joe pushes him out. Back to the feet and Styles with a dropkick, and Joe rolls to the outside.

AJ going over the top rope for a crossbody, but he gets a big Thai kick to the chest when he is about to land.

Back in ring and a kneedrop from Joe gets a nearfall. Styles goes into the corner. Joe takes him to the middle of the ring and Styles tries to punch away. He only gets a powerslam for his troubles and Joe gets a nearfall.

Forearm exchange that leads to AJ on his butt. Joe gets an STF and Styles looking for the rope. Joe switches up and working an abdominal stretch. AJ extends the leg and hooks his foot on the rope.

Atomic drop from Joe. Then a big boot. Back splash attempt misses and Joe hits the ol' tailbone on the mat. Both men back to their feet and Styles unloaded with strikes. Styles gets a whip reversed and he goes into the corner. Styles goes out the apron after Joe runs into his boot and hits the flying springboard forearm.

AJ wants Joe up and he attempts a Styles Clash, but that isn't happening. He instead gets with a Pele kick, which Joe blocks with his arm. Cross armbreaker by Styles, but Joe gets to the ropes.

Clothesline splash in the corner from Styles. Joe gets whipped into the other corner and Styles charges, only to get Rock Bottomed. Joe looking for the sleeper, but Styles rolls through for a nearfall. Joe once again trying to clasp in the sleeper, but Styles rolls into an armbreaker once again. Joe rolls Styles into a pin.

Styles can't kick out and you can give Joe seven.

Styles frustrated in the ring as Joe walks out.


Recap from Aries looking for Aces and Eights in the opening segment.


Kris Lewie nervous backstage as we go to commercial.


Angle cuts a promo on his match tonight against Hardy, which will determine who goes to the BFG final four.


Gut Check ceremony now.

Lewie said he put forth his best effort last week.

Taz says he respects anyone who tries to make a living as a pro wrestler. Taz says TNA is above his head at the moment and he votes "no."

Bruce Pritchard says this is where you dig down deep and that you get one shot. He says Lewie has a great story, but his answer is "no."

No contract for Lewie.

Joey Ryan is at ringside with a with a loudspeaker. He asks the corporate stooges what they're gonna do. Ryan throws water in Al Snow's face. Snow tries to take chase.


Joseph Park wants to help Sting and Hogan with Aces and Eights.

He says that he can file a lawsuit against the group. He wants to investigate them.

Hulk agrees.


BFG Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

Borash does introductions for this, as it is the main event.

Kurt Angle controlling the grappling. Side headlock and Angle with a shoulder block off the ropes. Blocks a Hardy hip toss into a fireman's carry. Armbar by Angle.

Angle off the ropes and he gets another shoulder block. Hip toss lands for Hardy this time. Armbar for Hardy and Angle pushes him into the corner. Punches from Angle. Kick to the gut from Angle. More punches.

Angle whips Hardy into the opposite corner. Hardy rides the ropes and gets a hurricanrana. Baseball slide kick from Hardy to Angle on the outside. Hardy on the apron and he gets a flying clothesline.

Crowd behind Hardy.

In-ring and a kick to the gut of Angle. Punches and stomps. Splash by Hardy in the corner. More punches and he whips Angle into the opposite corner, who powers out with a stiff clothesline that levels Hardy.


Back and Angle in control. Hardy now taking the offense to Angle. Atomic drop into the leg drop to the junk of Angle. Twist of Fate attempt blocked into Angle's German suplex. And two. And three.

Angle pumped and stalking.

Angle Slam attempt blocked, but Hardy gets the Twist of Fate!

Nearfall though. Angle kicks out.

Kick to the gut of a cornered Angle. Angle charges in on a cornered Hardy and eats an elbow. Whisper in the Wind gets Hardy a nearfall. Belly to belly from Angle.

Straps are off.

Angle Slam converts. Nearfall!

Angle looking for an ankle lock, but nothing doing.

Hardy with a Twist of Fate. Going up top. Swanton hits.

Angle BARELY gets the shoulder up.

Angle with the single leg and the ankle lock. Hardy rolls through and kicks out. Hardy with a kick to the gut of Angle. Hardy up top and Angle goes up there to meet him. Angle is shoved off.

Hardy with the Swanton. He gets the cover, the pinfall, and the victory. Give him seven and move him into the final four of the BFG Series.

Borash in ring with Hardy. He wants to introduce the final five.

RVD, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, and James Storm are your other four.

Bully Ray vs. RVD and Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe next week.


Aries walking to the ring.


Aries is out and wants Aces and Eights.

Hogan out.

Along with Sting, and a slew of other TNA wrestlers. Joe, Styles, Storm, Hardy, RVD, and Bully.

Hogan says he wants them out there.

Aces and Eights is there.

Hogan challenges to send their finest against TNA's finest in Aries.

Big guy gets in there with Aries. Aries fighting against power punches the masked man is bringing. Aries with a double leg and moves into mount.

And the brawl breaks out.

Impact roster is cleaning house so far. Hogan has a bat.

Aries in ring and drop kicks a member of Aces and Eights.

He is about to unmask the member of Aces and Eights.

Some guy goes into the ring. He puts on a bandana over his mouth and clocks Aries with a flapjack.

TNA stars contemplative as the show goes to black.


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