E-Wrestling for Cagesiders: Wednesday Night Revival for August 22, 2012


This is Dannie Ray, Head of Creative for Revival Pro Wrestling and Chief Operating Officer.

If you are not familiar with RPW, we are a group of Cagesiders who have joined forces to create their own brand of wrestling entertainment where everyone has made and developed unique characters that face each other fortnightly on their quest to become the RPW Heavyweight Champion.

RPW is essentially a Fictional Wrestling Company directed by and for Professional Wrestling fans, much of RPW emerges from the frustration we have in how WWE presents and books wrestling.

We try to have a little bit of everything for everyone and avoid taking things too seriously; in the end our main goal is just to provide fun to both readers and writers.

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WNR started things off with the weekly defense of the Ironman Title. Hot off of his hard fought win in last week’s Ironman Title tournament, John Brandenburg extended a shot to none other than “The Escape Artist” Malcolm Valenzuela, who was cheated out of a previous shot due to the heinous actions of the One Percent. “The Escape Artist” threw everything he had at “The Brand” but in the end, he wasn’t able to topple the only two time Ironman Champion in RPW. The champ’s celebration was cut short however, as Halfus Lykarn, the former RPW Ironman Champion made his return from suspension to attack The Brand, but failed. Brandenburg then took the mic and laid down the challenge for British Uprising. John Brandenburg vs. Halfus Lykarn for the Ironman Championship, but if Lykarn loses, he must unmask and show the world his face.

Backstage, we saw the arrival of Mr. Nice Guy, the man who will be the special guest referee for the World Championship match later tonight between Ian Jones and Douglas Gallagher. Brandy Swinson tried to get in a few words, but was left with more questions than answers about whether or not he was going to call the match down the middle or favor his friend, Ian Jones.

Speaking of Jones, he was approached backstage by new RPW Tag Team The Union Jacks, who offered their services as members of the British Empire. They were left disappointed, however, as they were told they’d have to earn a spot in the Empire, and were shunned from the World Champion’s locker room, and Jones was left all by himself.

We then caught back up with Swinson, who was having quite the awkward encounter with one of RPW’s newest signees, Taiga. Swinson, who is involved in a relationship with RPW competitor Leonard Knox, left in disgust of Taiga’s actions and Taiga was greeted by none other than Ronnie Reynolds and members of his ridiculously large staff, who told Taiga that if he and Emerson Favreau played their cards right, they could be card carrying members of The One Percent by the end of the night. But not before

Reynolds’s image analyst, Amy Evans, was thoroughly “macked on” by Taiga.

Back to the ring, we came back with the second match of the night, which was contested between the hard hitting Alex Monroe and Hyperion Rushmore, who struck out on his own by attacking members of the One Percent as well as his own manager Norville Titan. Rushmore took the fight to Monroe, dominating most of the match, but Monroe was able to turn things around and hit the dangerous Genu in Vultus on the grounded giant to claim a huge (no pun intended) victory. After the match, Monroe took the mic and laid in to two of his biggest detractors, interviewer Matt Josham and Brett Bannion. He laid down the challenge to Bannion to put up or shut up at British Uprising. We will see soon if Bannion accepts Monroe’s challenge.

Backstage, Don Diego, leader of the Latin American Wrecking Crew, calmed Malcolm Valenzuela down, stating that his effort was valiant and he had nothing to be ashamed of.

In the ever thickening rivalry between the Enigma and Ronnie Reynolds, investigator Shirley Watson revealed that she hadn’t gained much ground in unraveling the Enigma, but did reveal that she figured out what the C.R.A.F.T. acronym stood for. Jackson Gerritt was not pleased.

Former commissioner Jack Dobbs has been advocating for the signing of Shane Adames for weeks now, but new Senior VP of Talent Relations Richard Goldstein has been hesitant to say the least. Dobbs said he’s set up a meeting between the two later tonight and they plan on making an offer that Goldstein can’t refuse.

Back to the action, we have a six man tag team war between Ronnie Reynolds and One Percent hopefuls Taiga and Emerson Favreau and Hakai Dragon, Leonard Knox and Enigma. Things started off hot, but turned in the favor of The One Percent as they worked over the small Enigma. After some punishment, Enigma finally tagged in to Leonard Knox who wrecked house until he was whipped in to both of his tag team partners. Hakai was not happy with this and left his team mates high and dry giving Taiga the opportunity to low blow Knox behind the ref’s back and get the roll up for the three. After the match, a thoroughly impressed Ronnie Reynolds gave the go ahead and inducted Taiga and Emerson Favreau as the newest members of the One Percent.

Back to the back, the number one contender to the RPW Championship Douglas Gallagher approaches Ironman Champion John Brandenburg. Gallagher seems as confident as ever about his title shot later in the evening, offering to Brandenburg a champion vs. champion match if he wins tonight. Brandenburg tries to tell Gallagher to look out for Mr. Nice Guy tonight, but Gallagher seems sure that MNG will call the match down the middle. If MNG does, he will earn himself an Ironman title shot next week.

In the locker room of the One Percent, Dom Golden goes on a Skype call with Jafaar al-Sultan who was away on business this week. Their conversation seemed to indicate a few things. Number one is that Taiga and Emerson Favreau were meant to be One Percent members all along, and Amy Evans seems to have pulled some strings to make sure Ronnie Reynolds chose them and end up feeling good about himself regardless. Also, it seems they’ve set up a meeting with RPW Management in order to get al-Sultan a future RPW World Title shot.

Back in the ring, we have Kirk Cobain in No Limits action against Ryan Mercy with Sirius Danger on commentary. Ryan Mercy tried to go toe to toe with Cobain in a Kendo Stick Duel, but Cobain is just too at home with No Limits and completely dominated Mercy with the Kendo Stick, forcing him to tap out due to the pain. Danger exits through the crowd before Cobain can go for him.

Back to the backstage area, Excellence confronts Brand, saying he deserves the Ironman Title shot, not Valenzuela. Brand says that Valenzuela earned the shot, which is more than he can say for Excellence, who lost to The Brand in his debut. He tells Excellence that he has lot of challenges lined up, but after he gets through all of those, he’ll see if Excellence has earned his shot.

In the interview area, self-proclaimed best interviewer in the world Matt Josham is with the Latin American Wrecking Crew. After trying to get a few words out of El Omega 23, Don Diego interrupts and tells Josham that what happened last week was a calculated risk knowing how much time there was on the clock, and went for broke. They may not have won, but they didn’t really lose, either.

Back to the ring we have our second six man tag for the evening as Aron Scythe & The Art of WarC.R.A.F.T. take on Excellence and The Union Jacks. The Union Jacks start things off dominating Billy Craft from the get go, but Billy Craft is able to turn things around and finally tag in his brother Jimmy. It doesn’t take long then for all hell to break loose as Excellence and Scythe go at it on the outside, allowing the Jimmy Craft to hit the Tenkai Kick on Edward Jameson of the Jacks, and seemingly has it won until Excellence breaks things up and hits The Mark of Excellence on both Craft Twins, but Edward Barrington isn’t able to get the pin fall on Jimmy. The team of Brits continue to work on Jimmy but aren’t able to prevent the tag to Scythe who dominates the Brits leading to a Triple Dragon Driver and send all three men to the outside to be counted out and give the win to Scythe and the Crafts. Scythe grabs a mic post match, and blames Charles Strickland in part for the hoax perpetrated on his family, stating that Ian Jones isn’t a video editor, but Strickland has access to them. He says he isn’t going to British Uprising to wrestle Ian Jones anymore, but rather, they are going to fight. And even if Ian Jones manages to escape with the title, there are far less patient people who are going to put up with him after Scythe, and then leaves us hanging by saying that “The Atheist” is coming to RPW.

In Richard Goldstein’s office, it’s time for his meeting with Shane Adames. Goldstein says that the Board of Directors found it may be in the best interest of RPW to sign Adames, even though he considers Shane a waste of everybody’s time. Adames cuts the crap and says that the reason everybody wants him here is because he still has what it takes to take everybody in RPW to their limit. He proposes a match between himself and any of the new RPW signees, if he wins he gets an RPW Contract and if he loses, he’ll be gone from RPW forever. Goldstein agrees, begrudgingly.

In the GM’s office, we see Sir Charles Strickland talking to Halfus Lykarn, who is baffled as to why Halfus put his mask on the line, and says that he should have Lykarn institutionalized. Lykarn can only get out “But you alr-“ before being cut off by Strickland who says they can’t let everybody know who Lykarn really is. Lykarn says all he needs to do is focus on making The Brand tap out once again.

It’s main event time as the RPW Championship is on the line as Douglas Gallagher gets is rightful match against Ian Jones, but the wildcard here is Jones’ friend and stable-mate Mr. Nice Guy. The match starts off extremely competitive with Gallagher getting in a slight advantage against Jones as the two brawl. The match continues in such a fashion as Halfus Lykarn makes his way to ringside. Jones looks to hit Gallagher with a chair, but MNG tells him not to, prompting Lykarn to slide in a pair of brass knuckles in to Jones. Brandenburg makes his way down and brawls with Lykarn to the back, but it’s too late as Jones connects with the knuck shot. However, this is not able to keep the Liverpudlian down, as he manages to kick out. The match continues with Ian Jones continuing to bend the rules with a desperate eye rake, which leads Gallagher to almost level the special ref MNG with a Crimson Tornado, but is able to stop just in time. Not in time, however, to prevent being hit with Jones’s Punisher as Jones seemingly has things in the bag. The ref counts three, but Gallagher kicks out, leaving it really close. At the ref’s discretion, Mr. Nice Guy calls it a two, which angers the champ. MNG manages to calm him down and Jones goes for a second Punisher, but Gallagher counters out and lets the Liver Bird fly. Another near fall as the champion manages to kick out in a close one. Gallagher regroups and after some struggle, manages to finally hit the Crimson Tornado on Jones and covers. MNG counts to two, and hesitates for a moment, but lets the hand drop for the three as the arena explodes. MNG makes his way to the back in disappointment as the scouser becomes overwhelmed in emotion as he holds the RPW Championship in the air and WNR goes off the air with questions as to how the main event of British Uprising will fair.

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