Video: Bret Hart talks CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and UFC 149 experience

Bret Hart always has an opinion. Ask "The Hitman" about his time in professional wrestling and he can go on for days and days. Given the man's knowledge and experience in the business, it is usually worth a listen.

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to hear some thoughts from Hart about the current state of affairs in WWE. The Score's Arda Ocal was able to catch up with Hart at the Canadian Comedy Awards in this video interview.

After the jump, check out transcriptions of what Hart had to say about CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and his UFC experience.

On UFC 149 experience in Calgary:

"It's my first UFC event up close. I had a great time. I will say I thought the preliminary fights were better than some of the main event fights, but fighting is a complicated game. There's a lot of things that go into it and I know there were a lot of substitutions and stuff. But, all in all, I thought it was a real positive experience. I was seated up close and it was pretty exciting for me."

On CM Punk wearing his colors at Summerslam:

"I didn't know that he was gonna wear it out, prior to him sending me a picture of the side of it. But, me and Punk are pretty good friends. I know that he spent a lot of his childhood watching me and maybe emulating me and the wrestlers from my era. I think today, he's obviously one of the best wrestlers in the world because he's been so smart in how he carefully constructed his character with the limitations that he has. He's not the biggest guy in the world. He's just been able to take what he's got and, if anything, he's an inspiration to every wrestler out there that if you have the right heart and you have that will and you just keep going and keep going, no matter what obstacle you run into, whether it's the promotion or other wrestlers, he seems to overcome so many obstacles to finally get to where he is. And he seems to be holding it all pretty well, too.

On the comparison between Punk's current character and his own character in 1997:

"Wow. One is more originally real and now it's easy to build around it. It's almost unavoidable to eventually run into the same kind of scenario where you end up with a wrestler that's always the victim or always fighting an uphill battle. He seems to carry it well. He's a heel one minute, he's a babyface the next, he's a heel again. It's a hard thing to juggle, especially when it comes to marketing and merchandising and the promotion itself. But, he's doing a good job. It does go back to two years ago when his whole thing started to build and happen. It struck people as very real and that's why I think people got behind it the way that they did.

On the comparison between Punk and Bryan as this generation's Hart and Michaels:

"I think, 'fair enough.' I've got a lot of respect for both of them. Daniel Bryan is someone I think is a great wrestler. He's one of my personal favorites. Both of them are two of my favorites. If they both somehow end up in a comparison to me and Shawn, I'd be happy for them. The truth is, most of the magic that Shawn and I did together...we're both very proud of the matches we had. We always worked really hard and we always had great matches. You know, the little bits and the troubles we had at the's all sad that we couldn't have delivered some more matches and better matches for the next ten years in the same company. The truth is, the few matches...not the few, the hundreds we did have were really good, classic matches."

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