WWE Raw results and live blog for Aug. 27: Triple H addresses his future

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WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 27, 2012) from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and features Triple H coming back to address his future.

We're supposed to believe he's coming back to retire, realizing he no longer has it and it's finally time to leave the game (no pun intended) for good. But it's far more likely he'll start the build to a rematch so he can get his win back sometime down the road.

We'll see.

Elsewhere, CM Punk has finally turned full blown heel for those interested in as much and he's still pondering John Cena's request for a title match at Night of Champions. Answer coming tonight?

Again, we'll see.

Plus, Daniel Bryan is taking anger management classes!

Raw starts at 8 p.m. ET on USA, so be sure to make your way back here to chat with all your favorite Cagesiders during the show. It's always a fun time. Raw live blog after the jump.


Nolan in.

Punk/Cena/Lawler video package, detailing Punk's need for respect.

Broadcast is live.

Jerry Lawler tweet being read post-Raw from last week, saying you shouldn't kick someone in the head if you're the "best in the world."

Lawler in the ring. He says that Punk took his comment negatively and that he misspoke. Lawler recaps the events involving him and Punk last week.

"Last week, I apologized to CM Punk. This week, I want an apology from CM Punk."

Long wait...then "Cult of Personality" hits.

Punk sporting a buzzcut of sorts.

Punk questions why Lawler wants an apology from him doing his job. He says Lawler shouldn't have said what he said, because The Rock showed a "gross lack of respect" towards him.

Punk says Lawler's disrespect lead to him kicking him. Punk apologizes...for Hall of Fame criteria being Lawler beating up a bunch of nobodies in Memphis and acting like a teenager on the mic.

Punk says he is sorry that Lawler has become nothing more than a product promoter.

Lawler looking upset and Punk wants him to fight about it.

Punk says he'd embarrass Lawler if he did anything. Lawler says he came for an apology, not a fight. Punk says his face reads fight and that he would embarrass Lawler again.

Punk says Lawler can either leave embarrassed that he didn't fight Punk or he can leave embarrassed that he just got beat up.

He tells Lawler to think about it as he turns tail to the stage.

Lawler says he will think about it and returns to the announce table.


Jack Swagger vs. Ryback

Lockup and Swagger with knees to the gut. Swagger running the ropes and Ryback with a big boot. Ryback choking Swagger, then slamming his head into the mat.

Ryback picks Swagger up, then slams his face back in the mat. Ryback charges at Swagger and gets a drop toehold for his troubles. Swagger with a shoulder block. Swagger bodyslams Ryback!

Swagger motivated here. Goes for a splash from the middle rope, but Ryback has his feet up. Swagger evades. He attempts an ankle lock, but Ryback rolls through. Ryback whipping Swagger into the corner, then a back bodydrop...where Swagger lands on his neck.

"FEED ME MORE!" chants coming from the crowd...or the speakers.

Swagger up and down due to a Ryback clothesline.

Ryback with Shell Shocked, his finisher. He gets the pin and the victory.

Ryback doing his typical power posing. Swagger frustrated on the outside.


Triple H will address the crowd tonight.

Also, Miz vs. Cena.

Lawler still thinking about facing Punk.


Layla vs. Natalya

Vickie Guerrero out here and wants to make an announcement

Ref rings the bell anyway.

Nattie and Layla get into a grappling predicament, which Nattie gets the best of.

TV troubles and Layla is back with a springboard crossbody. Nattie holding on to the rope and Layla gets her yanked off and on her head. Butt bounce to the face of Nattie.

Vickie standing on the steps, looking unimpressed.

Nattie says that it isn't funny. Layla trying to baseball slide, but Nattie traps her in the apron. Nattie brawling and hitting Layla. Nattie trying for the sharpshooter back inside, but Layla pushes her off.

Nattie going for a suplex, but Layla gets a rollup. Nothing doing and Layla lands a kick to the head of Nattie.

Cover, pinfall, and victory for Layla in this non-title match.

Vickie says that Layla had her moment, now she needs to "be gone." Layla walks her down, but eventually leaves.

Vickie talks about Raw GM AJ making the Ziggler vs. Jericho last week. She says that the stipulation that Ziggler would lose his MITB contract was an abuse of power and that she was fine with Jericho's stipulation.

Vickie says no one has the guts to step up, but she will. She begs the WWE Board of Directors to put the show in the hands of an adult, not a "mentally deranged child."

"LET'S LIGHT IT UP!" AJ out and skipping around the ring, as usual.

AJ gets the mic from Vickie...and then smacks her in the face. The two have a catfight that AJ predicatably gets the better of. Vickie holding her face as she runs backstage.

AJ looking super sensual and crazy as she admires her work.

She plays it up in the ring.


Cole telling us that we are awaiting word on the future Triple H's career.

We'll be getting various accomplishments and moments in Triple H's career to celebrate him.

D-Generation X video package follows.


Anger management classes with Dr. Shelby.

Daniel Bryan raises his hand and says he doesn't have anger issues. He isn't like the rest of these losers and he is perfectly fine.

A little kid comes in wearing a goat mask. Bryan wonders who set this up. He says that he doesn't have a goat face and that HE IS HANDSOME! Bryan tells the "little brat" to take the goat face off.

Dr. Shelby says that his son Richard is a goat in the school's edition of "Noah's Arc." Dr. Shelby tells his crying child not to worry, because this man is sick and needs help.

Bryan's classmate Harold pats him on the shoulder, but Bryan tells him not to touch him.


Punk says he'll let Lawler have the first punch if they fight in a tweet.

Lawler says that he didn't beat up no-names in Tennessee. Those names include Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Harley Race, Jack Brisco, "Superstar" Billy Graham, and Bill Dundee. He wonders if Punk would have lasted in Memphis.

He says he may act like a teen and he may have beat up the greatest comedian in the world, but he is a Hall of Famer. He says HOF'ers summon guts. He says he will summon his guts to fight someone younger and in the prime of his life.

He says he knows he isn't the best in the world, but he doesn't think Punk is, either.

He accepts.

Lawler goes backstage as we cut to commercial.


John Cena vs. The Miz

John Cena out.

"THE HOME OF PBR!" is his aside to the cameraman.

Match is on.

Men have a staring, feeling each other out moment.

Miz gets a headlock off a lockup. Hip toss from Miz. Miz running the ropes and Cena ducks, leaps, and gets an arm drag into a headlock.

Repeat that process, except with Miz doing the ducking and leaping. He tries an arm drag, but Cena gets a hip toss into a headlock.


Miz in control and he goes to the outside.

Josh Mathews is on the announcer's mic now.

Cena running bulldog for a nearfall.

Miz off the ropes, but boots Cena in the face off a back bodydrop attempt. Kick to the face of Cena for a nearfall. Miz looking for his corner clothesline and he gets it. Typical rope sitting pose.

Miz goes up top and gets a double axhandle for a nearfall. Sleeper hold in for The Miz now. Cena almost powers out, but Miz with a knee to the ribs.

Suplex attempt blocked by Cena and he gets his own. Miz stifles that with his backbreaker into neckbreaker move. Off the ropes kick from Miz gets him a nearfall. Miz goes for the kick again and gets it. Nearfall once again. Cena hurt something fierce as Miz stands over him.

Miz going for the running kick again, but Cena drop toeholds him into the STF. Miz struggling, but gets to the ropes. Both men move around in the ring and Miz gets a kick to the gut. Plants Cena with a DDT. Miz looking for the Skull-Crushing Finale, but Cena gets him on the shoulders for the AA. Miz counters with a side effect for a nearfall.

Miz wondering what can put Cena away and he is looking for his corner clothesline once again. Misses and crotches himself on the middle rope. Bounces off and Cena with the shoulder blocks. Side suplex. Five Knuckle Shuffle, y'all know the deal.

AA time.

He gets it. Cena with the pin and the victory.

Cena plays to the fans a bit.


Twitter poll active now where you get to vote for the stipulation of tonight's Lawler/Punk match.

No DQ, tables or a steel cage match.

Your call, folks!


Triple H video package documenting all of his singles action.

Spinebusters and quad tears galore.

They show his triumphant return and the monster pop he got from it.

Pretty nice video tribute.


Sheamus and Orton vs. Ziggler and Del Rio tonight.


Back to D-Bry's anger class.

Harold is sharing his story about his mean boss.

Dr. Shelby asks Bryan what he thinks about Harold's sharing.

Bryan says that if Harold thinks his boss is bad, he should see his boss. He lists a bunch of reasons why he hates AJ.

Dr. Shelby says that he has a text that his last patient is here.


"You see, Harold? This is what I deal with every week!"

Kane takes a seat next to Bryan.


Heath Slater vs. Santino Marella

Santino doing some flashy martial arts kicks and a spinning backfist. Slater has no clue what Santino is doing.

Santino shoots in on a double leg and gets it! He takes the back and spins and spins and spins. Santino does some air guitar, but Slater wants to show him how it is done. Santino tries to emulate, but gets punched for his troubles.

Slater with stomps and another punch that drops Santino. Nearfall. Knees to the spine of Santino. Headlock and punches on the mat from Slater. Slater choking Santino on the second rope, with more air guitar.

Slater with a slingshot into the bottom rope. Slater going up top, but Marella rolls to the opposite corner. He goes to the opposite top rope, but Santino rolls away.

"BORING!" chants from the crowd.

Santino rolls Slater up. Splits into a hiptoss from Santino. Diving headbutt from Santino.

Cobra time?

Enter Aksana. The Cobra is distracted and Slater taps Santino on the shoulder...only to get hit with The Cobra. Santino with the pinfall and victory.

Cobra leads him backstage.


Tweets regarding HHH's future from WWE superstars.


Live adverts for the WWE app and the Lawler/Punk Twitter poll.


Brodus Clay and Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes

Sandow has a mic. Silence, folks.

"As your intellectual savior and martyr, I am elated to announce that I have experienced a miracle. I have finally found someone whom I'm able to have an intelligent conversation with. Ladies and gentlemen, my tag team partner, Cody Rhodes!"

Rhodes says that this match is fitting because Milwaukee is as fat as Clay and as ugly as Sin Cara.


Rhodes has a headlock on Sin Cara when we get back. Running knee to a downed Sin Cara.

Sandow in and he gets the Russian leg sweep. The Elbow of Disdain from Sandow. Sandow punching and stomping Sin Cara.

Cody in and he does a bit of the same. Punch drops Sin Cara and Cody going for the mask. Sin Cara pushes him off the ropes and hits a hurricanrana.

Brodus in and a splash to Cody in the corner. Running powerslam on Rhodes, but Sandow breaks the nearfall. Sandow stomping Clay, then charges at Sin Cara, who pulls down the rope. Sin Cara with a crossbody over the top.

Cody Rhodes going for his trademark springboard kick, but he eats a Brodus Clay headbutt. Splash!

Pinfall and victory to Clay and Sin Cara.


More anger management.

Dr. Shelby asks Kane if he'd remove his welder's mask.

Dr. Shelby tells Kane to tell the group about himself, to which he says he is the devil's favorite demon.

Kane begins talking about his childhood, talking about his brother lighting his parents on fire, burying his brother alive, Katie Vick, torturing Pete Rose, Shane McMahon's testes, and various other things.

Dr. Shelby wants to wrap things up and asks the students to make an anger collage for next week.

Daniel Bryan asks why he has to do arts and crafts and points out that Dr. Shelby looks like a "cheap Mr. Rogers."

Harold pats Kane's knee and thanks him for sharing.

They stand and Kane chokes him.

"You're welcome....HAROLD!"


Daniel Bryan is coming up.

Triple H's greatest hits will be next.


Triple H's greatest hits package.

Not too bad.


R-Truth (w/ Kofi Kingston) vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan comes out and no chants from him. He is breathing deep and keeping calm.

Truth wants to fist bump with Bryan. Bryan accepts.

Lockup and wristlock from Truth, then Bryan with his own. Hip toss.

Crowd chanting "goatface" and Bryan keeping his cool.

Truth offers another fist bump, but he gives one to Little Jimmy. Truth wants Bryan to give Little Jimmy a fist bump, and he does...then gives Truth a boot to the gut. Bryan with kicks to the chest of Truth. Truth gets a clothesline and spinning forearm. Nearfall.

Bryan whips Truth into the ropes and charges. Truth gets a back bodydrop and the action moves outside. Bryan gets smacked by Truth.

Truth grabs the mic and tells Little Jimmy he knows he is in Milwaukee. Truth starts a "YES!" chant and then tosses the mic to Bryan.

Bryan has cracked. "NO! NO! NO!"

Truth goes back inside and gets the victory via countout.

Bryan face-to-face with a fan and dueling chants.

Oh, holy crap, it is the overexcited Lesnar guy! He's the designated WWE plant!

Bryan starts kicking the steel steps and throws them around. He hits the ring and screams "NO!"

Dr. Shelby is disappointed...


Lesnar/HHH Summerslam recap.

HHH is next.


More Twitter poll.


HHH is out.

Selling the broken arm, of course.

Crowd is kind of cheering for him...but not really anything past a polite cheer.

HHH taking his time before saying something.

HHH says everyone wants to know if he is going to retire.

Crowd says no.

Trips says he has learned to never say never. He goes back to the beginning and that he only had two goals: leave an impact and to retire from the ring before it retired him.

HHH choking up, says everyone comes to a crossroad in their career. He says you have to ask yourself if it is time. Says you can't fight time because time will win. He says he never wanted to be the guy that was waiting for the "nostalgia pop." He didn't want to be the guy who hung on too long. He didn't want to be the punch drunk fighter because of all this.

HHH says Lesnar has made himself ask if he is done. Trips says he doesn't know. He's beat up, tired, broken...again. HHH wants to come out and be the "Cerebral Assassin" and "The King of Kings" and he wants to tell the fans that he'll beat Brock Lesnar's ass "because that's what I do!"

"Triple H" chants get going.

HHH says he wants to say all of that, but he can't. Because he doesn't know if he can. Lesnar has forced HHH to ask himself if he is done. HHH says he just doesn't know.

"YOU CAN'T DO IT!" chants. Or maybe can. Not sure.

Trips says all superstars come out to entertain the fans and he wants to thank all of the fans. HHH says before the wrestler walks out, the wrestler wonders if people will care.

HHH says that every time he came out to the ring, he knew fans cared. Ha...

Anyway, he says the fans kept him going through every injury and hardship he faced. He thanks the fans.

"Thank you...for letting me play the game."

HHH is fighting tears and he says he'll never forget the fans. He hopes that fans will never forget him for what he did in the ring.

He is about to leave.

"Thank you Hunter!" chants.

He goes back in and poses in the ring.

He shakes hands with fans as he leaves.

Commercial time so I can go get my tissues.


Recap of last week's Jericho/Ziggler match.


Jericho's music hits!

And Ziggler with the Y2J pose at the top of the ramp.

"Expecting someone else?"

Ziggler says he cost Jericho his contract.

"You will never...EVER...see Jericho again."

Good stuff.


Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus and Randy Orton

Orton and Ziggler lock up. Orton with a side headlock and a shoulder block off the ropes. Orton with a clothesline. Orton setting up for a suplex and uses the rope to slingshot Ziggler down.

ADR comes in...and goes out. Sheamus nails him with a shoulder block from the apron.

Ziggler outside after a Orton powerslam, trying to regroup.


ADR and Orton on the outside. ADR slams Orton into the steel steps and they go back inside. Zigs in and a nearfall after an elbow drop. Ziggler now has a sleeper in on Orton. Orton with elbows to the gut to get out. Off the ropes and eats a Ziggler knee to the gut.

ADR in and stomps Orton's head. Gets a one on a nearfall. Punches to the neck of Orton. Del Rio with a crossface, but Orton fights out. ADR stifles a brief offensive flurry. Randy Orton in the corner and ADR charges, only to eat ring post and a rollup. Only a nearfall.

ADR charges at a cornered Orton once again...and gets back bodydropped to the outside.

Ricardo checking on ADR and gets him back in the ring.

Tags to both men now. Zigs and Sheamus in and Sheamus with powerhouse offense. Ziggler off the ropes and kicks Sheamus in the mouth on a back bodydrop attempt. Sheamus gets the Irish curse for a nearfall, but ADR punts Sheamus in the dome.

Ricardo sneaks Ziggler the MITB briefcase, but Orton hits his neckbreaker. Sheamus then capitalizes with a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus with the pin and the victory. Orton and Sheamus are your winners.


Lawler backstage with Cena.

Cena has apparently offered to help, but Lawler doesn't want that. Lawler wants to fight Punk clean so he doesn't have to take any criticism.

Lawler says he is fighting for himself.

Cena wishes him luck.


Kane out and coming to the announce table.

Josh Mathews scurries and leaves to the production tables.

Cole welcomes Kane...who remains silent.

Zack Ryder vs. David Otunga

Cole is chatting it up with Kane...who remains silent.

Kane is gold tonight.

Oh, and Cole won't sit out of fear. Nice.

Otunga and Ryder slugging it out to start. Ryder gets clotheslined. Otunga puts Ryder in the corner and stomps a mudhole into him.

Ryder whipped into the corner and eats a hard clothesline. Ryder walks out and eats a shoulder block for a nearfall. Otunga has a sleeper. Cam cuts to Kane, but Otunga hits a snap suplex. Otunga still with a chinlock and forearms to the back.

Ryder reverses with a facebuster and a lariat. Going up top, but Otunga pulls him off. Ryder off the ropes and he gets the Rough Ryder!

Pin and victory to Zack Ryder.

Kane in the ring and he is setting Ryder up for a chokeslam.

He has second thoughts because of Dr. Shelby's anger management classes.

Otunga gets the chokeslam.


Punk backstage warming up with Thai kicks to a rolled up mat.


Orton vs. Ziggler on Smackdown this week.


Results are in for the Lawler/Punk stipulation.

It will be...a steel cage match!

AJ is out.

She says that, regardless of the outcome of tonight's main event, Cena vs. Punk will be going down at Night of Champions.


CM Punk vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler

Punk offering Lawler the first shot.

Lawler is hesitant, but Punk goads him.

Lawler drops Punk with a right hand.

Punk holding his jaw, but he squares up. Leg kick and two, forearms, knee to the cornered Lawler. Neckbreaker from Punk. Boot to the head of Lawler. Punk now clubbing Lawler's chest.

Chinlock from Punk. Lawler trying to fight out, but he gets dragged to the mat by a Punk push. Punk pushing a downed Lawler with kicks. Sleeper from Punk as he clubs Lawler with forearms. Lawler tries to fight out, but once again gets thrown to the mat.

Punk going to the corner and trying to scale the cage.

Lawler goes to the opposite corner, drawing Punk out his corner to shoulder bump Lawler and prevent him from going out of the cage door. Lawler hits the top rope as Punk is on top. Lawler trying to escape through the door, but Punk drags him back in. Four or five consecutive elbow drops to the King.

Punk singing to himself, talking about being the new "King of Memphis, Tennessee." Punk going for a neckbreaker, but Lawler shoves him face first into the cage.

Lawler with a right hand to the gut, now to the chin. Right hand drops Punk. Another right hand. Lawler rams Punk up against the cage face-first. Clothesline drops Punk. Lawler going for the flying fist and nails it!

Nearfall. Lawler looking to escape, but Punk rams him into the corner. Flying knee from Punk.

Punk is bloodied up.

CM Punk with a Rock Bottom into the anaconda vice.

Lawler taps.

And Punk holds.

Still holding, but the referee gets Punk off of Lawler.

Punk is your winner and he exits the cage.

Punk empties a tool box, gets in the cage, and padlocks it from the inside. Punk has a mic.

Punk wants Lawler to say that he is the best in the world as he holds him in a sleeper.


Elbows to the face of Lawler. Ten or so.

Lawler is out, but Punk wants him to say it.

Lawler nods no.

Punk now pummeling Lawler with punches and choking Lawler.

Cena comes out and tries to pull the cage door off. He demands the ring assistants to get the cage up.

Punk drops knees over and over on Lawler.

Cage raises.

Cena in as Punk rolls out.

Lawler getting medical attention as Punk goes backstage.

Fade to black.


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