WWE Smackdown results and reactions from last night (Aug. 24): More of the same...

Shush it with your complains about my title shots! Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images.

The WWE Superstars are still dealing with the ramifications of SummerSlam and while most of it was dealt with on Raw, all the other loose ends were tied up last night (Aug. 24) on Smackdown.

The most important of which being, who the heck is going to face World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus next?

Well, last night a new number one contender was crowned.

Did I say new?

I meant the same one we've had for the past several months and haven't been all that excited about in the first place.

Full reactions after the jump.

  • Randy Orton claiming he was the number one contender after beating the former number one contender, Alberto Del Rio, makes sense. In the UFC, let's say a middleweight beats Chael Sonnen who was last seen challenging for the 185-pound strap. It's TOTES logical for that guy to get a shot. Booker T is apparently the anti-Vulcan because he paired them up again with a title shot being officially on the line.
  • And what happens? Del Rio submits Orton clean. CLEAN. Which I guess is fine considering Orton can't stop pissing hot and is about to jet off to Canada to film a movie. But from what I can gather, filming doesn't begin until AFTER Night of Champions. Can't we have a nice one-off match between Orton and Sheamus then? Have Del Rio attack Orton post-match, put him "out" and then WWE can continue this lackluster feud between Ireland and Mexico?
  • Ryback. You know.
  • There was a Divas match but lo and behold, there was a storyline behind it. Well, kind of. I'm not sure what Kaitlyn's frame of mind is; maybe this is all leading to a rulebreaker turn and a partnership with Eve Torres.
  • Antonio Cesaro should not be feuding with Santino anymore. He needs to move on to bigger and better things.
  • Speaking of bigger and better, Cody Rhodes seems to have started a feud with Sin Cara. At least this will hopefully keeping "Dashing" off Superstars.
  • While I appreciate the fact there are actually tag teams -- Kofi/R-Truth, Epico/Primo and the Primetime Players -- there doesn't seem to be any logic behind their booking. "Who did the champs face last? Okay, well, then put them against the other time tonight." It's not like the tag titles are so prestigious in the minds of the fans, why not have them hotshotted around all three teams leading up to a big three-way match at Survivor Series?
  • The longer MAH BOY Dolph Ziggler hangs onto his Money in the Bank briefcase, the more I'm convinced when he cashes it in, it will be fantastic. WrestleMania 29?

Smackdown used to be the alternative when Raw was outright unwatchable. It had good wrestling, simple but effective feuds and was just flat out entertaining.


Take out all the recap videos and commercials and you're left with about 45 minutes of content.

Anyone think Vince McMahon caught wind of everyone's opinions regarding his two shows and sabotaged Smackdown to make his Monday baby seem better?

I've heard crazier theories.

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