WWE NXT spoilers for Aug. 23, 2012 featuring CM Punk and Tyler Black vs. The Kings of Wrestling

Photo via upload.wikimedia.org.

That's right, you read the headline right.

Last night during WWE's NXT tapings at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL, the WWE Champion CM Punk showed up to give NXT Champion Seth Rollins -- known as Tyler Black in Ring of Honor (ROH) -- some friendly advice.

Punk would then face United States Champion Antonio Cesaro -- or Claudio Castagnoli -- in a bonus match for the live audience only to have his former Kings of Wrestling tag team partner Kassius Ohno -- previously Chris Hero on the independent circuit -- break the match up which led to Rollins making the save.

Then BAM!

Indie wrestling dream match in a WWE ring.

I feel like David After Dentist right now.

The rest of the NXT spoilers, courtesy of PW Torch, after the jump.

The tapings opened up with two dark matches with Dean Ambrose tapping out C.J. Parker in the first and Damien Sandow defeating Garrett Dylan in the second.

First Episode Taping

After some distraction from Kassius Ohno, Drew McIntyre got the deuce over Richie Steamboat which was followed by Big E. Langston squashing Aiden English.

Michael "Don't Call Me Hennig" McGillicutty then cut a promo on NXT Champion Seth Rollins. The champ came out and was, "Knuck if you buck, homie" but the former Nexus member backed down and said they'd fight next week.

Ohno overcame a pre-match attack from Steamboat to defeat Percy Watson.

And in the main event, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd defeated the Ascension.

Second Episode Taping

Bo Dallas defeated Johnny Curtis and Leo Kruger easily beat Dante Dash.

In between the matches, Rollins ran into CM Punk behind the scene. Punk told him he would have to beat respect out of his opponents.

This lead to the main event which saw Rollins defend his title against McGillicutty with Punk on commentary. They shared a staredown moment after the match.

Third Episode Taping

Alex Riley beat Jinder Mahal and Trent Barreta beat Jake Carter.

Ohno and The Ascension defeated Jimmy and Jey Uso and Richie Steamboat.

Seems like the NXT tapings start off hot and lose steam toward the end. At least the aforementioned tag match got them hot to end the night.


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