Unsubstantiated Rumor: Even John Cena is sick of John Cena

There is a rumor going around that John Cena walked out early in his segment with CM Punk on Raw. CM Punk's kick to Jerry Lawler's head was supposed to happen roughly five minutes before it did. The rumored source of the cause is that John Cena wants the WWE to develop his character, that he is afraid of becoming irrelevant as the WWE moves into the future.

Honestly this makes sense. Cena has been running the same ground over and over again for years now. His character is beyond stale. I'm sure John Cena has been looking at CM Punk who went from beloved heel, to moderately entertaining face, to stale face to whiny tweener in the span of about a year. All the while Cena has been stuck being John Cena.

WWE's best character right now is Daniel Bryan, who continues to evolve on a regular basis and has caught fire with the WWE Universe. Then there is Brock Lesnar who is bringing an MMA legitimacy to the WWE ring. A human cartoon character like John Cena is at risk of finding himself without a place at the table.

Of course this is just a rumor on the internet so take it with enough grains of salt to make Lot a new wife. What makes this rumor interesting is if its true, a Cena heel turn is just a little more likely. Which would be a fantastic angle for the build into Wrestlemania. A heel Cena would change the landscape of the WWE and open up some incredible possibilities. Some ideas of how it all could go down after the jump.

With Night of the Champions it will probably be time for Punk to drop his title to Cena, but in a dramatic double turn. After a ref bump, Jerry Lawler could attack CM Punk in the ring with the belt or ringbell while John Cena watches. Cena would then give the AA to Punk, win the match and celebrate with Lawler.

The next night on Raw, new WWE Champion John Cena cuts a promo stating how he never respected CM Punk. How he doesn't respect anyone else in the locker room or the fans for their treatment of him. Jerry Lawler would then chastise the fans for treating such a noble hero like garbage. John Cena then uses his clout with the board of directors to block a rematch against Punk, has AJ fired as GM and installs his own puppet GM. Cue the Rock.

Rock vs Cena 2 is built up over the next few months to their rematch at the Royal Rumble. At the Rumble, Rock would pin Cena clean and Punk would win the Royal Rumble, setting up Rock vs Punk at Wrestlemania. A slow burn feud with Daniel Bryan could be built up during all of this, over Cena's treatment of AJ and other talent, perhaps going as far as having his puppet GM bury Bryan and other superstars in favor of Cena at every turn. This would lead to Cena vs Bryan at Wrestlemania, with the stipulation of winner picks the new GM.

None of this will of course happen, but a guy can dream can't he?

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