TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for Aug. 23: Hulk Hogan returns!

Hogan via

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., Aug. 16, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for yet another live show, and yet another edition of Open Fight Night. And Gut Check.

But most importantly, the return of Hulk Hogan.

That's right, folks, the Hulkster is back and he's ready to go "old school" with Sting in a big confrontation with Aces and Eights, who ran Hogan off the show a couple weeks ago to get back surgery. Because it's Open Fight Night, Sting challenged the mysterious group to a match.

Let's see if it goes down.

Plus, we'll get a big update on the Bound for Glory Series now that The Pope, D'Angelo Dinero, is out with an injury. That's not to mention there should be plenty of matches set for the show, what with it being Open Fight Night and all.

All that and more.

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Nolan checking in.

Broadcast is live.

Recap of last week's Aces and Eights fallout.


Whole slew of TNA stars hit the ring.

Sting says it will surprise you who comes together, as there are heels and faces out. Video recap of the victims of Aces and Eights.

Crowd wants Hogan. Why?

Sting says he wants the man who had the cloud of doubt erased from over his head to come out.

James Storm is here.

Storm says Sting is exactly right. He said he doesn't blame everyone for accusing him, but last week proved he isn't behind the group. He says he wants to turn this from a wrestling show to an "asskicking show."

Sting says Aces and Eights pissed off Hulk Hogan by going after Brooke. Sting asks where Aces and Eights are.

Two members of Aces and Eights enter from the crowd. Sting tells them to come in.

Angle and Storm start laying a huge beatdown on the two poor saps.

Sting asks if they are kidding him and he knows they have more people. He invites one of them to speak.

The member says thanks and that he just got "patched in." He tells TNA they are in for a long, painful night.

Sting lays him out with a gut punch.



Recap of the previous segment.


Miss Tessmacher is out.

She thanks Brooke Hogan for making a "right of a wrong" by dealing with Madison Rayne. She says that she has one question when she wakes up in the morning. She asks herself if she can beat her mentor.

Being that it is Open Fight Night, she calls out Tara.


Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher

Taryn Terrell is your ref.

Lockup leads to an arm drag takedown for Tess.

Both women nod out of respect.

Repeat with Tara getting the armdrag, then again. Botched armdrag from Tess and Tara has Tess in a side headlock. Tess punching her way out and Tara gets a shoulder block.

Hip toss from Tess, but she gets tripped up. A bunch of armdrags from Tara leads to a big bodyslam from Tara.

Tara pressing Tess up in the corner. Forearm from Tess, then another. Tara drops her with a chop. Tessmacher doing her clotheslines, then gets a dropkick.

Shoulder blocks from Tess to a cornered Tara. Facebuster from Tess. She is going up top, but Tara smacks her. Superplex from Tara gets the cover. And she gets the victory!

Tara defeats Tessmacher in a non-title bout.


Recap from Hardcore Justice of Aces and Eights attacking D'Angelo Dinero.

They use this to write off Dinero for his shoulder injury.

Sting chats with RVD, Styles, Robbie E. They were supposed to wrestle in a match featuring Dinero in a BFG series four-way match, but it becomes a triple threat.

Sting tells Big Robbie T that he better stay out of it and stay backstage.


Robbie E vs. Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles

AJ Styles gets his paternity test results tonight, according to Mike Tenay.

Robbie E tries to get an upperhand on both men, but RVD and Styles put him out of the ring with a double elbow.

RVD has the back and now has a side headlock. AJ gets his own and opening up with kicks. RVD with a leg scissors pin for a nearfall. Styles gets a nearfall of his own.

Robbie E in and he gets a double hiptoss. Side suplex from AJ makes him roll out.

Side headlock for RVD and he is holding it. Styles struggling, but pushes him over to the ropes. Rope running predicament for the men leads to an AJ Styles dropkick.

RVD goes to the outside.

Robbie E sneaks up on Styles and gets a brutal clothesline. Robbie E works Styles with stomps. RVD attempts to get back in, but Robbie keeps him on the outside.

Styles working back with punches, then a flying forearm in the corner from Styles.


Back and Robbie E had a nearfall on Styles. Commercial happenings show RVD monkey flipping Styles across the ring.

Styles fighting Robbie E with chops. Whip into the corner and he misses the flying forearm. Robbie E stops RVD from coming into the ring.

Robbie E with a headlock and Styles is struggling to get out. Jawbreaker from Styles. Chops to the chest of Robbie E. Styles gets knocked down by a Robbie E forearm.

Robbie E trying to go off the ropes, but RVD pulls him to the outside. Punches, slamming Robbie E against the apron. And AJ comes in from over the top and tkaes out both men.

AJ and RVD in-ring and Styles lands a backbreaker over his knee. RVD in the corner and Robbie E trying to get in, but he gets clotheslined out. RVD takes out Styles with a springboard sidekick. RVD with a standing moonsault on Robbie E. Robbie E gets back bodydropped to the outside.

RVD and AJ miss a springboard inverted DDT spot, but Styles finishes the move for a nearfall. RVD with a kick that levels Styles. Styles crotches RVD up top. Both men up there. RVD fights off Styles and hits a frog splash.

But AJ had his fists up and RVD is hurting.

Both men down and Robbie E comes in and gets a rollup. Pinfall and victory for Robbie E! Give him seven.

Jeff Hardy up after commercials.


Hardy ready for Open Fight Night. Says this won't be a BFG series match.

"Robbie T, come on out!"


Robbie T vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy slugging away at Robbie, then gets a kick to the face.

And then Robbie nearly decapitates Hardy with a clothesline. Club to the back of Hardy. Hardy with punches to the gut of Robbie. Hardy whipped into the corner, rides the ropes, but gets picked up and slammed by Robbie for a nearfall.

Steroids chant becomes audible.

Whisper in the Wind by Hardy.

Hardy is able to clothesline Robbie down. Inverted atomic drop and attempted crotch leg drop, but Robbie pushes him off. Exchange leads to Jeff getting the Twist of Fate.

Swanton and call it a night. Hardy wins.


Kaz and Daniels are going to confront the Styles situation next.

Also, Kaz hates Daniels' appletini. Booooooo!


Sting says he's given Aces and Eights carte blanch, yet they won't show up.

Sting says come on and see him, because he isn't hard to find. He'll deal the dead man's hand!


Claire Lynch/Styles video recap.


Borash out and he introduces AJ Styles.

"Who's the daddy?" chants.

AJ wants to the crowd to know how he feels about the situation. He apologizes to his family, friends, and fans.

AJ says he'll accept responsibility of the baby if it is his, but if it isn't, he never wants to have to deal with Kaz and Daniels.

Borash introduces Claire Lynch. No dice.

And Kaz and Daniels come out.

Kaz saying that AJ cares more about his brand than the "demon seed he spawned in Claire Lynch's womb." Kaz blames him for the current generation of bullies and criminals, who could have been helped with words of love from their daddies.

Kaz says Styles needs to be concerned with the little one.

Daniels says that Styles turned his back on Lynch in a desperate time of need. Week after week, Lynch became more stressed. Not just mentally, but physically.

Lynch is in "the hospital with a placental abruption."

Daniels says he knows that he and his fans wish Lynch a speedy recovery.

A random woman comes out and introduces herself as Lynch's attorney, Grace Stein. She reads an excerpt from a statement from Lynch.


Daniels and Kaz approached her and they set it all up. The sedatives, everything! Lynch apologizes for her illegal activities and is willing to admit to her actions. She apologizes for using this for blackmail purposes.

"I have, and never been pregnant!"

Claire never had a baby and it was all blackmail by Daniels and Kaz!

In conclusion, Lynch says that AJ is the good guy that the fans make him out to be and she hopes that everyone will forgive her.

Kaz and Daniels go crazy in-ring, upset their fraud was seen through.

AJ Styles knocks both men out of the ring with a kick and the fans cheer for the non-father.


TNA Gut Check promo on Kris Lewie. He says he's motivated and hungry. He needs to provide for his family and get food on their table.

He says he is ready to prove it all for the fans.


Sting confronts three members of Aces and Eights.

He asks if they like games and tosses a deck of cards at them.

Sting tosses a bat to Hulk Hogan, who lays out all three.

He tells the assailant that he ever looks at his daughter again, he'll "cut his stinking heart out and feed it to his damn dogs."

Sting says Hogan is back and "IT'S SHOWTIME!"


Gut Check package for the first winner, Alex Silva.


Kris Lewie vs. Gunner

Lewie with arm drags on Gunner. Shoulder block for a nearfall. Lewie gets a takedown and a nearfall.

Gunner now roughing up Lewie with punches and brawling. Dropkick from Lewie for a nearfall. Lewie laid out by a clothesline from Gunner. Elbow from Gunner.

Gunner sets Lewie up in the corner and gets an elbow. He whips Lewie into the corner hard and he lands on his ribs. Whips him into the opposite corner, but Lewie turns the corner and gets going.

Lewie with a shoulder block and he gets Gunner down. Flying headbutt attempt misses.

Gunner picks Lewie up and drops him down on his gut. Pinfall and win for Gunner.

Honestly...that was awful.


Speaking of awful, Mr. Anderson is up next.


ODB on the phone with EY and she hasn't seen him three weeks. She wants some fried chicken and some lovin'.



Mr. Anderson says his Open Fight Night opponent is Bully Ray. This is a BFG series match.


Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

Lockup and disengage. Lockup again and Anderson with a side headlock, off the ropes, and gets shoulder blocked by Bully. Missed elbow drop from Bully. Bully with a club or two to Anderson's back. Anderson with a kick to the face of Bully.

Backdrop suplex by Bully for a nearfall.


Elbow drop with a nearfall...and two from Bully Ray. Clothesline from Bully Ray. Elbow drop again for a nearfall. Bully keeping Anderson grounded with punches.

Anderson still downed and Bully slams Anderson into the turnbuckle. Punches drop Anderson back to the mat. Bodyslam and Bully going up top for a splash.

No dice! Anderson moves out of the way.

Anderson and Bully exchanging punches and Anderson gets the best of it, but Bully with a knee. Anderson fighting off and gets a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Flying kick for Anderson for a nearfall. Anderson gets Bully up, but Anderson buckles under Bully's weight.

Neckbreaker for Bully and he is going up top. Anderson stops him and gets the rollthrough Samoan drop for a nearfall. Anderson up top, but Bully rocks the ropes. Bully goes up top and lands a superplex.

Backstage and Aces and Eights members are assaulted by Robbie T, Kurt Angle, and Gunner.

Back to the ring and Bubba Bomb! Only a nearfall. Bully gets dropped by a DDT and Anderson going up top. Swanton, but only a nearfall.

Both men slowly up and Bully almost gets the Bubba Cutter, but Anderson gets out and hits the Mic Check.

Victory for Anderson and give him seven.


Aces and Eights leader tells the boys to expect a dead man's hand real soon.


Aries, Devon, Sting, Angle, Hardy, RVD, Robbie T, Gunner, Robbie E, Anderson are all out.

Sting is calling for Aces and Eights.

And he is still calling...

Crowd with "we want Hogan" chants.

No sign of the group yet.

Sting says maybe we need to do an Aces and Eights chant.

The group comes out to the ring and an all out brawl ensues.


It seems that TNA has the upperhand here. Aces and Eights are pretty much all down.

Gunner slams a member of Aces and Eights into a wall.

More members of Aces and Eights are coming.

James Storm and Hogan are fighting off members backstage.

Sting has a member of the group and Anderson wants a piece.

Hardy, Aries, and RVD remain in the ring.

More brawling backstage. Styles getting beaten up.

Back to the ring and Aries suicide dives on more members of Aces and Eights. More members keep coming out of the woodwork. Hardy down.

Backstage again and TNA has the advantage backstage.

In-ring, Aces and Eights has control. Aries has been isolated in-ring. A barricade fence has been laid on top of the corner. Aries hand is laid on it and smashed with a steel chair.

Bully Ray comes in with a chain and Aces and Eights scatter.

The group takes off on motorcycles as we fade to black.


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