WWE names 15 wrestlers who should return for one more match

Bret Hart makes the list.

Wrestler returns provide some of the most memorable moments in a fan's mind. Once the music hits, the crowd lights up and mouths hit floors.

For many years, fans have created fantasy returns in their heads. Some sound like far-fetched dreams, such as Sting descending from WWE rafters and taking someone out with a bat. More realistic options are often bandied about, like Stone Cold Steve Austin returning for a WrestleMania main event.

Even the beginning of this year was filled with teased tension, as WWE released cryptic, swerving videos to hype the return of Chris Jericho.

For all of you fans who wait on pins and needles for your favorite superstar to make his triumphant return, the WWE sympathizes.

In fact, WWE.com has presented a list of the top 15 superstars they'd love to see hit the ring one last time. There are some names that will surely surprise you while some familiar faces will pop up.

After the jump, check out who made the cut and a bit of analysis on the pros and cons of them hitting the ring one last time.

15. Scott Steiner

Why it's a good idea: Steiner has a cult following, and rightfully so. His loose cannon personality can get people to pay attention to him...for better or for worse.

Why it's a bad idea: He's old, and while he still has a remarkable physique after 50 years on this planet, that muscle is only helping a broken body gas during matches. Please don't make us remind you of what he has become inside the ring over the past decade.

14. Honky Tonk Man

Why it's a good idea: Fans always have a little warmth in their heart for a good gimmick character. Honky Tonk Man can definitely fill that and generate a bit of excitement for those fans watching.

Why it's a bad idea: He's become a bit of a joke among fans, with tales of drunken buffoonery a recurring theme. Plus, sitting at 59-years-old, he may not connect with the younger audience and it could be a risk putting him in the ring.

13. Michelle McCool

Why it's a good idea: With her husband (you know, Undertaker) having standing in the company, it would be easy to get McCool to make a cameo and get a good "welcome back" pop. She's easy on the eyes and maybe some fans will recall her run as the first Diva's champion fondly.

Why it's a bad idea: Why waste a return on a division that is dead in the water? Negatives outweigh the positives by an overwhelming margin here.

12. Steve Blackman

Why it's a good idea: Who didn't love the Attitude Era? And with his martial arts gimmick and memorable moments with Al Snow and Shane McMahon, Steve Blackman left an impression on quite a few fans.

Why it's a bad idea: People might not recall a mid-carder with such passion as a big name guy from the Attitude Era.

11. JBL

Why it's a good idea: Whether it be with the APA or as a stock market whiz, JBL got, and still gets, a reaction out of fans. After all, he is a wrestling god!

Why it's a bad idea: Given the cushy retirement he's enjoying on the beaches of various countries, I don't know how hard it would be for WWE to get him to hop in the ring. Also, it's hard to book JBL in a "gimmick" sort of comeback and harder still to give him a relevant feud to build a big match.

10. Mick Foley

Why it's a good idea: Foley is always popping up on WWE programming and people still love the guy. He wants one more big match and he can put someone over in a major way if it is done right.

Why it's a bad idea: Foley's health is scary at times. It seems he lives in a bit of a daze and I'd hate to see him absorb another big bump that could hurt the guy.

9. Edge

Why it's a good idea: Edge really came on near the end of his career and his abrupt retirement left some unanswered questions about what was next for him. To see him one last time would be a feel-good moment that could end up great.

Why it's a bad idea: As with Foley, health is the utmost concern. A spinal injury is certainly nothing to play fast and loose with.

8. Shane McMahon

Why it's a good idea: Look at the name and look at the spots he created. Shane obviously had a flair for being in the ring and left us with some great moments. It'd be fun to see Shane roll up his sleeves in a comeback match.

Why it's a bad idea: As the head of a cable company, why would Shane O' Mac need to come back?

7. Goldberg

Why it's a good idea: Goldberg's name is still relevant with wrestling fans and you can hear that each time Ryback wrestles.

Why it's a bad idea: His last run with WWE was unspectacular and with his ambitions lying in business and acting, I don't see where we could find a fit for Goldberg these days.

6. Trish Stratus

Why it's a good idea: Trish will likely go down as one of the most popular female performers in WWE history. She could wrestle fairly well and she was a treat to watch perform, in more ways than one. She still gets pops for her returns, so why not?

Why it's a bad idea: Trish could really end up looking awful against the wrong worker. With the Diva's division in the state it's in, I don't see the need for that risk or the fit for Trish here.

5. Shawn Michaels

Why it's a good idea: Michaels still plays a relevant role in storylines once or twice a year. Also, I heard he's a pretty damn good wrestler.

Why it's a bad idea: What is there left for him to do? Maybe wrestle Brock Lesnar? Regardless, the "Heartbreak Kid" should be enjoying retirement and packing on some pounds. There isn't a solid concrete argument from me here, but as with any older performer, I think they don't owe us much more.

4. Bret Hart

Why it's a good idea: Hart is in that category with a few people on this list where he gets a good pop simply by showing up. People still care about "the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be."

Why it's a bad idea: His last storyline with Vince McMahon was an absolute travesty with a garbage payoff. That, and post-stroke, I don't like the risk of seeing Hart doing anything but being an ambassador to the WWE.

3. Batista

Why it's a good idea: He's still in-shape and is training for a mixed martial arts fight. He was a great talent when he was with WWE, so seeing him again is sure to shock fans and get some cheers.

Why it's a bad idea: With movies and MMA on his mind, getting Batista back on the pro wrestling train could be a tough task.

2. Ultimate Warrior

Why it's a good idea: Warrior brings a pretty substantial following, whether it be through pure nostalgia or his ridiculous rants. The man is also still in pretty great shape.

Why it's a bad idea: WWE and Warrior have a pretty rocky past to work through. Couple that with the fact that the guy is a bit wacky and the trust likely just isn't there.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Why it's a good idea: When the glass shatters, you pop. The idea of an Austin vs. CM Punk WrestleMania match has been thrown around for a year or so. That could do ridiculous numbers for the company.

Why it's a bad idea: Austin seems content hosting TV shows and shooting things on his ranch. Considering the damage his body took during his career, there's a lot of risk for little reward for Austin here. Considering the money he likely still pulls, what's the motivation?

After all of these names, is there anyone that you want to add, Cagesiders? Furthermore, what do you think of the list?

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