Survivor Series 1998, Part 2.

At last we left the WWF was holding a "Deadly Game" tournament to crown a new WWF Heavyweight Champion. The field had been narrowed from 14 to 7, the odds on favorite going into the night, Stone Cold Steve Austin, had been badly injured after advancing and his exact condition was uncertain. Can he overcome Vince McMahon and his plan to keep the title off Austin at all costs? One can only hope! Join me now and find out.

We now pickup our coverage of Survivor Series 1998 at the beginning of the second round.

The opening round of the tournament can be found here:

Links to the final rounds of the tournament:

We will be jumping right into the second round here shortly, JR is currently reviewing all our first round action, and as previously mentioned the first matchup of the second round will be Kane vs the Undertaker.

The gongs sounds, the lights dim, and that can only indicate one thing! The Undertaker is now making his way to the ring, he's got that weasel Paul Bearer by his side, and I truly can't wait for this one!

This match is obviously a rematch of the Main Event of last months title match at Judgment Day, when Austin's actions as special guest referee, resulted in a DQ and no champion being crowned. Tonight however will rectify that and whichever one of these men advance is as strong a contender as anyone left in the tournament.

All second round matches of this tournament will have a 15 minute time limit, however I don't expect that to be a problem in this match.

The fires of Hell have been unleashed and the Undertaker's brother, Kane, is making his way to the ring now. Kane's disfigured face may be covered by that mask but I can tell you with certainty that he has no love for Undertaker. He is looking to not just win this match but also injure "The Deadman" in the process.

Before Kane can even get both feet over the ropes Undertaker springs into action and this blood feud has started off quick! Taker is laying into Kane with lefts and rights in the corner, he stops only to threaten the referee as he starts his 5 count, and he's back in the corner with a kick and an Irish Whip into the other side of the ring!

He tries to follow it up with a splash but Kane counters with an elbow and turns Taker into the ring post for some thunderous right hands of his own! He's setting up to to send the Undertaker off the ropes now, and he brings him to the floor with a giant boot to the face!

Taker sits up but before he can do anything he's sent to outside of the ring by a big clothesline over the top rope!

They're brawling on the outside of the ring now, Kane taking advantage of whatever is closest to him to slam Undertaker's head into. He's setting up to send his brother into the crowd with a clothesline now... but Taker counters by lifting him up and dropping him face first right onto the barrier.

Undertaker throws Kane's body right into the steel steps at ringside, then after a headbutt and a kick to the midsection this match is going right back inside the ring.

Undertaker really taking control in this match right now, he has Kane up against the ropes and is teeing off. He sends Kane off the ropes but gets reversed and Kane grabs a power slam, he tries to follow it up with a big elbow drop but Taker sits up and narrowly avoids a decapitation!

A little back and forth action now as Taker works Kane over into the corner, tries to whip him across into the turnbuckle only to be reversed, but counters Kane's attempt at a splash into the corner with a big boot! He follows that up with a shot to Kane's knee and takes his brother off his feet.

Undertaker now working that knee over on the mat! The Deadman is a very intelligent fighter, he may be big and powerful but he fights with his brain, which is what makes him so dangerous.

Kane tries to counter the hold by grabbing the Undertaker's hair. The referee warning Kane for the hair pull but Kane grabs at his leg and almost takes the ref off his feet. He needs to be careful there because a DQ would send the Undertaker into the next round of the tournament.

Taker looks to be going for a figure four, but Kane counters by pushing him off with the other leg. That doesn't do much though as Taker is back over and kicking him in the injured knee.

The Undertaker bringing Kane to his feet only to put him in the corner and he's really nailing that knee with kicks now! Kane trying to hobble away but can only make it to the other turnbuckle before Taker is on and he's now choking the life out of him in the corner.

The referee starts his 5 count and appears to get to 5, but before he can say it Undertaker chases him out of the ring. I think we should've had a DQ there, but I don't much blame the referee for not doing so. No one on earth could've saved him from the Deadman's wrath in that scenario.

We're back in the center of the ring now and Taker is really laying into Kane with those right hands underneath the chin, but they don't seem to be phasing the Big Red Machine! He's shrugging off these massive shots like they're coming from a child.

Taker finally manages to back Kane into the corner with some kicks, but as he tries to whip him into the other turnbuckle Kane blocks it by grabbing onto the top rope. After a couple knees he finally manages to bring Kane out of the corner, but he's reversed and goes flying into the turnbuckle himself, and this time Kane's splash lands!

Taker stumbles out of the corner and Kane goes up stairs! Just as Taker turns around he's met with a 300 pound clothesline off the top rope! Kane goes for the cover and this might do it 1-2- KICK OUT!

They're both back to their feet and exchanging right hands now! I'm not sure how either man is standing, but then again these are no ordinary men!

Kane finally lands the more effective punch and staggers Taker, now sending him off the ropes. He follows up with a big hook as Taker comes off the ropes but he ducks underneath and he's setting up for the chokeslam! BUT KANE GRABS THE UNDERTAKER'S NECK! Who will land the chokeslam here?

Both men circle but it's Kane who breaks the hold and Undertaker's going for a ride! Kane signals the end is near and I think we may be looking at a tombstone to finish!


Paul Bearer is on the ring apron and he's taunting Kane! Kane takes a swing at his old man, but Paul ducks underneath it...

Meanwhile The Deadman has setup! Kane doesn't see it!

Kane turns around and end up directly into the Tombstone! Taker hooks the leg and Paul Bearer grabs the other as the referee counts 1-2-3!

Undertaker's done it! He needed the help of Paul Bearer but by god he's done it! Undertaker is the second man to advance to the semifinal round of the "Deadly Game" tournament!

As Bearer and Taker head to the lockeroom Kane sits up, and in his anger he's struck the official... There's simply no place for that kind of action here in the WWF!


As we get a new referee out here we're going to move right into the introductions for our second match of the quarterfinals. Mankind is out first and he's still wearing his new tuxedo and clutching his hardcore title.

JR and King review Mankind's opening round matchup with Dwayne Gill.


Al Snow is on his way down to the ring now and this match would be better suited inside an insane asylum rather than in a WWF arena.

Al Snow of course has Head with him and it should be noted that wrapped around Head is Mr. Socko. Socko of course was stolen from Mankind some time ago and has since reappeared as a headband for Head, though Mankind seems oblivious to this fact. If I was Snow I'd keep it that way too.

Before King and JR can finish their review of Snow's opening round match with Jeff Jarrett that dirty cheat Snow has already attacked Mankind.

Mankind is being beaten and choked here at every turn early on, and now Snow has whipped the man once known as Mick Foley into the turnbuckle. Snow goes off the ropes and as Mick's momentum bounces him out of the corner he's met with with a big clothesline which drops him to the mat.

Mankind back to his feet now, but before he can do anything Snow lands a drop kick that sends Foley to the outside. Snow in hot pursuit as Mankind goes for a chair, he turns around to use it on Snow but a quick eye poke stops that from being an option.

Snow now picks up the chair himself and with two sharp shots to the guts should be DQ'd! He's not however and now he swings the damn thing like a bat at Mick's head! Foley narrowly ducked underneath and avoids the shot, but Snow drops the chair and Mankind can't avoid the sidekick to the head that follows.

Snow's hopped over the barricade now... and as Foley stands up Al launches himself off the top and straight for him! But Mick counters with a big right hand, lifts Snow off the ground and drops him face first on the steel chair laying on the floor.

Mankind is back in the ring now, the ref starts his 10 count, but before he finishes Snow's back in the ring.

As Mankind chokes Snow in the corner we cut to a split screen of Vince back in his office, he's talking to his henchman and admits to stealing Socko from Mick and wrapping it around Head. Mankind's being used here and I think he's too damn dumb to realize it!!!

Meanwhile back in the ring Snow goes for another sidekick but this time Foley catches it, however Snow counters that with a jumping kick using the free leg sending Mankind down to the canvass!

As both men go to rise to their feet Snow makes a detour to the corner of the ring and grabs head, he swing it at Mankind but he ducks underneath and counters into a suplex! The suplex has caused Snow to drop head and Head has fallen right next to Foley!

Mankind has finally realized that Socko is around Head and has unattached it! I don't think this is good for Sn... Oh dear lord... Foley has started attacking head for stealing Socko by putting the slippers to it. Can this man be any more brain damaged?

He's now picked head up and is punching it in the corner. This has of course given Snow plenty of time to recover and he's up and has taken advantage of it by landing a clothesline taking Mick off his feet.

Foley back up quickly now but Snow still has the upperhand landing some hard right hands and sending him off the ropes. Mick's reversed however and lands a large clothesline of his own!

Both men back to their feet and Mankind bounces off the ropes towards Snow, but Al counters with a powerbomb variation! 1-2- KICKOUT! That was a close two count folks!

Snow brings Mankind to his feet and after a headbutt sends him off the ropes, he puts his head down for a back body drop but Mick counters with a kick to the mid section and a double arm DDT!! He slips the tube sock on his arm and it's Mr. Socko time!

Sure enough Mankind has locked in the mandible claw and this match is over! Mankind has advanced to take on Stone Cold in the semifinals.


We have only one more semifinal match here tonight and this one is going to be a war! The IC title holder Ken Shamrock takes on the "People's Champ", the Rock, NEXT!

Shamrock is making his way to the ring first and he has a crazy look in his eyes!


The Rock is coming off a new WWF record 4 second pin of the Big Bossman in the opening round of the tournament. He should be the freshest competitor walking into the quarter finals, while Shamrock did have a relatively easy match against Goldust in the open he did have to expend quite a bit more energy than the Rock to do so. That should play into the Rock's favor the longer this match goes, however a 15 minute time limit does still apply.

Depending on how badly Austin is hurt the Rock may be the last chance to stop Vince McMahon and his plan to put the belt on Mankind It's imperative he find a way past Shamrock here!

The two men take the center of the ring, the bell sounds, and we are off!

Shamrock starts first unleashing a right hand that gets blocked by Rock. Rock answers back with multiple right hands of his own and as he backs Shamrock up he sends him off the ropes, but as he puts his head down Shamrock counters with a kick to the face.

Shamrock bounces off the ropes towards the Rock but Rock recovers and lands a clothesline dropping Ken to the mat!

Rock puts the boots to Shamrock, then follows that up by choking him on the middle rope. Rock breaks the choke at 2, stands Shamrock up and Irish Whips him into the corner. Rock chases Shamrock into the corner but Ken steps out of the way and Rock crashes into the turnbuckle!

Shamrock putting the boots to Rocky in the corner and he's really letting him have it! Bringing him out now and lands a perfect snap suplx into a pin 1-2- kickout. 2 count but not all that close to 3.

Shamrock works Rock over into the corner, Irish Whip into the other turnbuck, and follows it up with a big clothesline. If that wasn't enough he's now whipped him across back to the other side.

Shamrock hearing it from the crowd now. He's taking a lot of time acknowledging the boos, finally gets back to business but Rocky's out of the corner with a clothesline of his own sending Shamrock to the canvass!

Rock's putting boots to Shamrock on the floor but the IC champ manages to roll out of the the ring and is walking away. Rocky's in hot pursuit and he's decided to introduce Shamrock's head to the top of the announce desk. He lays some fists into him, grabs someones soda off the desk and spits it in Ken's face before landing another shot.

Rock was looking to throw Shamrock into the steel steps but he reverses it, and momentum may have shifted as Rock is laid out on the outside of the ring!

Shamrock slides back into the ring momentarily to break the refs count, he's back on the outside now and he scoop slams Rock right onto the floor! There may be a slight padding there ladies and gentleman but that doesn't make it hurt any less.

Ken takes advantage of Rock's situation and slides him back into the ring, they aren't in the ring for 10 seconds before Shamrock is stomping down on both of Rocky's hands!

Shamrock brings Rock to his feet, sends him off the ropes, and hits another one of his flying side kicks and Rocky may be in trouble here! All Shamrock wants to do is injure his opponents enough to slap on that heel hook, we may not be far off from seeing on Rock here!

Instead of the ankle lock he decides he wants to bring Rock to his feet only to quickly take him off of them with a Russian leg sweep. Ken goes for the pin and only gets a 2 count. Rock has a ton of heart folks, no one is ever going to deny that.

Rock being brought back to his feet once again, Shamrock goes with a couple of knees to the mid section, then bounces off the ropes and lands a knee so hard it takes both competitors off their feet!

Shamrock has Rock in a sleeper hold now. Rocky fights to stand up, he's unleashing some rifling right hands to the mid section, which breaks the hold. He's now pounding away with big right hands to the head!

Rock is bouncing off the rop... and dear god once again the Big Bossman has shown his head here at ringside! Shamrock counters Rock with a big elbow that takes Rocky off his feet, but with Bossman out here that may be the least of his problems.

Bossman is walking around the ring now, he has the nightstick in hand!

Shamrock back to the sleeper hold and it looks tight!

The crowd is unleashing a deafening chant of "BOSSMAN SUCKS" and I imagine he doesn't care.

The ref is lifting Rock's hand to check the sleeper and the hands drops ONCE... TWICE...THR... AND ROCK KEEPS THE HAND IN THE AIR! He has life in him yet!!

With a sudden surge of energy Rock fights his way back up, breaks the hold, and now has Shamrock reeling with punches! Rock bounces off the ropes and... hurricanarana by Shamrock to counter.


Rock's not tapping yet but you can see the pain all over his face, certainly it's only a matter of time now.

Rock's crawling, he's getting closer... HE'S DONE IT! He's grabbed the rope and Shamrock is forced to break the hold.

The hold may be broken but so may Rock's ankle be. The ankle lock was locked in solidly for more than enough time to cause severe damage, and as Rock struggles to get back to his feet Ken starts kicking him in the injured ankle.

Shamrock sends Rock off the ropes, Rock tries to reverse but the ankle clearly comes close to giving out and he stumbles to the ropes. Ken goes for a clothesline but somehow Rock manages to duck underneath! As he comes back off the ropes both men nail each other with clotheslines and both men are down!

The referee has started his 10 count... both men start to stir at 6... Rock manages a cover, but it's weak and Shamrock gets the shoulder up at 2!

Both men are back up! Rock with some right hands and sends Shamrock off the ropes, but Ken reverses. Ken goes for a big right hook, but Rock ducks underneath, grabs Ken, and counters with a DDT!!!

Rock taunts Bossman on the outside and Bossman is up on the ring apron! The referee is trying to get Bossman down and as he's distracted Rock goes down stairs with a low blow on the IC Title holder!

Scoop slam by Rock now and it's time for the People's Elbow! Rock nails it perfectly in the middle of the ring and this match is all but over! Rock goes for the cover 1-2-3... NO!!!! SOMEHOW SHAMROCK KICKS OUT!!!

JR's not so sure that shouldn't have been a three count and I don't disagree!

Somehow Shamrock gets back to his feet! Is this man even human?

Rock goes for the clothesline as Shamrock stands up, Shamrock ducks underneath, Shamrock with a big right hook, and Rocky ducks and is now in position for the Rock Bottom!!!

ROCK BO... NO!!! Shamrock counters with some kicks to the midsection and this match continues! Belly to belly suplex by Shamrock and both men are beaten and exhausted on the canvass!

Bossman once again on the ring apron, nightstick firmly in hand. Get him off damn it! He doesn't even have any business out here!

Bossman tosses the night stick to Shamrock, somehow the referee doesn't see it, but maybe due to divine intervention Rock intercepts the pass!


Rock with the cover... 1-2-3!!! ROCK'S DONE IT! ROCK ADVANCES TO TAKE ON UNDERTAKER!

The People have a chance to come out on top tonight and the People's Champ represents just that!

Shamrock's finally up and he's livid!


The Final Four is set and the matches are as follows

Undertaker vs Rock


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mankind


OK so I originally planned on making this a two part piece, but looking at it the length is probably best three parts. So I will be finishing the Deadly Game Tournament tomorrow or the next day.

This has been a lot of fun for me so I was thinking about turning it into a sort of PPV review of some kind, in which we can watch PPV's from the past in their entirety as I do a review of the action. It probably wouldn't be a direct kayfabe play by play like this one, but I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with it yet. If anyone has any PPVs they really enjoyed watching back in the day, or maybe didn't watch live but would still like to relive, just put it in the comment section and I'll look into doing something with it.

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