TNA review from a WWE guy

Hey guys and gals (there's gotta be one girl right?!),

I am a WWE guy through and through but i did use to be a TNA guy. When i first got back into wrestling after my long absence i was largely due Hulk Hogan joining TNA. I hate Hulk Hogan but i had tried watching WWE and there pg, weekly celebrity guest host and i though it was just garbage. But I wanted to see some damn wrestling so when i heard Hogan was going to hitch his wagon to Dixie Carter and company it peaked my interest.I should warn you that i have dislexia so sometimes i have a problem with grammar and spelling. I could go over everything with a fine tooth comb but that would take way to long.

I started watching about a month before he debuted and saw Bobby Lashly's wife talking trash and I was already a little put off but they won me over. I loved Beer Money and the Motor City Machine Guns. There best of five series is still and probably will always be some of my favorite wrestling moments. I grew to love TNA despite it's faults but they screwed it up and i stopped watching around when J lethal (great talent BTW) was fired. Not because of his firing but because the show became just unbearable.

I haven watched at all since then and have wanted to try it out for some time but fool me once you know? so tonight i go in with a clean slate. I will do my best to not judge and come away with a updated view which i will share with you. I have never seen Austin Aries perform but I hear great things and despite my artical about how Angle was my fallen Hero i am excited to see him work. What did i think of the show? Well.....

warning. sometimes i can be a bit inappropriate.

first segment:


Show starts damn hot. What a great match. So much energy and passion, something that is missing in a lot of the WWE matches. Aries is a badass and so is Rudd. Isnt Kenny King an MMA guy? Somebody please tell me becasue he seemed to be able to bumb pretty good if hes just getting started and he has a lot of charisma. Plus Kenny King is a great name for a wrestler.

Two things though, why the hell was Gail Kim at commentary? is she dating one of them in story? I'm watching this great match and its warping up and the commentators are not even paying attention! and why are they promoting twitter? nobodies wathcing TNA, and even if there are people watching, its not enough people to make them trend swo whats the point. Just copying WWE i guess.. but it was a really enjoyable match.

Second segment:

Talkin the talk but all i hear is "fast foreword."

Sting looks like a low-rent joker and its distracting and stupid. If you didn't see it good for you. For those of you who did, when angle says hes going to make you tap, "we'll see about that." is as about as lame as it gets.

Yay date rape. so proud to be wrestling fan right now. I haven't seen any of this crap with the crackhead before but its shameful. although i do love that a reader took the name crackhead claire.

third segment:

Bully Ray! I love this guy. I may have forgot to mention that i have seen some Bully Ray stuff. hes great, i wasn't a big fan of the Dudleys but this new character is awesome, although i will admit this segment was a bit weak. I did love how Robbie whatever treated the camera like paparazzi.

donta care about Madison Rayne and Tara is looking a bit um..... well old.

Forth segment:

lol Tenay called Tare the most experienced..... okay all this is starting to bleeding together. I tried watching the divas, sorry knockouts match but about halfway though i skipped past it. Just didn't enjoy it. I was looking foreword to the knockouts match but it just didn't entertain me. apparently Aries and Roode will be ringside later. looks like this show is going to be book-ended by brawls. I can get behind that.

Is is just me or does brook hogan look like she could star in "Chicks with Dicks 7?" Its hard to watch sting give a serious lecture when he has that silly face paint on.

Eric Young and ODB have a certain charm to them that I really like. I'm guessing there supposed to be a comedy segment which is funny because this show has been mostly a joke. I promise I'm trying to be positive.

Next segment:

I don't like Chavo but I really enjoyed this match. more great energy. I've never seen Kid Kash work before but you can tell he's a vet. He really brought it and kept me glued to the screen. Good stuff.

Hey whats with the Twitter stuff? When the WWE does it, at least its fairly discreat in the corner. TNA is posting random paragraphs that are really distracting.

more time for rape stuff:

Way to kill the energy TNA. I was back into it and now I feel dirty. What is your long term plan here? have you figured it out? theres only 2 ways this ends.

1. kazarian is the dad.

2. Danials is the dad.

they cant have it be his kid or else this story will never end, were talking about maternity lawsuits. storys involving child support, a bad actress pretending to be styles upset wife. One of those two being the dad is the only thing that makes sense. Of course this is a TNA so it could be Brook Hogan.

solid end of the show. 2 Hours of TNA is way more exhausting then 3 hours of WWE. I loved the opening and there were some bright spots but I don't think I am tuning in again.

What did you peeps think of the show?

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