WrestleMania 28 PPV buy numbers adjusted again while No Way Out 2012 draws solid 202,000 buys

Maybe he wasn't lying through his teeth.

Over the past few years, WWE has experienced a gradual decline in its pay-per-view (PPV) business, a troubling trend considering the fact that PPV is the lifeblood of the organization and its success, despite a few lucrative television deals.

Well, Dave Meltzer brings word in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required) that the slide appears to be over, or at least reached the bottom and is finally looking up.

Hey, maybe Vince McMahon was on to something when he said business had picked up and would only get better.

For starters, the WrestleMania 28 buyrate has been adjusted once again to reflect 1,216,000 buys, which is up over 100,000 from just one month ago. It's still just short of the record set by WrestleMania 22 in 2007 but it's still possible that it will ultimately break said record before all is said and done.

Meanwhile, the No Way Out PPV did better than expected numbers.

The WWE is clearly out of its period of consistently declining and bottoming out PPV numbers as the 6/17 No Way Out show in East Rutherford, NJ, did 202,000 buys, which breaks down to 111,000 domestic and 91,000 foreign.

The domestic number is up 30.6% from the 85,000 last year's June show, called Capital Punishment. The foreign number is identical with the foreign number of last year, making an overall increase of 14.8%.

No Way Out, on top of having an utterly amazing poster, featured John Cena defeating Big Show with the stipulation that if Cena won, John Laurinaitis would be fired from his position as General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown whereas if Show won, Cena would be fired. As you should know, Cena triumphed and Laurinaitis has been gone ever since.

Other prominent matches on the card saw CM Punk successfully defend his WWE championship in a triple threat match against Kane and Daniel Bryan and Sheamus defeat Dolph Ziggler to retain the world heavyweight championship.

Money in the Bank likely performed well considering it's a popular gimmick show and had a strong card and with Summerslam right around the corner, WWE is primed to post a very good series of buyrates on PPV. Is it the start of a big turnaround for the company and a new boom period? Probably not, but it's good news nonetheless.

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