TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for Aug. 2: Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., Aug. 2, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for yet another live show of the summer series that will run through the next however many weeks.

Tonight's show features the continuation of the Bound for Glory Series with a match between Kurt Angle and James Storm set for the main event. The backdrop for the match is Angle's suspicion that Storm is the leader of the invading Aces and Eights group.

Storm contends that he's not and it's all that damn Bobby Roode just trying to rustle up trouble in the TNA locker room. And it's working.

On top of all that, Chavo Guerrero will make his in-ring debut in a match, Brooke Hogan returns after a couple weeks off, Mickie James, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, and Tara will have a number one contender match to the Knockouts title, and Austin Aries teams with Kenny King to take on Roode and Zema Ion.

All that and more.

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Nolan here! Strap in, get your snacks ready, and let's enjoy some TNA!

Broadcast is live.

Bobby Roode confronts Austin Aries and this leads to a brawl between Roode, Aries, Ion, and King.


We start the program and Zema Ion, Kenny King, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode come down the ramp brawling. Ion is slugging it out with King, while Aries and Roode are going at it.

Aries beating Roode down the ramp by boxing his ears and landing punches. Roode slams Aries into the ring apron.

And switcharoo!

Roode slams Kenny King into the steel steps, while Ion gets beaten down by Aries.

Aries hits the ring, climbs the turnbuckle, then hits a double sledgehammer on Roode to the outside of the ring.

Rolling in the ring and we are going.


Bobby Roode and Zema Ion vs. Kenny King and Austin Aries

Roode and Aries to start, but Roode tags out to Ion. Ion and Aries exchanging blows and Ion comes out on top. Pinfall for Ion, but nothing doing. Ion looking for a tag, Roode wants none of it and Aries gets a slam.

Kenny King in.

Double teaming Ion with a double airplane spin into a dual chop. Kenny King with a bodyslam and flying leg drop from the ropes.

Austin Aries in and Kenny King rolling Ion up. Aries landing a flying attack. Aries working Ion here. Roode talking some trash on the apron and Aries stares him down.

Kenny King back in and he is shoulder blocking Ion into the turnbuckle. Hard irish whip and Ion is taking a beating.

Austin Aries in and a corkscrew crossbody.

Kenny King back again and gives Ion an atomic drop. Roode stops King while running the ropes, but Zema Ion leaps and connects with Bobby Roode instead of King.

Scuffling outside the ring and Zema Ion with an over-the-rope senton. Bobby Roode in now and working King. Roode spits in Aries' face from across the ring, now taunting behind our ref Earl Hebner. Hard irish whip into the corner from Roode. Roode working the right leg and a punch. Roode lands a hard suplex and a knee drop. Nearfall for Roode.

Roode drops Aries off the apron and illegal tag brings Ion in. Ion pummels King, locks in a headlock, and we are onto a commercial.

Back from commercial and Ion and King are on the top rope. King pushes Ion off the top and is setting something up, but Roode shoves him to the ground. Aries is not pleased and is chasing Roode around the ring. Roode is now the legal man and he slams King into the turnbuckle. A few punches here and there, as Roode is keeping King downed.

Ion is in and working a front headlock on King. King is fighting back and hits a T-bone suplex. Hot tag from King to Aries, but Hebner was dealing with Roode. Roode tags in Ion and they are keeping King in their corner. King fighting back and nearfall on Ion is stopped by Roode. Roode eats a missile dropkick from Aries. Ion is waiting, but Aries fights him off and hits the suicide dive on Roode.

Back in the ring, Kenny King hits Ion with a spinning slam and gets the 1,2,3. Kenny King and Austin Aries get the victory. Roode is mad at ringside, while Aries poses in the corner.


We get an Aces and Eights video package that shows the lead-up to tonight's proceedings.

Sting is backstage and is saying he is going to be calling someone to the ring to get some details on the mysterious Aces and Eights. We'll see him after the commercial break.


Promo for Bound for Glory before we come back.

Sting's music hits and he is looking hyped up.

He grabs the mic and says there are a lot of questions and not enough answers. He wants the inside scoop and says he'll try to get it from the horse's mouth.

He wants James Storm to join him and Storm obliges.

Sting says he didn't believe Bobby Roode last week, but tells Storm he has some compelling footage.

They show footage from last week's episode, documenting all the non-contact between Storm and the group during their in-ring run-ins. Sting is suspicious and wants an answer from Storm. Storm said all he saw were cowards running from him. Storm claims that he's never needed help fighting his battles.

Storm now talking about Angle attacking him from behind nine months ago and detailing his victories over Kurt Angle.

Cue Angle's music. Angle chronicling their past and Storm's ups and downs. However, Angle doesn't understand his motives. He thinks Storm has the most to benefit from him getting beaten down by Aces and Eights. Angle mentions that Aces and Eights did not touch him when they beat down AJ Styles and that it is strange that eight men ran away from Storm when he hit the ring.

Angle wants Aces and Eights to come visit him during his match for an "ass kicking party." Sting invites them because he says he'll be at ringside as well. Angle says that Storm will tap to him, but Storm has his doubts.


Video package showing Claire Lynch and AJ Styles' confrontation from last week.

Backstage, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian claim that they'll be doing the proper thing and throwing Ms. Lynch a baby shower.


We're back and Taz and Mike Tenay have big news. Three four-way matches for the BFG Series at Hardcore Justice. Ladder match between Angle, Styles, Daniels, and Samoa Joe. Falls Count Anywhere between RVD, Mr. Anderson, The Pope, and Magnus. Finally, a tables match between Hardy, Storm, Bully Ray, and Robbie E. The winners of those matches will receive 20 points for their victory.


Bound For Glory Series: Bully Ray vs. Robbie E

Prior the match, Calfzilla is on his "Twittah machine" and calls out Storm. He says he'll be ringside for tonight's main event.

Before the bell, Robbie T slugs Bully Ray. Bell rings and Robbie E tries to take advantage, but nearfall. Robbie E is all over Bully. Bully chops Robbie's chest, Robbie counters, and then Bully knocks him down. Repeat of that sequence.

Bully Ray hits the Bully Cutter and gets the victory. Add seven to Bully's BFG Series total.


Madison Rayne and Earl Hebner exchange sweet nothings and gifts. Gail Kim is not pleased, but Rayne assures Earl would never screw anyone and tonight will be called right down the middle.


Four-Way Knockout Number One Contender's Match: Tara vs. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim vs. Mickie James

Miss Tessmacher will be joining the announcers for this match. All the Knockouts enter and we hit commercial.

Chaos in ring and Mickie and Madison are squaring off. Gail Kim gets Mickie with a clothesline. Madison and Gail are teaming up on Tara. Hebner with a normal nearfall for Gail and a fast one for Madison.

Outside, Gail Kim whips Mickie into the steel steps.

Kim and Rayne back to teaming up on Tara. Both pulling Tara's hair into a Camel Clutch. Rayne going for a pin on Tara and Mickie picks it off. Mickie unloading on Madison. Madison stops Mickie with a boot, but Mickie lands a neckbreaker. Gail Kim stops that, then gets a nearfall on Mickie.

Madison is down and Gail and Mickie are working. Backbreaker from Gail Kim. Tara hits Gail with a hangman and a leg drop. Tara going up top, but Madison breaks it up. Madison meeting Tara up top, but Mickie sweeps her leg. Clothesline from Mickie on Madison. Gail Kim is up top with Tara.

Madison with a boot to Mickie's dome, while Gail Kim hits a huge superplex on Tara. Madison distracts Earl Hebner with some tonsil hockey, and Mickie tosses Gail out to the floor. Mickie working on Madison with some flying clotheslines and a flapjack. Mickie goes up top and gets pushed to the floor from Gail Kim.

Gail Kim gets a Widow's Peak from Tara. Pinning predicament between Tara and Madison Rayne, and it looks like Tara has it.

Earl Hebner raises the hand of Madison Rayne, unsurprisingly.

Tara is quite upset, but that's the end of that.


Replay of Angle and Storm's promo from earlier in the night.

Roode backstage and he is saying he'll be joining the ringside party for the main event. Pan over to Aries, who says if Roode is there, he will be, too.


Sting and Brooke are backstage and discussing the attack on Hulk Hogan. Brooke is shocked that her dad couldn't walk away, since he has "always been a superhero to her."

Sting tells Brooke that he promised to look over Brooke and keep things in line in TNA.

A package comes in for Brooke...and it is the ominous playing cards with the aces and eights. Sting looks angry, while Brooke looks to be in major distress.

Chavo is up next.


ODB and Eric Young are talking backstage. Brooke wants both of them to defend their Knockouts Tag Team Championships, but EY is too stressed because of his fishing show that debuts on Sunday. They conclude that they'll keep the belts far away from each other to prevent matches from happening.


Chavo Guerrero (accompanied by Hernandez) vs. Kid Kash (accompanied by Gunner)

Kid Kash diving for a single leg, but Guerrero isn't having it. A bit of rope running leads to Guerrero working an armbar. Kash stands and works punches on Guerrero. European uppercut from Chavo. Irish whip into the ropes and Chavo has the back, but Kash breaks it with elbows.

Kash gets on top of a downed Chavo and is punching. Ref has to drag him off. Chavo punts Kash in the gut. Chavo goes up and down off a slam. Kash rakes the back and is now up-top. Corkscrew moonsault countered by Chavo's knees.

Chavo punching Kash, but gets poked in the eye. Clothesline from Chavo, who runs the ropes and gets a hurricanrana. Guerrero controlling Kash and is looking to put him away. Gunner distracts and Kash takes advantage.

Chavo gets the upper hand. Guerrero with the triple suplex and the frog splash, in memory of Eddie. Pinfall and no kick out. Chavo Guerrero picks up the victory.


Dixie talks about blackmail backstage and is very upset about the AJ/Claire situation. Unfortunately, Daniels and Kazarian are on their way to throw Claire Lynch's baby shower. That'll be next.


Hardcore Justice promo before we get back to the show.

Kurt Angle is backstage with Wes Brisco, who wants Angle to put in a word with Hogan. Devon and Garrett Bischoff come chat it up, show Angle some love, and that's that.


Daniels and Kaz are in-ring and tell the crowd that AJ Styles is not here to confront his allegations, being on an Australian press tour. They invite Claire Lynch into the ring, where she is declared the "person of honor" for tonight's baby shower.

Daniels wants Claire to know AJ is treating Claire "like crap" and that they should accept these gifts on their behalf. Diapers, AJ Styles action figures, pictures of Kaz, Daniels, and Styles, and an AJ Styles baby doll are all presented to Claire.

Claire wants to speak to AJ and tells him to "do the right thing for our baby." She screams that over and over and looks very disgruntled.

Main event is next.


Joseph Park backstage. Park announces that his firm has been retained by many TNA wrestlers for legal representation. He sees Sting and tells him he doesn't want to "kay fab" him. Park badgers him a little about his legal representation. Sting just wonders why Park had such a textbook Black Hole Slam, which makes Park nervous. Park snaps a pic with Sting and is on his merry way.


Bound For Glory Series: Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

Match is underway and both men are staring each other down. Lockup and Storm bullies Angle into the corner. Breakup and Storm working a wristlock on Angle. Angle pushes Storm off the ropes, who counters with a running shoulderblock.

Feeling each other out here and Angle gets a headlock. "USA!" chants from the crowd. Angle gets Cowboy's back, then Storm switches. Storm working another wristlock, but Angle with a snapmare counter.

Sting is walking down to the ring.

Angle cracks Storm with an elbow. Storm landing a couple of armdrags and turns that into an armbar. Sting looking on at ringside. Angle looking to counter here.

Garrett Bischoff and Devon are now out.

Storm with a knee. Lou Thesz press from the Cowboy, but Angle scrambles back to his feet. Clothesline from Storm. Kurt with a clothesline of his own. Angle now stomping a mudhole in the corner. Referee breaks them up.

Storm throws Angle into the corner. Angle with an Irish whip into the other corner, but Storm counters with a boot. Angle gets an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and the ref begins the count.

Bully Ray makes his way out to the ring and we make our way to a commercial break.

Back live and Storm gets a nearfall on Angle. And we go back to commercial.

We are back again and both men roll in from the outside. Angle gets kicked off the ring apron and Storm pulls him back in. Rope-supported DDT from Storm.

Bobby Roode has made his way to ringside.

Referee is counting in-ring.

Austin Aries is making his way down the ramp.

Storm flapjacks Angle onto the ropes. Storm is elevated to the apron by Angle. Scurrying back into the ring, but Angle hits a German suplex. He hits German suplex two. Kurt Angle nails the trifecta.

Angle looks for an Angle Slam, but Storm armdrags. Boot from Angle leads to a nearfall. Ankle lock from Kurt, but Storm rolls out. Angle Slam from Storm on Angle gets a nearfall.

Punches from Angle. Storm attempts a Closing Time, but Angle gets the ankle lock in. Storm is fighting this for dear life, but Angle keeps pulling him back into the ring. Storm is refusing to tap, despite the fact he has been in the hold for a minute or so.

Storm rolls and kicks Angle's head. Back to the feet and Storm cracks Angle with a Last Call superkick. Storm goes for the pinfall. 1,2,3 and James Storm is your winner. Give him seven points and the first place spot in the BFG Series.

All the men at ringside are looking for Aces and Eights, while both men in-ring lick their wounds and are pacing around the ring.

Storm invites Aces and Eights to the ring, but nothing doing. Storm once again goads the group, but no answer. Roode is suspicious and says Storm didn't need Aces and Eights. Roode says Storm is guilty.

Bully Ray sneaks up on Storm and a scuffle ensues. Storm and Bully Ray are going at it and chaos ensues in-ring. Angle looks outside the ring in disbelief.

Fade to black.


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