WWE SummerSlam results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Aug. 19) from Los Angeles

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is all set to pop off with its SummerSlam event tonight (Sun., Aug. 19, 2012) from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view.

CagesideSeats.com will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of SummerSlam below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature a main event pitting the wrestling return of Brock Lesnar against Triple H. Shawn Michaels may or may not show up, though he was scheduled to as recently as last week.

Also on the card, CM Punk defends the WWE championship against John Cena and Big Show while Sheamus puts his world heavyweight title up for grabs against Alberto Del Rio. Other match-ups include Kane vs. Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler, and The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental championship.

All that and more.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


Brock Lesnar vdefeats Triple H.
CM Punk defeats John Cena and Big Show for the WWE Championship.
Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship.
The Miz defeats Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship.
Chris Jericho defeats Dolph Ziggler.
Daniel Bryan defeats Kane.
Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeat The Prime Time Players for the WWE Tag Team Championships.
Antonio Cesaro defeats Santino Marella for the United States Championship.

Nolan checking in.

Less than fifteen minutes until the pre-show starts. Let's have some fun, ladies and gents!

Pre-show is live.

Punk/Show/Cena video package.

Big Show with Josh Matthews. He emphasizes that he is a threat to everyone in this match. He says he is a giant and that, at the end of the night, he'll be leaving with the belt. He stares down Matthews to end it all.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Santino Marella

Cesaro's five language word of the day is "greatness."

"Yes, I, Antonio Cesaro, personify greatness!"

Match starts with a lockup. Santino takes the back, but we get another lockup. Cesaro sprawls out.

Cesaro wants some space from Santion. Lockup and a throw from Santino. Boot to the gut and forearm to the backfrom Cesaro. Santino off the ropes, and power walking. Santino with a nearfall, then a throw that leads to an armbar.

Cesaro now working Santino in the corner. He runs into Santino in the opposite corner, but Santino moves out.

Cobra time? No. Cesaro stops that with an attack from behind. Headbutts to the chest of Santino leads to a nearfall. Reverse chinlock with the knee in the back from Cesaro and Santino is working for the ropes.

Cesaro ain't having it and gets a European uppercut for a nearfall. Sleeper and Santino looks to be in trouble. He fights out, ducks under Cesaro's legs to go for the Cobra in the corner, but Cesaro hold him with a headlock. Slam from Marella and he is crawling towards the Cobra, but Cesaro stops him again.

Repeat that, and Cesaro hits his Karelin lift slam to stop Santino. Cesaro picks up the Cobra and rips it to shreds.

Santino isn't happy.

Jabs and forearms from Santino leads to the duck-under hip toss. Diving headbutt misses. Neturalizer turns into a back bodydrop from Santino.

Santino has a backup Cobra.

Aksana on the apron seducing Santino, who takes the bait. Headbutt to the gut from Cesaro leads to the Neutralizer.


Aksana and Cesaro Tout their celebration.


Triple H backstage with ref Scott Armstrong. He tells Armstrong there will be no DQs or countouts. He wants Armstrong to let them fight. He looks contemplative, but HHH reinforces his statement.

HHH wraps his hands more as we go into promos for tonight's matches.



"Perfect Storm" Lesnar/HHH video package.



Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho

Staredown to start off. Lockup attempt by Jericho, but Ziggler ducks and goes outside. Footrace begins outside, and we go back into the ring.

Rope runs leads to a Jericho elbow. Chops from Jericho in two corners. Irish whip from Ziggler leads to a Jericho springboard crossbody. Jericho using brawling tactics. Chop knocks down Zigs. Boot to the ribs from Jericho. Suplex attempt is blocked by Ziggler and he is working Jericho's ribs.

Stomps to the injured ribs of Jericho. Nearfall. Punches to the midsection of Jericho, but Jericho counters with chops. Jericho whipped, but he locks himself on the ropes. Ziggler runs at Jericho, but Ziggler gets back bodydropped over the top.

Zigs on the apron and Jericho attempts the springboard dropkick, but Ziggler ducks and Jericho goes to the floor. Ziggler goes outside and whips Jericho into the apron, hurting his ribs. Ziggler nearfall. Kick to a downed Jericho. Zigs puts Jericho on the bottom rope.


Dropkick to the ribs of Jericho leads to the nearfall for Ziggler. Ziggler now with an abdominal stretch, but Jericho out with strikes. Ziggler gets the best of the striking exchange and puts Jericho in the corner. Stinger Splash from Ziggy gets him a nearfall.

Headlock from Ziggler and he holds a neckbreaker, does a little grind, then hits. "COME ON, BABY!" foot pin from Ziggler gets a nearfall. Chops from Jericho, but Ziggler with punches. Ziggler whips Jericho, but Jericho gets a rollthrough pin for a nearfall. Flying clothesline from Zigs.

Jericho opening up after Ziggler misses a splash, but Ziggler gets a shot to the ribs. Jericho up top with a double axehandle. Jericho now stifled by Ziggler, who hits a Fame Asser for a nearfall.

Vickie upset on the outside.

Stomps to the ribs of Jericho, but Jericho catches a kick and goes for the Walls of Jericho. Ziggler whips Jericho off, but Jericho gets a nearfall with an enziguri. Sleeper now in for Ziggler. Jericho fighting out and slams Ziggler into the corner.

Punt to the ribs stops that.

Ziggler up top, but Jericho with a chop and a forearm. Jericho with punches on the top rope and he gets all ten. HURRICANRANA! Jericho hurts his ribs in the process and is crawling towards Ziggler.

Close nearfall.

DDT by Ziggler plants Jericho. Both men now brawling, but Jericho gets an elbow. Then the running bulldog! Lionsault...into Dolph Ziggler's knees. Ziggler up.

Zigzag! 1...2...NO!

Jericho kicks out.

Both men on the mat and Ziggler up first.


Ziggler rolls under the bottom rope and to the arena floor. Crowd and ref starting the count. Jericho puts Ziggler back in the ring, but Vickie holds Jericho's leg. Ziggler rollup! No, nearfall.

Vickie is mad!

Jericho puts Ziggler into the ring post...WALLS OF JERICHO! Liontamer!

Ziggler taps!

Jericho is your winner.


More hype for Lesnar/HHH.

Wonder who books this...wait a minute!

Lesnar backstage with Josh Matthews...and Paul Heyman. Heyman lists Lesnar's credentials and calls him the most destructive superstar in the WWE.

Heyman talks about HHH using his pull in the company to make this into a fight.

Lesnar says that this a fight HHH won't win.

Heyman: "And if you don't like that, we got two words for you...tap! out!"


Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Bryan out in a "NO!" jacket. He gets in the face of a fan and they duel with "YES!" and "NO!"

Bryan in-ring, "NO!"ing up a storm.

Kane's fire hits and he enters.

Kick to the leg of Kane to start. Bryan working the "NO!" kicks to the leg.

Kane stops Bryan's offense with an uppercut. Bryan trying to go mobile, but Kane gets a slam and dropkick for a nearfall. Forearm in the corner from Kane. Kane stomping a mudhole in Bryan in a corner. Bryan tries to jump over Kane in a corner, but Kane catches. Bryan tries a rollup, but Kane ends up getting him with a big boot for a nearfall.

Bryan with a slide kick and now "NO!" kicking Kane multiple times. Kane taking it, but he eventually chokes Bryan and throws him outside. Bryan gets inside and baseball slides Kane. Bryan running the ropes and hits the suicide dive that knocks Kane over. Ref starts the count.

Both men in and Bryan up top. He gets a missile dropkick for a one count. Bryan frustrated by the "YES!" chants and he takes it out with kicks to the chest of Kane. Over and over and over. Going for the kick to the had, but Kane ducks under and hits a clothesline.

Whip into the corner and Kane with clotheslines into the corner. Make that two.Sidewalk slam for a nearfall.

Kane up top and hits the flying clothesline/punch. Kane looking for a chokeslam, but Bryan gets out and goes outside. Hangman neckbreaker over the top rope on Kane. Kane with a uppercut. Bryan pops Kane with a punch.

Kane ain't happy.

Kane in the corner and landing kicks and punches. The ref says he'll disqualify Kane, who takes umbrage with that. Drop toehold into the corner and Bryan kicks the rope. Bryan now looking for the "NO!" lock, but Kane whips him off.

"NO!" kick to the dome of Kane.

Bryan frustrated with the fans.

He goes up top and gets the flying headbutt. No! He gets caught in a chokeslam and Kane stands up and delivers. But, Kane is fatigued and doesn't capitalize.

Kane signaling for the Tombstone!

Bryan goes up, but Bryan with a counter and gets the small package.

Bryan pins him!

Daniel Bryan is your winner and he scurries to the back.

Kane is pacing angrily in the ring and he is quick to go backstage.


Backstage and Kane is wrecking things. He seems to be looking for Bryan in his rampage.

Josh Matthews has a question for Kane, but Kane wants to know "WHERE IS HE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

Matthews tells him he has left, and Matthews goes for a ride into assorted backstage items.


Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz

Mysterio rocking Batman garb.

Miz has his "Awesome!" balloon entrance props from Wrestlemania.

Match on and the two lockup. Miz gets the side headlock, then whipped into the ropes. Shoulder block knocks Rey down.

Back up and still in the feeling out process. Mysterio pulls Miz's arms under his legs then gets a unique nearfall. Punches and stomps from Miz . Mysterio gets a hurricanrana. He runs at Miz, but he eats and elbow. Mysterio trying to be quick, but Miz stops him with a knee. He tosses Rey under the bottom rope.

Miz goes out, Rey comes in. Rey with a dropkick to keep Miz outside. Rey going for a DDT, but he gets flapjacked on the barricade.

Back in-ring and nearfall for Miz. Knee to the back and he is now working a reverse chinlock. Rey up and he eats a knee to the gut. Attempted slam is reversed and Mysterio gets a nearfall. Kicks from Rey, but Miz counters with a nice backbreaker for a nearfall.

Miz with punches from the mounted position to a downed Mysterio. Running boot gets a nearfall from Miz. Miz now working a neck crank of sorts. Pushing Mysterio's chin into his own chest. Rey out with a dropkick to the knee. Charges off the ropes, but eats a stiff clothesline from Miz. Nearfall.

Rey is down and Miz is playing to the crowd.

Miz with his running clothesline in the corner. Playing to the crowd, and he goes up top. Mysterio manages to crotch Miz by kicking the top rope. Rey up top now and gets a seated senton. Mysterio going for a hurricanrana, but Miz slingshots him off the ropes into a powerbomb for a nearfall.

Running boat for Miz misses and Rey gets a rollup nearfall. Kick to the face of Miz for a nearfall. Leg kick from Rey and he charges, gets caught by Miz, but DDTs him for a nearfall.

Rey up top, but punch from Miz stops it. Superplex attempt stopped by a headbutt from Mysterio. Hurricanrana and Miz is on the middle rope.


Headbutt from the top...no!

Miz going for the Skull-Crushing Finale, but Mysterio rolls him up!


Mysterio face first into the turnbuckle and Miz has the Skull-Crushing Finale!

Miz gets the pin and retains!


Punk backstage with AJ, and he talks about her failed marriage proposal to him.

AJ tunes him out and gives him the silent treatment.

Punk is upset with the lack of respect, but AJ still silent treatments him.

Punk walks out confident, but frustrated at AJ.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

Lockup and ADR trying to tie up Sheamus in the corner. He does that again, but Sheamus brawls out.

Boot from Sheamus leads to a swinging neckbreaker. Sheamus working Del Rio with punches to the head in the corner. Del Rio slams Sheamus' head into the turnbuckle. Working for an attack, but Sheamus gets a rolling senton for a nearfall.

Sheamus has ADR up for the Irish Curse, but Del Rio finds a home on the top rope. Sheamus trying for an electric chair, but ADR holding onto the turnbuckle and rips it off. Sheamus going for the Brogue Kick, but misses and ends up on the apron. Del Rio dropkicks him to the outside.

Sheamus punching Del Rio in the stomach. Del Rio runs him back into the steel steps. Back in-ring and Del Rio goes up top. Double axehandle gets a nearfall. Del Rio now has a headlock, but Sheamus tenderizing the ribs. Sheamus goes for a neckbreaker, but Del Rio counters out and gets a kick to the head for a nearfall.

Sheamus crawling towards the ropes. Del Rio drags him to the middle and is now working a reverse chinlock. Sheamus headbutting out. Sheamus off the ropes, but Del Rio knees him in the stomach. Stomp to the head from Del Rio gets a nearfall.

Del Rio frustrated that he can't put away Sheamus. He starts pounding the chest and saying "BROGUE!" Sheamus axehandle smashes a sprinting Del Rio. Sheamus looking for the offense, but he ends up launching himself into the ring post. Sheamus up top, but Del Rio stops that plan. Del Rio goes up top with Sheamus, then hits the armbreaker off the top.

Sheamus sighing in pain and Del Rio is looking for the cross armbreaker. Sheamus counters him into a White Noise, but Del Rio moves out and locks in his patented cross armbreaker. Sheamus in the armbar and lifts him up. He picks Del Rio up and slams him on his head.

Sheamus gets a White Noise! Only gets two. Sheamus now setting up for the Brogue Kick, but Del Rio evades. Sheamus now with eleven forearms to the chest of Del Rio. Del Rio in the corner and Sheamus going for ten punches, but Del Rio ducks under after a few. Del Rio charges Sheamus in the corner and hits a shining wizard.

Ricardo is frustrated on the outside and gets to the apron. Del Rio takes out some frustration on Ricardo, who loses his shoe. Sheamus uses Ricardo's shoe to knock him down and pins Del Rio.

Sheamus gets the win! Wait, Del Rio's foot was on the ropes? Sheamus apparently knocked it off.

They give it to Sheamus.

Del Rio frustrated in-ring.


Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. The Prime Time Players

Darren Young starting with Truth. Truth with a double leg and power offense, getting the best of punching exchanges. Hip toss from Truth. Leg drop for a nearfall from Truth.

Young with a boot to the stomach and he backs Truth into their corner.

Titus O'Neil in.

Truth shows spurts of offense, but Titus stifles that. He has a headlock on Truth. Hard forearm smash to the back of Truth. Truth gets a big dropkick on Titus.

Kofi in and gets the flying springboard clothesline. Chops and dropkicks. Flying clothesline and a Boom Drop!

Kofi looking Trouble in Paradise, but Young with a distraction. Titus rolls to the outside. Kofi handles Young on the outside, but he gets laid out by a Titus O'Neil clothesline.

Nearfall for Titus in-ring. Titus with a slam and another nearfall.

Young in. Titus suplexes Young onto the back of Kofi, but nearfall. Leg scissors on the body of Kofi by Young. Kofi punching out, but Young rocks him with a punch of his own. Slam gets countered into a Kofi nearfall. Powerslam from Young gets a nearfall.

Titus in. He stomps on Kofi's head. Kofi with bodyshots and kicks, but Titus spins him into an abdominal stretch. Kofi gets out and lands a forearm. And another. He leaps into Titus' arms, almost gets slammed, but gets a DDT.

Hot tags bring in new people for both teams.

Truth with a corkscrew forearm on Young. Facebuster for Truth gets a nearfall broken up by Titus. Titus and Kofi brawl and it leads to Kofi crossbodying Titus on the outside.

Rollup for Young, but Truth kicks out.

Truth hits his signature STO and gets the pinfall victory.

Kofi and Truth and Little Jimmy celebrate.


Showing some events that occurred this weekend. Be a Star party, superstars visiting kids in the hospital, etc.

Pretty nice stuff, actually.


CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Big Show

Both men charge at Big Show and he handles both.

Big Show dominates with punches and forearms.

Punk dives at Show, but he tosses him to the mat. Punk is thrown into the turnbuckles by Big Show. Chops to both Cena and Punk. One more for Cena. Punk slaps him in the face, but that only lets Big Show get another one.

Punk and Cena try to team up on Show, but he double suplexes the men. Cena whipped from one corner to another, and he butt splashes Cena in the corner. Punk in another corner and he butt splashes, looks for a spear, but Punk drop kicks Show's legs. Kicks to the chest of Big Show. Punk wants a GTS and gets Show partially up, but Show gets down and chops Punk.

Cena going for the AA, but Punk knocks down that tower. Nearfall on Cena from Punk, but Show breaks it up. Show roughs up Punk, then stands on the back of the downed champ. Punk whipped into the corner by Show, and he lands chest first. Chop to the chest of Punk.

Cena on the apron, but Show pushes him to the floor. Punk whipped into the corner by Show, but Show misses the splash. Punk on the apron and goes for a crossbody, but he gets slammed.

Cena in and punching Show, but he gets a spear for his troubles. Nearfall for Show on Cena. Show going for a Vader bomb and he gets Cena, but not Punk. Punk breaks that pin up, but gets thrown over the top by Show.

Everyone is outside of the ring.

Show goes to Cena first near the ramp and headbutts him. Punk comes running at Show, who chokes him and throws him into the ropes, rebounding hard into the floor. Cena and Show in-ring and Show gets a sidewalk slam.

Punk gets Show with a hangman's neckbreaker and Cena gets a side suplex. Five Knuckle Shuffle incoming, but Punk hits a clothesline!

Punk going up top, hits the flying elbow drop on Big Show, but Show kicks out hard. Punk with a kick to the dome and a inverted gogoplata vice.

Punk is stopped, and Cena drops show with a shoulder block. STF is locked, but Show gets out and rids of Cena. Punk with a clothesline to Big Show and gets three running knees, but gets pushed down on the running bulldog.

Cena up top and gets the legdrop.

Punk and Cena lock in their submissions on Big Show...who taps!

But to who?!

AJ comes out and hits the ring. Both men plead their cases, and Punk gets very mad at her. The match continues!

Double chokeslam from Show gets nearfalls from both men. Show looking for the WMD on Cena, but Cena gets the AA!


Punk gets the cover and the pin!

Punk retains.

Punk celebrates in-ring, but the crowd is rather lukewarm.


Celebrity cameos, including former WCW Champion David Arquette!


Preview for some WWE Films flick that no one will care about. It is called "The Day" and it looks like a vampire movie.



Recap of Cesaro's win earlier.


Kevin Rudolf is here to perform the SummerSlam theme song.

"SummerSlam, make some noise!"

And the crowd becomes silent enough to make a library blush.

Cole, Chimel, Garcia, and the Divas are all shown dancing. Divas are on stage with Rudolf.

I wish David Arquette would run-in with the WCW strap and take out Rudolf, then have Fred Durst (who is here tonight) perform.

Yep, I'd rather have Limp Bizkit perform. Pour one out for them.

Geno, you need to pay me overtime for this.

Rudolf gets booed and a mildly polite cheer.


"There is a tornado warning in the Los Angeles area. An F-5!" -Michael Cole.

This is for real, folks.

Lesnar/HHH recap...again.


Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H

Lesnar has MMA garb on. Gloves, trunks, the whole nine.

Triple H in the usual attire.

Bell rings and we get intros. They dim the lights in the arena with spotlights on the ring.

Lesnar opens with a double leg and shoulder blocks in the corner. HHH punches out, but Lesnar does the same. He goes for the kimura, but HHH gets out. Lesnar again in the corner and again gets the kimura.

HHH now with punches and he clotheslines Lesnar outside. Lesnar in and puts HHH in the corner. Clothesline from Lesnar in the corner. HHH with a flying knee and he again puts Lesnar outside.

Lesnar pacing around outside. The gloves come off. Uh-oh.

Lesnar with a double leg and a punch to the back of the head. Brawling on the outside and Lesnar slams HHH on his arm on the announce table cover.

No count from the ref as HHH is in pain on the table.

Ref starts counting, but HHH is in-ring. HHH fights with some punches, but Lesnar slams him on the bad arm again. Kimura attempt on HHH in the corner, but it turns into an arm crank. Stomps to the arm of Trips in the corner.

HHH with boots to the gut. Kimura attempt by Lesnar and Lesnar keeps roughing him up in the corner.

HHH fighting and Lesnar's nose is a little bloodied, but Lesnar with a huge German suplex. Lesnar stomps on HHH's arm. HHH on the apron and hangman's neckbreaker. HHH punching, takes one, but gets the DDT on Lesnar.

Lesnar again going for the kimura, and HHH again gets slammed on the arm. Knees to the chest of HHH, then a forearm to the upper back. Outside and Lesnar whips HHH into the steps.

Lesnar football tackles HHH into the announce table. He tips it, stands on it, gets BIG air off his jump and axehandles HHH.

In-ring and HHH working the midsection. Lesnar gets a rollup pin. Nearfall.

HHH now opening up with strikes, he goes off the ropes, but gets smacked with a clothesline by Lesnar.

Crowd is not into it.

Suplex for HHH lands and both men are on the mat. Lesnar up first. Lesnar goes straight into the corner chest first and HHH going for a Pedigree, but he is thrown outside.

HHH sends Lesnar into the point of the announce table. Lesnar is hurting and it looks for real. Triple H with blows to the torso and Lesnar is hurt.

Lesnar sold real well and goes for the kimura, but HHH lands knees to the gut of Lesnar. More knees and more knees and MORE KNEES!

Lesnar doubled over, and he eats a spinebuster!

Lesnar with a lowblow to Triple H and Heyman urges the ref to let them fight.


And HHH kicks out!

Lesnar is mad and now locks the kimura again. Lesnar gets him in guard! HHH makes it to the rope, but the "fight" rules apply. HHH punches Lesnar's kidneys to get out.

Pedigree hits! HHH going for the pin...but he gets caught in the kimura!

HHH fighting it! OH, NO! HE TAPS!

Brock Lesnar is your winner!

HHH selling the arm in-ring and doesn't want medical attention.

Crowd breaks out in "YOU TAPPED OUT!" chants. Good job. Then, there is a mixed bag of cheers and boos.

"I'm sorry, guys."

Man, HHH getting some good camera time here.

HHH walks off under his own power looking very sad.

He lost his smile.

Michael Cole implies this could be the end of HHH.


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