Summer Slam Ladder Match 1998



The Rock Vs Triple HHH

Arena: Madison Square Garden

Intercontinental Championship

Hey everyone, with all the talk of SummerSlam and what matches stand out. There’s a ladder match that made two men and helped catapult them to the top. HHH vs. The Rock. At the beginnings of the Attitude Era these two would begin to set the bar for both promos and ring work. This match will show how these "upper Mid-Carders" took the ball and ran with it. So for all you doubters out there who say the Rock was only so-so and HHH couldn’t work. Get ready to be overruled. So lets go back down memory lane and follow my play by play of the match that helped make them both.

Hey its Chris Warren; hey I haven’t seen him since……. Oh ya 1998. it’s the DX version of HHH and surgically enhanced Chyna. How HHH tapped that I will never know. At least his tastes improved, X-Pac well not so much. So they all go wacky in the ring, Warren gets carried around like the douchey singer that he is.

Rock is out to his post-NOD music with the Mark Henry as his back up. Love that Rock shows that the belt is what everything is all about. LOL at Henry making Tongue moves at Chyna, So the Ref shows the belt to the fans and we are on our way in Madison Square Garden. How appropriate that this building gets the ladder match.

We start off with a point and mouth off and now the punches. HHH throws Rocky to the ropes shoulder block, rebound and HHH with a clothesline. HHH on Rocky reversal and a knee by HHH drops the Rock. The Rock reverses and an early attempt at the Rock bottom is reversed but the Rock keeps control. Rocky working HHH reversal to the ropes , an attempted pedigree is blocked and OOOH HHH is back dropped out of the ring by going over the top rope.

Rocky makes his way to the ladder but HHH cuts him off and they are fighting in the aisle. Back and forth and HHH gains control. Back in the ring and HHH is caught by a Rocky right hand. He begins to work him over; but reversal by HHH. They Kris Cross the ropes and a flying Knee by HHH drops Rocky.

HHH goes back out to the ladder and get pummeled by the Rock from behind. Chants of Rocky Sucks are heard.. HHH now gains control but the ladder is finally used as the Rock flings him face first and follows up with a flying clothesline. Rock goes back in the ring, sets up the ladder. HHH regains composure and flies from the top rope stopping the Rock from climbing the ladder. They recover and now HHH uses the ladder as a weapon. Good match so far. Rocky is up pulls HHH down and hyperextends HHH’s knees. Oooh psychology as the Rock beats on HHH leg with elbows and kicks. More chants of Rocky sucks as Rocky continues to beat on the knees. OOOH ladder on the knee. Now Rocky placed the leg in between the ladder and continues to beat on it. Rocky steps out and gets a chair and slams it on the ladder. Guess we have to call him gimpy. Now Rock takes HHH to the corner he sets up the ladder in between the steps and the railing dropping HHH on it leg first. The power of psychology is immense here.

Rock now resets the ladder, and he slowly, slowly moves up the ladder. I think Rocky’s problem is that he is afraid of heights. Ya that’s it.. HHH now tosses Rocky outside. The ladder is propped, block by Rocky, and HHH is sling shot face first into the ladder. HHH is crawling slowly away. I think he does that for Stephanie now. HHH low kicks Rocky and begins to pummel him. A suck it to Rock, attempted pedigree is reversed and HHH is dropped on the ladder. Rocky back in the ring, now we have two ladders, courtesy of Mark Henry. Rocky again slowly ascends the ladder and HHH makes his way to the ring but gets stopped by Henry. I swear Rocky is really scared of heights. HHH just shoves the Rock off the ladder and onto the floor.

WOW! Baseball slide into the ladder and straight into Rocky’s face. HHH on the outside with the Rock and throws him head first into the Ring post. The Rock is now crimson. HHH is resetting the ladder and gingerly makes his way up the ladder. Rocky back in the ring and pushes the ladder from out of HHH legs. A bloody Rock delivers a right hand and then another. The other ladder is being set up on the corner by Rocky. To the corner goes HHH, reversal and DDT by the Rock. Now Rocky again sets the ladder and slowly up the ladder again, HHH is going up the opposite end. Both are facing each other . Punches are thrown, back and forth. Damn, Rock throws HHH from the ladder and hit’s the ladder on the corner, he flies back and hits Rocky’s ladder dropping him on the Rope. They are both up and it s ladder vs. Chair and chair wins. HHH just pummeling the Rock with Chair shots on the ladder that’s on top of him. Rocky recovers, HHH is hurt and body slam on the ladder. Hey look at that Cheers for Rocky, people’s elbow on HHH while on top of the ladder. Chants of ROCKY!!!! It looks like he won over the Smarks at MSG. HHH back up, smacks Rock down and attempts to go up the ladder. Rock recovers, stops HHH. HHH flys off and is caught in a Rock Bottom. Rock slowly makes his way to the top because of that fear, HHH trying to pull the leg but he wont have any. Full moon and HHH pulls down Rocky’s tights. Pedigree, but Henry just salted HHH. HHH is gong up the ladder blind. Both men are slowly going up the ladder. Punches by Rocky. However Chyna comes in and ball busts Rocky. I hear she is dong that more often now. HHH is all alone and he’s got the belt. HHH wins the title.. All of DX is out and celebrating. Poor Rocky all alone. Now go watch that match.

HHH vs The Rock Summerslam 1998 Ladder Match Full Match (via UnTrollableYid)

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