WWE SummerSlam 1992 history lesson: Bret Hart and British Bulldog close the show with the Intercontinental Title

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I don't think I had ever heard a reaction as loud as that one was.

It was late August 1992 and over 80,000 fans filled the old Wembley Stadium to witness that year's SummerSlam event.

WWE made the trip across the pond with English pride "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith -- accompanied by fellow Englishman Lennox Lewis -- headlining the show against brother-in-law and Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart.

From what I can tell, the second tier title had never closed out a show in favor of the WWE Championship. But with a Briton challenge for the belt in front of nearly 100,000 of his own countrymen, there was little choice for Vince McMahon; if he wanted to end the show on the best possible note, it would have to end with Smith holding his newly won prize high over his head.

And that's exactly what happened.

More history and full video after the jump...

Twenty years later, the match still holds up as a classic. At only nine years old, I wasn't keen to the inner workings of THIS BUSINESS, so I assumed Hart would simply be too much for his brother-in-law.

"British Bulldog" was a powerhouse for sure but "The Hitman" was the "Excellence of Execution" and his technical prowess would prove to be too much.

Sure enough, Smith held the advantage in the early going, using his power to gain the upper hand but as the match progressed, Hart began to fight back and take control with his wiles and technique.

But a funny thing happened.http://www.sbnation.com/javascripts/vendor/tiny_mce_3_0_7/plugins/pagebreak/img/trans.gif

Smith fought back and went toe-to-toe with Hart. As Hart began to play the role of the rulebreaker to the English crowd, "British Bulldog" fed off the audience's cheers and energy to tilt the match back in his favor.

No longer just a powerhouse, Smith reminded everyone he too was a Hart Dungeon-trained wrestler and proved it when he slyly countered a sunset flip on the more technically sound Hart to secure the pinfall.

The crowd roared. I mean, EXPLODED.

Another added gem was Smith's wife and Hart's sister, Diana Hart, sitting in the stands, almost unsure who to root for. Should she cheer-on her brother, her blood, the man whom she had known her entire life? Or her husband, the man she was presumably going to spend the rest of her life with?

When her husband finally came out on top, there were tears in her eyes and dozens of Union Jacks waved back and forth in the crowd.

Smith was handed the Intercontinental Championship while Hart sat on the canvas, despondent. The new champ offered his hand but "The Hitman" looked to leave the ring.

The crowd showered him with boos.

Finally, Hart took his brother-in-law's hand and they embraced.

Cue "Rule Britannia."

What a match.

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