Survivor Series 1998

I've been watching the main event matches from 1998 PPVs in order today, I've now gotten past Kane vs Undertaker at Judgement Day and have arrived at Survivor Series. Survivor Series 1998 was very special indeed as it was the first time in history that it was not a traditional Survivor Series elimination-style tag team match. Instead it was a Single Elimination survival tournament to crown the new WWF Champion. Since this was a special PPV I've decided I wanted to do something special with it, hopefully it doesn't turn out awful. I hope you will watch with me and take a stroll down memory lane, or maybe just get acquainted with this tournament for the first time. Either way the whole point of this is to hopefully get some people to enjoy a classic moment in 90's wrestling and have a little fun with something I love to watch.

Welcome to Survivor Series 1998 folks, tonight we WILL crown a NEW WWF heavyweight Champion. Vince McMahon has set up a very special 14 man tournament, stocked with the best talent this great organization has to offer. Coming into tonight Kane and the Undertaker have each been given a round one bye, guaranteeing their entrance into the second round, and obviously representing a very big advantage over the rest of the field. So without further ado let's get to the opening round match ups, which are as follows...

The Rock vs Triple H

Goldust vs Ken Shamrock

"Double J" Jeff Jarrett vs Al Snow

X-Pac vs Stephen Regal

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Big Boss Man

and Mick Foley will start us out tonight against a mystery opponent Vince will name himself very shortly.

Vince is ringside in his wheel chair, holding the coveted WWF Championship gold in his hand. He hands it to CJ Bradford, I mean Pat Patterson, as he needs help to his feet because he is still suffering from injuries suffered at the hands of the Brothers of Destruction. He reminds us of his guarantee for a new WWF Champion and that tonight will be a night we will never forget, I believe him about that one, I really do.

Mankind is out first, he's holding his Hardcore title closely, and he's dressed as snappy as I've ever seen the man once known as Mick Foley dressed. Thanks to Vince gone are the tattered shirt and sweatpants, they've been replaced by a suit, bow tie, and he has his hair pulled back. He shakes hands with everyone ringside and lays a big hug on Vince.

I have to say while Austin is my favorite to win this tournament Mankind is a smart dark horse choice here.

JR reminds us that it's been 10 years since the WWF has had to crown a champion in this manner, you can almost feel the electricity in the air.

Vince is building up Mankind's mystery opponent big, he "boasted a won-loss record that set new standards here at the WWF", the crowd chants "HBK! HBK!", what a mystery opponent that would be. Shawn hasn't been seen in the ring since March 29 of this year, when he lost the WWF title to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

It won't be HBK as this superstar is apparently making his return tonight to the WWF after "jumping ship" to the WCW... Who in the hell could it be?

And the mystery opponent is... Dwayne Gill? JR and King are flabbergasted and I have to admit I'm stunned myself. I guess he did set a pretty awe-inspiring won-loss record, but that's not what I was thinking of for damn sure.

Well either way we are underway here and just like he's so use too Gill is on his back in the middle of the Squared Circle only seconds after the bell sounds. Mankind gets in a few kicks to the back of the head on Gill before landing a double armed DDT. He rolls Gill into a cradle pin of some sort and this match is over before it begins.

I can't say I'm surprised Vince would do something like this but I also can't say I'm not disappointed. This tournament is to crown a new WWF Heavywight Champion, it should be shown a little more damn respect than giving guys pushover fights to get them onto the next round. Quite frankly it's a little disgusting.


The next match up tonight will be "Double J" himself vs Al Snow. Jarrett's out first and though I can't claim to be much of a fan of his, I'm a huge fan of his escort to the ring tonight the lovely Ms. Debra McMichael.

Jeff's got his guitar with him and if I was a betting man I'd be placing a wager on that guitar smashing over Snow's head tonight before this one is done.


Al Snow is coming down the ring now and this guy is a real loon. Is there anyway for Debra to win and move on to the next round by herself? I guess not. Though there is a 10 minute time limit on all first round match ups here tonight, so a double countout or double DQ could kick both men out of the tourney.

Speaking of Debra Snow is now walking after her around the ring. Get that man away from her!!! He has absolutely no business getting close to a women that beautiful!

Fortunately Double J does get him away from her and the two are now exchanging punches on the outside of the ring before the match has even started! Snow seems to be getting the upper hand as Jarrett stumbles back, and Snow does a front flip off the steps onto Jeff! This guy may be crazy but he's determined to get a shot at the WWF title, you have to respect that.

Snow rolls Jarrett into the ring and the match has officially started. Snow jumps over the top rope to land a leg drop and he's looking strong at the start. A right hand from Snow and he send Double J off the ropes, only to be reversed picked up and dropped throat first right onto the top rope.

Again Snow is sent into the ropes and Jarrett lands a big elbow sending Al to the canvass. This idiot is actually smiling after being hit with the elbow, no wonder he has "help me" written on his forehead. Jeff sends Snow into the corner and follows it up with some right hands, they don't seem to be doing much damage though. Snow counters with an eye gouge, reverses Jeff into the corner and is repaying him with a right hand and a chest slap of his own.

Snow goes to whip Jarrett across the ring into the other corner but gets reversed and flips over the top turnbuckle. Snow lands on his feet on the ring apron though, ducks under a hook from Jeff and counters with a clothesline. Snow heads up stairs for a big leg drop... and Double J moves out of the way! That was close folks. Had he hit that I think he'd moving on to face Mankind right now!

Snow is sent off the ropes and Jarrett lands a nice drop kick and goes for the cover... kick out at 2! That 2 count looked a little slow from here, someone get the ref some coffee.

Again Snow sent off the ropes and Jeff looks for the elbow again, Snow has it scouted perfectly this time and ducks underneath it, now Jarrett's going for a clothesline from the over side but Snow reverses into a pinning maneuver and we have a near fall.

Double leg pickup by Jarrett and 2 count... Snow counters and we have another 2 count. This match is a heart attack waiting to happen folks, I don't know how much more I can take. And just as I say that Double J goes for a spinebuster, Snow counters into a DDT, and we have yet another 2 count. That's 3 near falls in rapid succession folks. It's a thrill a minute here in the WWF!

JR actually has the nerve to describe the lovely Debra as a Jezebel... I love you Jim but I'm sorry I can't back up a single bad word you say about this darling woman.

Snow lands an atomic drop on Jarrett, Jeff's momentum carries him into the ropes, he bounces off, they crash heads, and now both men on on the canvass!

Debra's grabbing Head from the ring corner now that the ref is dealing with both downed men... What's Debra doing with Head? She's blatantly trying to give it to Jeff right in front of the ref. Fortunately the referee is doing his job and taking it away from her and this match will continue uninterrupted.

Snow is crawling over to the other corner of the ring, he's grabbing Jarrett's guitar! SOMEBODY STOP HIM! Debra is still taking with the referee however and he sees nothing. Double J looks to be taking advantage of this as well though and has grabbed Head from next to the referee's feet.


The ref has just turned around but he doesn't see Jeff holding Head, he only sees the guitar lying on the ground and is trying move it outside of the ring. Jarrett goes to hit Snow with Head again in the corner, but Snow kicks Head out of his hands.


Al Snow advances to face Mankind in the second round of the tournament by nefarious means and I for one hope the Hardcore Champion teaches Snow and Head a little lesson in fair play!


The Big Bossman vs Steve Austin will be our 3rd matchup, of the opening round, in this "Deadly Game" here tonight. Making his way to the ring first is THE BIG BOSSMAN! He's hearing it from the crowd too, Vince McMahon's personal bodyguard is no fan favorite of the WWF faithful.

The glass has broken and Stone Cold is gracing us with his presence.

Austin of course was fired at Judgement day, when as special gust referee of Kane vs the Undertaker he refused to crown a winner, stunning Undertaker and hitting him with a chair after Taker had all but defeated Kane. That left us with no actual WWF Champion, which leads us to why we are all here tonight. Austin only got his job back after Shane McMahon signed him to a brand new 5 year contract. So we can look forward to the Rattlesnake wrestling here in the WWF until at least 2003.

Bossman has come out to meet Austin before he can even get in the ring and the two exchange right hands! Austin gets the upperhand and he's beating Bossman back against the ring apron. The man doesn't even have his vest off and he's already kicking butt and taking names!

Bossman has been sent into the steps! Austin now rolls him into the ring and the match officially starts.

Austin with a big right hand, he's now sending Bossman off the ropes. We've cut to what I can only assume is Vince's office and he and his cronies are watching on from a small television. There's no doubt who Vince is rooting for, the man blames Austin for the sun going down at night and taking away the light in his life.

We cut back to the action in the ring and Austin is on top of Bossman delivering some hellacious right hands. Austin gets up, bounces off the ropes, and delivers a big elbow right to the face of the Bossman!

He goes for the cover and Bossman throws Austin off at 2.

Austin introduces Bossman's head into the turnbuckle in the corner and looks to be taking completely contro... DAMN IT! Bossman with a low blow drops Austin and the referee didn't see it! How could he not see that? Has Mr McMahon stacked the deck so much Austin has to fight the referee's as well?

The crowd is chanting for Austin but he's in a lot of pain.

Bossman has Austin in the corner now with a foot on his throat. The referee actually does his job this time and makes him take his foot off, but Bossman drops a couple of huge knees to Austin's sternum. Now he goes right back to the foot on the throat and the ref starts his 5 count.

They show a split screen allowing us to see Vince and crew looking on and he is loving ever second of it as Bossman lands a big right hand sending Austin to the floor. Bossman goes for the cover and only gets 2.

Bossman has the Rattlesnake on the ground in a sleeper hold, but breaks it to cover Austin's face and obstruct his breathing. JR reminds us that this is an illegal move but clearly the referee doesn't care... I wonder why... Bossman reapplies the sleeper hold.

Austin rising back to his feet and he's starting the comeback! Go Austin Go!

Stone cold drops his head after sending Bossman off the ropes and it allowed Bossman to counter with a kick to the face. Austin slumps over face first into the 2nd rope and Bossman runs and lands on top of him. This isn't looking good.

He slides out of the ring to deliver a punch to Austin's face. Stone Cold falls onto his back and Bossman slides back in to go for the cover. Fortunately only a 2 count.

Another split screen and Vince has a smile on from ear to ear, he may run an awesome company but I'm really starting to hate this man!

Bossman working over Austin's neck on the canvass as the Rattlesnake begins to rise to his feet. Austin backs Bossman into the corner and he's really laying his shoulder into the mid section to break the Bossman's grip. He's loading up the right hands and doing what he does best! Bossman start to slip down and Austin is starting to walk a mud hole in him and walk it dry!

Austin send Bossman into the ropes but he smartly slides out of the ring to get a breather. Austin won't allow and it starts to follow. Wait Bossman isn't looking for a breather, DEAR GOD HE'S LOOKING FOR THE NIGHT STICK! He's laid it right into the Rattlesnakes guts and this match has ended via DQ!

Austin may be advancing but there's no good news here. Bossman isn't close to finished and he's really laying into Steve with this damn nightstick. They show another split screen of Vince and I'm physically sick! Vince is like a mafia don who's ordered a hit and Bossman is the assassin who was paid to do the job!

He now starts to choke Austin with the nightstick and how the hell isn't there someone in this company with enough stones to stop a full on physical assault? There's no honor in this and this is no longer an athletic competition!

As he finally looks done with his assault the so called Big Bossman is really showing his colors by threatening Jr with the nightstick by pounding it on the announce table. Real big man alright! DEAR GOD! The man's coming back for more, can't we get someone to stop him? Do we have no security? No one with enough gumption to standup to the bullies who run this great company?

As Bossman finally leaves for real this time we go to Michael Cole in the back to interview that coward Vince McMahon and he's not only proud of his actions he promises "more where that came from" because "the night is young". Simply sickening!

I honestly don't see how Austin will be able to continue with the next round. We may have just witnessed the end of Stone Cold Steve Austin, at least for tonight.


As hard as it's going to be to move on from that we do have more first round action to get too. Your European Champion X-Pac is being introduced as we speak.

X-Pac has a lot of spunk but he may be in trouble in this one as his opponent for the opening round of this "Deadly game" is "A real man's man" Stephen Regal! Regal is an excellent British wrestler and even though he has recently been plying his trade in WCW I think we can all forgive that and enjoy.

They're both in the ring, the bell sounds, and we're off. Regal starts to engage and is met with X-Pac giving him a multitude of crotch chops, not the nicest way to start an athletic competition but no one ever accused DX of being nice.

JR takes time to remind us that Regal attacked X-Pac on RAW a few weeks ago because he doesn't believe an American should be European Champion. Kind of hard to argue with his logic. JR however doesn't agree.

They tie up and Regal gets the better of it and lands some punches before X-Pac counters and sends him into the ropes. X-Pac tries for a hip toss, Regal stops it, X-Pac counters by flips over Regal before landing a spinning back kick to the head.

X-Pac is fired up! He throws Regal into the corner and then lands a suplex right into a 2 count. X-Pac is back up and he bounces off the ropes for back to back leg drops before quickly getting another 2 count. Looks like I might be wrong folks, as X-Pac has had no trouble at all with Regal in the early going.

Regal sent into the corner and X-Pac quickly behind him looking for what looked to be a bronco buster before Regal stepped out of the way. Regal quickly hits a forearm uppercut and tries for a pin but only gets a 2 count. He's really getting the upperhand with an abdominal stretch, followed up by some knees, and putting him on the canvass with a snapmare.

X-Pac to the corner and as Regal comes in for the kill he counters by going over the top and trying to roll him up, but Regal rolls through and reverses into a catapult across the ring. Regal working various holds and finally finishes with a gut-wrench suplex that nets a 2 count.

Regal working yet another submission hold, this time squeezing the life out of X-Pac with his legs, though X-Pac has now countered nicely with what JR calls "the scissors". He gives up on trying to play Regal's game however and just starts pounding him with fists and now kicks.

X-Pac whips Regal into the corner and once again Regal steps out of the way as he launches himself at his opponent in the corner. Regal picking X-Pac up and placing him on the top turnbuckle executes a nasty double arm suplex! That's gotta be a 3 count!

NO! Somehow X-Pac kicked out! Regal can't believe it either and goes for another cover almost immediately but nets the same results. Regal works yet another submission hold, and even though Pac isn't tapping he's done a phenomenal job of keeping him on the ground with these constant holds.

Regal brings X-Pac to his feet and lands a nice uppercut and throws him into the ropes, BUT X-PAC COUNTERS AND LANDS A PERFECT SPINNING HEEL KICK!!! What heart! He goes for the cover but it's just a 2 count.

Both men back to their feet and X-Pac lands a drop kick which sees Regal fall into the corner. I think it's time... and it is X-Pac lands the Bronco buster! Snap Suplex by X-Pac and he's heading up stairs for the high flying maneuver, but Regal manages to get to his feet and hit the ropes to cause X-Pac to fall to the floor after straddling the top rope.

Regal tries to land a double arm suplex on the outside, but X-Pac blocks it and reverses into a suplex of his own! X-Pac is landing fists on the outside, but the bell is ringing? What is this? It appears both men have been counted out and thus both men are eliminated!

This is huge! The winner of this match was set to face the badly injured Stone Cold Steve Austin in the next round, but if both men are eliminated that should allow Austin to go right on in to the 3rd round! McMahon's plan may backfire after all!!

Oh god no! We seen Vince on the split screen again and he's yelling something about overtime... Sure enough Sergeant Slaughter comes out to announce a 5 minute OT period and McMahon is going to try and screw the Rattlesnake anyway he has too!

YES! YES! YES! X-Pac is too hurt to continue the match! Although that is unfortunate and we don't wish injury on anyone here, because he can't continue neither can this match. That mean Austin does in fact get a 2nd round bye and we may just see Stone Cold continue in this tournament here tonight!


We move on to the 2nd to last matchup of the opening round here in tonight's "Deadly Game Tournament".

Introducing first the Intercontinental Champion, The World's Most Dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock. He looks as pissed off as he normally does too folks!

His opponent for this match is none other than the weird one himself, GOLDUST! I honestly don't give Dusty's kid much of a chance here against this animal Shamrock, but what do I know...

They start out fast with a knee and right hands from Shamrock, he overwhelms Goldust and send him into the ropes, meeting him on his way back with a flying kick. Ken follows that up with a scoop slam, knees to the face, and kicks to the face! Really not looking good for Goldy early on.

Goldust finally gets a punch or two of his own in, but Shamrock quickly counters and starts right back in on his the aggression. Goldust actually hits a clothesline on Shamrock and for the first time in the match actually puts the World's Most Dangerous man on his back.

Once again however Goldy's offense is short lived as after a clothsline of his own Shamrock goes for the cover and gets a 2 count.

Some more offense from Shamrock and he puts Goldust on the mat for a submission hold. He survives it but just long enough to eat some punches and 2 nasty kicks. Russian leg sweep by Ken leads to a close 2 count, and this one isn't looking competitive

Shamrock applies a reverse chinlock, after a while he decides he's had enough of it and lays Goldy on the canvass and feeds him a big knee to the face.

Goldust finally stringing some punches together and backing Shamrock up, whips him into the corner, but when he follows up with the splash Ken side steps him.

Shamrock back in control looking for a suplex, but Goldy blocks it twice and reverses with his own suplex! But he's so beat down he can't even get to his feet and Shamrock is up well before Goldust can capitalize.

Shamrock is getting some offense in but he gets overzealous and Goldust hits a drop toe hold, looking for the powerbomb! AND HE'S GOT HIM UP! but Shamrock counters into the close 2 count, so close to being over that time!

Shamrock sending Goldy into the ropes looking for a hiptoss, but Goldust counters with a bulldog! He may have some life left in him afterall!

Goldust puts Ken in the corner after the bulldog and he's putting both legs up in the ropes, which can only mean one thing... Goldust goes for the kick in the family jewels, but the ref stops him and prevents him from a certain DQ.

Looks like even though the ref saved Goldust from the DQ it also gave Shamrock the time he needed to recover and by the time Goldy got back to the corner he's nailed with a hurricanrana!!

Belly to belly suplex by Shamrock, that leads right into the ankle lock, and Goldust has no choice but to tap. He showed heart but ultimately not many men on the planet can beat the physical freak that is, The Most Dangerous Man in the World, Ken Shamrock.


We have only one more first round match remaining folks and we may have saved the very best for last as HHH is going to take on the Rock, and it all goes down NEXT!


The only man who Vince McMahon may hate as much, or as close to, Stone Cold Steve Austin is coming to the ring first to face a very well known opponent. Either one of these two men could easily take home this whole thing, and with Austin injured the Rock may be the favorite to do just that.


Triple H comes into tonight holding a win over Rock this year at SummerSlam when he took Rock's Intercontinental Championship away in a thrilling Ladder Match... Wait a minute... WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!

THAT ISN'T TRIPLE H! That's Patterson and Briscoe! What they hell are they doing here? and where is Triple H?

Both of the stooges are giving Rock crotch chops mimicking Triple H's and DX's go to move... and Rock is inviting them into the ring to dance, boy would I love that, but neither man has the spine for it!!!

Briscoe grabs the mic and informs us that Triple H is not here tonight... He was suppose to be here, he was told to be here, and now he is going to be fined "very heavily" because he isn't here.

JR reminds us Triple H has been out with knee surgery and this is all a big damn joke! Patterson jumps on the mic and is very happy to inform Rock that there will be no forfeit. Rock has to compete to move on in the tournament and his replacement will be...

THE BIG BOSSMAN? WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL IS THIS? Bossman has already competed here tonight! He took out Austin with the damn nightstick.

I'm sorry friends but this just isn't right, Vince has once again sent out his goons to run a hit, if Rock isn't careful he's going to suffer the exact same fate as Austin. Only unlike Austin there will be no 2nd round bye for Rocky. I need to regroup my composure here for a second...



Get out of dodge Rock! Get the hell out of there and get to the back!


The second round matchups are set and they are as follows...

Undertaker vs Kane

The Rock vs Ken Shamrock

Mankind vs Al Snow

and Stone Cold has a bye into the semi's thanks to X-Pac and Regal being a double count out.

Things are just heating up folks so stick around, grab some popcorn, and prepare for a barn burner because the Brothers of destruction are next!


Alright that's it for me you guys. If you actually read any of this I want to thank you deeply! If you didn't, yet you still watched the show I hope I brought a little enjoyment to your day! I had fun doing it and if there are requests I'll do the rest of the show tomorrow, but I have to get some sleep!!

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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