TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for Aug. 16: the 'Hardcore Justice' fallout show

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., Aug. 16, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for yet another live show, this one the Hardcore Justice fallout edition.

Tonight's show features the continuation of the Bound for Glory Series with three matches set to take place as the Series enters its final weeks leading into the No Surrender pay-per-view (PPV) next month.

Bully Ray will take on Jeff Hardy, Christopher Daniels squares off against AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe battles Magnus.

Plus, Bobby Roode is left to deal with his loss to Austin Aries and the fact that he won't be receiving another rematch. The Aces and Eights storyline will continue and new Knockouts champion Madison Rayne is set to appear.

All that and more.

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Nolan in. Let's boogie.

Broadcast is live.

Austin Aries out, after announcements that Chris Daniels will face AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy will face Bully Ray.

Aries talks about being a fluke and disproving it at Hardcore Justice. He said he almost started believing he was a fluke, but he proved everyone wrong.

"And to all the people who doubted me, you can take the word "fluke," erase the "e," and go fluk yourself." Okay then.

Aries said he'll always be on the show and he'll always be running it. And as long as he's running it, he won't let people take over. And he tells Aces and Eights. He says he will not tolerate them and that with Bound For Glory, he'll be walking in and out of the event as champ.

Enter Jeff Hardy!

"What's going on, Jeff? Come into my ring! Please! You must have something important to say."

Jeff says "hi" to his fans and he doesn't understand what is going on with the show lately. He congratulates Aries and says he'll be winning the BFG Series. He says him and Aries will be tearing it up, to which Aries agrees.

Now, to business! Hardy says he wants Aces and Eights out here, since they cost him 20 points Sunday.

Enter Bully Ray.

"You're really are stupid, aren't you?" He tells Jeff that James Storm is behind Aces and Eights. He tells Jeff that he always knew Matt was smarter than him. Ouch.

Regardless, Bully tallies the evidence. He says they didn't attack him because Storm had superkicked him and that he got a little lucky on Sunday. He says lucky or not, he'll be winning the BFG Series and getting the title.

"Excuse me!" Aries starts tapping on Bully's calf, saying he wants to speak to the brains of the operation. Aries says that Bully won't be getting through him, as he made him tap. But Aries now wonders if Bully is behind Aces and Eights, with so much going on for him.

Don't fear, Aries says that regardless of what goes on or who runs Aces and Eights, he'll be champion.

Aces and Eights come on screen and congratulate Bully, saying everyone gets lucky sometimes. They make the promise that they'll be making their presence felt in a big way tonight.

Bully freaks in-ring and starts accusing Storm.



Recap of the BFG Series matches on Sunday.


Magnus promo on his match with Samoa Joe tonight.

Magnus vs. Samoa Joe

Headlock from Magnus and he gets thrown into the ropes. Shoulder bump from Samoa Joe, but no one budges. Magnus runs off the ropes, then gets hit with an inverted atomic drop. Big boot from Joe.

He misses on a splash, then Magnus misses on an elbow drop, then Joe misses a kick to the chest. He gets rolled up, kicks out, then almost gets a submission. Magnus gets out of dodge.

Wristlock from Joe, but Magnus going with elbows. Joe knocks Magnus down with a HARD forearm. Jabs from Joe in the corner, but Magnus walks out with a boot to the face. Nearfall. Magnus throws Joe off the ropes, goes for a backdrop, but eats a boot.

Both men rope running and a stiff clothesline from Magnus for a nearfall. Slam by Magnus gets a nearfall. Magnus brawling, but has an Irish whip reversed into the corner. Joe with a splash, then his rocket kick. Magnus on the top rope, but knees his way out. Failed flying elbow drop from Magnus and Joe reverts to a corner. Magnus runs at him and he gets that Rock Bottom-styled slam.

Joe has the Coquina Clutch, but Magnus is rolling. Nearfall for Magnus. Joe rolls through in a small package and gets the victory! Give him seven.

He attempts to shake Magnus' hand, but Magnus is too pissed.

Outside of the ring, Magnus grabs a chair and drills Joe, who looked like he legitimately hurt his arm trying to block that.


Madison Rayne backstage. She says an injustice was solved on Sunday. The fact that she hasn't been a Knockouts Champion was solved, with no help from any sources.

A messenger appears and tells Madison that Brooke Hogan wants to see her in the ring.


Madison Rayne is in-ring and she is happy that Brooke Hogan wants to see her. She is ready to part, but she says behind every girl, there is a special referee.

She says she has something special for "the big guy."

"Get in here you big, handsome man."

They embrace and Brooke Hogan enters. Standing on the ramp, she wonders what is going on between Hebner and Rayne. Hogan pulls Hebner from all Knockouts matches.

Then she says tonight is a special night and that Tessmacher has her rematch against Rayne tonight. Hogan then says she is bringing a very special referee.

Rayne says Brooke doesn't run this show and that she is champion. She says she is riding off the Hogan name and that she is all talk and no action, just like a Hogan. She isn't wrong...

She invites Brooke into the ring to tell her the changes right to her face, which Brooke slowly obliges to, wearing heels in all. She tells Madison to get back in the ring, but...

Here is Aces and Eights.

They corner Hogan, but out comes the TNA roster. Angle, Aries, Hardy, Angle, Sting...and James Storm bringing up the rear!


Recap of what just happened.

Sting says that Aces and Eights crossed the line trying to attack a woman and that they are cowards. He says he promised to protect Brooke and that he did.

Sting says a pack is forming and introduces them all; Hardy, Aries, Angle, and himself.

Where is James Storm?!

They challenge Aces and Eights to a match at Open Fight Night.


Daniels and Kazarian backstage with a Spiderman comic. He says they are featured on the back cover and that they will be characters in the comic, despite the loss for Daniels at Hardcore Justice.

They compare Claire to the Lizard Man in the comic.

Enter AJ Styles, who says that they both know he was drugged and would have to be to sleep with Claire.

Oh, no. He says that he challenges them to a match tonight and if he wins, he'll take a paternity test. If he loses, he'll accept fatherhood.

The group begrudgingly accepts.

That's good parenting, folks.


Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

Referee boots Kaz out before the match.

Styles with a punch that drops Daniels and he runs to the outside. Styles takes chase, but he gets rolled up in-ring and Daniels has his feet on the top rope. The ref catches him and gives him a stern warning.

Styles with a right that drops Daniels. And again. He unloads on Daniels in the corner, landing chops and punches. Body slam from Styles. Flying knee drop. Camel Clutch across the bottom rope from AJ. He stomps a mudhole into Daniels in the corner.

Daniels fights back, but AJ stifles him with punches. Daniels to the outside and AJ chops him. Back in-ring, and Daniels working, but he is once again stopped by AJ's punches. Back bodydrop from AJ. Daniels begs for a timeout, but he gets whipped into the ropes and eats a hard clothesline. Nearfall and Styles working.

Commercial time!

Back and Daniels controlling with a side headlock. Daniels into the ropes, AJ hops, skips, and jumps to get a dropkick. Nearfall from Styles. Styles locks in a bridging deathlock, where he is attacking the legs and neck in a bridging postion. Single leg crab from Styles, then the deathlock against.

Daniels bites his way out.

Styles punching, but he hesitates because of the pain in his hand and gets flapjacked on the top rope. Clothesline from behind from Daniels. Nearfall for Daniels. Another nearfall, but Daniels gets caught using the tights. Baseball slide kicks Styles out of the ring.

"DANIELS SUCKS!" as Daniels bows in-ring.

Hard Irish whip from Daniels to Styles into the turnbuckles. Stomps and kicks to the head and body of AJ.


Backdrop suplex from Daniels for a nearfall. Another slam from Daniels for a nearfall. Daniels goes for a pin, but the ref catches him with his foot on the ropes. He throws Styles out of the ring and begs the ref to count him out.

AJ gets to the apron, but Daniels kicks him off and into the barricade. Count starts again. Daniels walks over as Styles is on the apron, but sunset flip almost leads to a Styles Clash. Daniels counters out and gets Styles in a Kotchi Clutch, but Styles bits his way out.

Suplex from Daniels gets a nearfall. He climbs AJ in the corner and goes for ten punches, but gets a running powerbomb. AJ Styles now coming to. Gutbuster, proceeded by punches for AJ. Suplex over into a neckbreaker from AJ. Pin, but Daniels has his foot on the ropes.

Daniels chops Styles throat, but Styles blasts him with a leg kick. Styles runs at Daniels, but Daniels pulls down the top rope. Ref begins the count.

Styles up and drags Daniels to the mat, then drops an elbow. AJ is Irish whipped back into the ring, but comes back out with a flip dive over the top onto Daniels.

Daniels out on the floor, but Kaz is right there and Kaz says he'll trip Styles. Styles attempts to suplex Daniels into the ring, but Kaz trips him. Daniels gets the pin and the victory.


Brian Hebner caught Kaz and restarts the match, where Styles lands a Pele for the victory. Give Styles seven!

After the match, Styles gives Daniels the Styles Clash.


Hogan and Sting backstage, and Hogan said he'll be there next week to fight off Aces and Eights.

Here we go...


Storm and Hardy backstage. Hardy with the normal accusations, Storm taking it offensively. He says he'll be out for Hardy's match tonight to prevent Aces and Eights interference and that he'll be down for a fight next week.


Roode is coming out next.



Roode out and fans being the "YOU SUCK!" chants.

Roode recaps his opportunity on Sunday, saying that he actually beat Aries the first time, but he got robbed by Earl Hebner in the end.

Roode says he came away empty-handed and he'll never get a rematch. He says the people will never understand what the title meant to him. "When people think of heavyweight champion, they think of Bobby Roode. When people think of Bobby Roode...they think...WORLD...HEAVYWEIGHT...CHAMPION!"

Roode says there is only one man to blame for all of this, and that is Aries...and Sting...and all of the referees...and all the fans! Roode says he comes in here every week and gives it his all and they treat him with disrespect.

"YOU'RE A LOSER!" chants break out, and Roode says they call him a loser. They tell him he sucks. He says now all people ask is "what now?" Roode says he'll tell them.

"I'm gonna...uh...uh...BY GOD, I'M GONNA...uh...uh..."

He drops the mic and leaves looking depressed.

Rayne vs. Tessmacher next.


Preview of the new TNA Gut Check competitor.

Talks about the tragic shooting of his brother and what wrestling means to him.


TNA Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Miss Tessmacher

Your special referee is Taryn Terrell...not worth my time to google the spelling of that.

Also, Brooke Hogan fell while introducing her.

Lockups and Terrell keeps separating the ladies.

Madison Rayne with a shoulder block and she drives Tessmacher into the turnbuckle. Choking her with her boot now.

Rayne testing the referee. Tosses Tess by her hair. Bridging suplex for a nearfall by Rayne. She keeps getting in the face of the referee. Small package from Tess for a nearfall. Another pin for a nearfall. Tessmacher runs full force into the corner and Rayne with a roll-up, but she has the tights.

And Taz with some pervy commentary. Surprise, surpise.

Spear by Tessmacher as Terrell starts the count. Both up and Tess with flying clotheslines, punches, and an awful dropkick. Rollup for an awful nearfal by Tess.

Rayne with an elbow and whips Tess into the corner. Boot from Tessmacher. Crossbody misses for Tess. Rayne with the pin and has both boots on the second rope. The ref catches her and they have a spat.

Tessmacher has different plans. She picks Rayne up and goes for a backdrop suplex, but turns it into a facebuster.

Pin and win to Tessmacher, your new Knockouts Champ...again.

Hardy/Bully Ray next.


Aces and Eights saying Sting just gave them the perfect opportunity and that when the clock strikes eight, they'll be in full force.


Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

Lockup leads to Bully pushing Hardy to the corner. And they break. Hardy comes at Bully, but Bully ducks under the top rope and begs referee interference.

James Storm is out here.

"WHERE YA BOYS AT, HUH?" Bully taunts him. Storm says he doesn't have "boys."

Bully ramming Hardy's head into the turnbuckle and brawling Hardy around the ring. Bully goes outside and pushes Storm, but Hardy uses that to take advantage with some flying offense.

Commercial time!

Bully in control as we come back.

Sleeper hold to a tired Hardy, then transition into the leg scissors around Hardy's head. Hardy wraps his feet around the bottom rope to break the hold.

Storm looks on.

Suplex from Bully gets a nearfall. Hardy trying to get a comeback, but gets knocked down with an elbow. Bully going for a splash, but there's no one there. Ref starts the count. Punches exchanged and Hardy ends up on the better end. Hardy off the ropes and knocking Bully down with flying clotheslines and attacks.

Inverted atomic drop with the leg drop to the yambag. Dropkick from Hardy. Rock Bottom from Bully Ray ends the flurry of offense from Hardy. Nearfall. Bully picking Hardy up by his hair and tries to get the Bully Bomb or Bubba Bomb or whatever TNA calls it.

Hardy drills Bully in the corner with a dropkick. Clothesline from Hardy and he wants to fly. Swanton converts, but Bully kicks out and rolls to the outside.

James Storm is there, but he doesn't pop Bully Ray.

Hardy going over the top, but Bully pulls Storm in the way and he gets dropped.

Back to the ring and chop to the chest of Hardy. Whipped into the corner, but Hardy gets the boots up. He hits the Charismatic Enigma.


Here comes Aries and Styles. Angle and Sting follow.

Back to the ring and Bully looks confused. He gets back to the offense, but gets hit with the Twist of Fate. Rollup and the pin! Hardy gets the victory. Give him seven.

And Bully KOs Hardy after the match in frustration.

Storm and Bully yelling in-ring. Storm goes for the Last Call Superkick on Bully, but he spins away and Storm lays out Jeff Hardy.

Bully Ray accuses Storm and leaves.

Enter the rest of Aces and Eights.

They clap behind Storm.

But then, they lay the boots to him.

Fade to black.


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