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So one of the things I'd like to see more of on Cageside Seats is more FanPosts. I've always liked the "This Day in History" posts but they tend to focus more on larger scale events, as they probably should, but I've always love talking about random matches and segments. I figured why not take that idea and run with it? So I'm going to try "live blogging" a match from the past. I'm going to start with two of my favorite current wrestlers and a match I stumbled across after seeing it referenced in the comment section here. OK, I can't be sure it was here but who really cares?

I'm going to apologize in advance if I get a little wordy, I've never tried one of these before.

OK, good stuff after the jump.

Promotion: WWE

Match: Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs United States Champion Daniel Bryan, Bragging Rights 2010.

Link (if that's cool): Go here for the goodness

Here we go, I'll skip the introductions. It's Cole and King on commentary with someone else I'm not familiar with but the different voice is welcome.

Match kicks off with some extremely loud Daniel Bryan chants. Damn this guy has been O-V-E-R for a long time. They lock up and exchange various holds which everyone knows is the universal signal for "We're good wrestlers".

Go to hell, Vickie.

They continue to grapple with one another until Ziggler bails out of the ring. Bryan gives chase but Ziggler, being the cunning and devious heel that he is, seeks refuge behind Vickie. Daniel Bryan is not to be deterred however, and he runs along the apron and delivers a sick flying knee that lands squarely on Dolph's kisser.

I just noticed the ring ropes are colored with both Raw and Smackdown colors. How festive. I think it looks stupid.

We're back in the ring and Bryan whips Ziggler to the corner and lands a nice dropkick, Dolph sells it like Mike Tyson just landed a right cross and he also gains the upper hand by rolling out of the ring and using the middle for leverage as he pulls Bryan's head down.

Dolph takes control and I'm forced to watch a replay take up 3/4 of the screen. The more things change...

Ziggler works a variety of holds, eventually settling on what looks like a Million Dollar Dream. Bryan reverses into a backslide, 2 count.

Drop toe hold by Ziggler and Bryan again eats the middle rope. Ziggler catches Bryan off the middle rope and flings him into a reverse powerslam. Damn. 2 count.

Dolph's tried to pin Bryan again right after he kicked out. In the history of wrestling has that ever worked? What's the thought process? Hey, that guy just kicked out and has had more time to regain his wits, I better pin him again really quick! Sorry, pet peeve of mine.

Dolph's working a submission while digging his chin into Bryan's face. My brother used to dig his chin into my back. I hated that.

Every bumpin this match seems to be high impact. Every little move looks heavy. I love it.

Dolph with a neck snap (I apologize if I get my wrestling terminology wrong), a slicking back of his hair and a standing elbow drop that again gets a 2 count.

Dolph now working a variation of a rear naked choke. Bryan works his way back to his feet and fails miserably to land a flying dropkick to Ziggler in the corner. 2 count.

Announcer X is playing up Ziggler's psychology, letting the audience know he's setting Bryan up for his sleeper or Zig Zag. Thanks for that, Announcer X.

Nice looking fireman's carry that has never resulted in a pinfall nets Ziggler another 2 count.

More submission work from Ziggler. More Daniel Bryan chants. More.

Bryan reverses a modified sleeper with a chin breaker and proceeds to land a variety of standing kicks to Ziggler, the last of which looked to pop Mr. Showoff right in the kisser.

Bryan whips Ziggler to the corner but is reversed. Bryan proceeds to run up the turnbuckle, back flip, run off the ropes and deliver a beautiful clothesline to Ziggler. Flying leg clothesline thingy leads to a near fall for Bryan.

Vickie squaks. I still hate her.

Kick by Ziggler answered by a bigger kick by Bryan and Bryan lands a loonnnng springboard dropkick, Ziggler kicks out at 2.

Roll up by Ziggler, Bryan kicks out, Ziggler with some sweet chin music! 2 count!! Ziggler pleads with the ref.

Dolph's stalking Bryan as the latter rises to his feet slowly. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag and Bryan counters by holding the top rope. Bryan lands a monstrous roundhouse to a kneeling Ziggler's head and again we only get a 2 count.

Bryan heads to the top rope but is countered by Ziggler diving to hit the ropes and dislodge him from his perch. The ref seems to be scolding Ziggler for this act and I don't understand why. What's he supposed to do, just let the guy dive at him from up there?

Dolph's setting Bryan up for a superplex but Bryan escapes between his legs. Ziggler hits his twig and berries on the turnbuckle. Bryan's setting up a top rope belly to back. Ziggler reverses into a cross body mid air!!! 1, 2, no. Bryan reverses into a pin of his own. One. Two. Ziggler's out! This is awesome chant erupts.

Sleeper by Ziggler, Bryan reverses, both men smash into each other off of cross body blocks. That sounded like a heavyweight working a side of beef. Yeesh.

The ref starts counting both men out and that is another rule I always thought was stupid.

The two men exchange blows while the crowd entertains me by cheering loudly for every Bryan strike and booing loudly for every Ziggler strike. A hot crowd can make any match better, it's a really underrated aspect of a good match.

Bryan and Ziggler exchange a variety a pin attempts that look like they could double as sexual positions and Ziggler lands whatever he calls his Fameasser. One. Two. Three! But no, the ref didn't see Bryan's foot on the ropes, the match continues. Ziggler can't believe it. Vickie looks pissed, or bitchy, whatever she should go away.

Dolph lands his sleeper but Bryan is fighting him off and gets to the ropes. Like a good heel should Ziggler holds the sleeper until the count of 4.9.

Ziggler's now berating Bryan, telling him he doesn't belong in the same ring as him and just like that Bryan locks in the LeBell Lock (Yes Lock, No Lock, Crossface, etc) and Ziggler taps!

Vickie is devastated. Bryan's pumped and the best theme music in the WWE today is blasting over the PA.

Dolph makes his exit from the ring with Vickie in tow as the crowd chants what I think is "You tapped out!"

So there that was. More than anything I put up so people will go watch this match. So please, go watch this match.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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