WWE Raw results and live blog for Aug. 13: The Summerslam go home show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 6, 2012) from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, and features all the closing angles for the Summerslam pay-per-view (PPV) set for this Sunday night in Los Angeles.

Both Brock Lesnar and Triple H will be in the building but so will Shawn Michaels. "The Heartbreak Kid" was recently added to advertising, so perhaps we're finally going to see Lesnar take him out.

After all, he did promise to do so before Summerslam this weekend.

We'll also get CM Punk, John Cena and Big Show doing their thing leading into their WWE championship match. If the pattern holds, don't be surprised to see Cena standing tall.

Plus, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, and so much more.

Raw starts at 8 p.m. ET on USA, so be sure to make your way back here to chat with all your favorite Cagesiders during the show. It's always a fun time. Raw live blog after the jump.


Nolan checking in.

Broadcast is live.

A match is opening up RAW. Shocking.

CM Punk vs. Big Show

Lockup to start, and Punk predictably thrown away.

Punk unloading with punches, forearms, and kicks to the abdomen of the giant. Headbutt from Big Show after taking kicks in the corner. Fist to the gut of Punk. Show strangling him on the middle rope. Punk in the corner and eats a shot to the gut.


And the gigantic chop. Yikes.

Punches from Punk look like they are wiping sweat off Show's face at most. Punk off the ropes and gets shoulder blocked hard. Show stepping on a downed Punk. Now stepping on the head of Punk.


And another chop.

Show clawing the face of Punk, looking for something, but Punk punches and stomps his way out. Dropkick from Punk pushes Show back a bit, but a headbutt from Show downs Punk. Bodyslam flattens Punk. Show says he can't be stopped.

Show holding an armbar on Punk and drops an elbow. Now using the thigh to the arm. Stepping on Punk. Punk off the ropes, stops, and boots the face of Show. Kicks to the legs of Show. Multiple rope runs and clotheslines to Show...but nothing doing. Punk trying to whip Show, but gets thrown into the corner.

Show goes for a running back splash, but misses. FLYING KNEE! Punk looking for his running bulldog and he gets pushed away and speared.

Cue "Flight of the Valkyries" and Daniel Bryan! "NO! NO! NO!"

Bryan looking paranoid. He goes to the announcer's table and tells them he should be in the WWE Championship match. And he tells them again. And again. And again.

Big Show with a sidewalk slam for a nearfall. Going up for a splash, but Punk kicks the leg. Punk springboard clothesline for a nearfall.

Enter D-Bry, who forearms Punk down. The "NO!" lock is in and Punk isn't tapping. Big Show gets in on it and elbow drops the back of Punk.


He clears Big Show out, and Bryan kicks his leg from behind. No matter, leg kicks are nothing to this superhero! Bryan is sent over the top.

Punk and Cena in-ring and they don't look too friendly.

AJ is out and she says Bryan still has anger management issues. Even though he ruined this match, he'll make it up to the fans.

Big Show and Bryan vs. Punk and Cena!

Punk and Cena having a heated discussion in-ring.

Commercial time!


JTG has TV time. Uh, what?

He is talking to Kaitlyn and is wondering why he can't get a match in a three hour show.


Enter AJ, who wonders if JTG thinks she is doing a bad job. He replies negatively.

AJ obliges and gives him a match next.

AJ and Kaitlyn talk, with the former wondering if the latter thinks she is doing badly and if she is cray-cray. Kaitlyn says she wouldn't use the word "unstable" to describe her.


JTG vs. Ryback

JTG looks like he pissed himself, Ryback looks like aa murderer.

Ryback says come on, and they lockup. JTG gets tossed like a rag doll, and Ryback chases him. JTG sticks himself outside the ropes, looking real scared.

"Goldberg" chants as JTG lands stomps. JTG off the ropes and Ryback sets up for a back bodydrop, only to get a few hammerfists from JTG. Ryback grabs JTG and says "MY TURN" before a belly-to-belly suplex. Slamming JTG's head in the back of the mat.


Jackknife powerbomb and Ryback leading "FEED ME MORE!" chants. Stiff clothesline and "FINISH HIM!" Here comes his finisher, Shell Shocked.

Pin and victory for Ryback and he plays to the crowd.


There will be a Piper's Pit tonight, and you can vote on the Twittah Machine for Miz, Ziggler, or Y2J.



Cesaro vs. Santino for the US Championship will be your Summerslam Preshow match.


Piper is backstage and is wondering who will be his Piper's Pit guest.

He wonders if the guy next to him is picking. Pan over to HBK.

HBK is looking real nervous about BROCKLE SNAR, also known as Brock Lesnar.

He gets a call and apparently HHH isn't in the arena and HBK is really upset.

HHH, you need to fight HBK's battles for him. COME ON!



He will be turning things around tonight.

But the truth will set him free!

R-Truth vs. Heath Slater

Lockup and Slater pushes Truth in the corner. Truth with stomps and punches. Hip toss from Truth gets Slater squealing.

Truth looking for a leg drop, but Slater moves away from Truth's taunting. Both slug it out, and Slater gets a neckbreaker.

Slater surprised, but he taunts, playing the air guitar and letting them know what kind of band he is. Sleeper, but Truth is out and now with clotheslines. Little Jimmy STO and Truth gets the victory.

Here come Titus and Darren, sans AW. Pour one out for the fallen manager.

Kofi isn't here tonight, so Titus and Darren clean house on Truth. Sitdown powerbomb on Truth.

We get the "MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!" dance.

Promo for HHH/Lesnar as we begin commercials.


Mark Henry Touts from the Olympics in London. Seems like he had fun.


DJ Pauly D is our social media ambassador.

In other news, I'm eating pasta. You should care about that more than what I just said.


Recap of the Del Rio/Sheamus incident on Smackdown.

WWE.com caught up with Booker who says the match between Sheamus/Del Rio is off.

Del Rio Touts that he has a contract and it'll be settled on Smackdown.


Sin Cara vs. Tensai

Sin Cara with kicks, but he gets set up for a powerbomb. He punches out, rolls through, but Tensai gets him up in the air again. Sin Cara fights out, then lands kicks to Tensai.

Sin Cara using his flying maneuvers to beat Tensai. Senton, then hurricanranas Tensai into Sakamoto. Sin Cara goes up top and hits a flying DDT.

And gets the victory!

Tensai now taking his frustrations out on Sakamoto. Back splash on Sakamoto and the crowd is booing Tensai.


HBK asking security if they've seen Brock Lesnar. They haven't, but he wants them to let him know.


Piper's Pit is next.


HOT ROD time!

Jerry Lawler in-ring to introduce him.

Piper is catching up, detailing the feud between Jericho and Ziggler and Miz doing movies.

Cutting through the wasteful bantering, Jericho is your guest.

Crowd cheering for Jericho.

Piper says the last time he saw Jericho, Mickey Rourke punched his lights out. Jericho said the last time he saw Piper, he put his lights out in victory at Wrestlemania.

Jericho is stoked to be on Piper's Pit.

Piper says they have something in common and that is that they got cheers for their fighting spirit.

Piper says at Summerslam, it doesn't matter what anyone says. Fans will support Jericho, then points to some kid supporting Jericho.

Enter Ziggler.

Ziggler asking how long Piper has been doing this shtick. He says it isn't interesting anymore, but just sad. Piper makes fun of Ziggler for wearing pink...okay.

Ziggler tells Jericho to pay attention to Piper. He says Jericho will end up like Piper, with constant failed comebacks. Ziggler tells him to hang up the light-up jacket.

Jericho says he wasn't paying attention because of "the bowl of spaghetti" on Ziggler's head. Vickie says not to talk to Dolph that way, but Jericho says for her to "SHUT THE HELL UP!" He says he'll prove everyone wrong at Summerslam and that he'll "NEVERRRRRR....EVERRRRRRRRRRRR!" not back that up.

Miz enters.

He says him and Ziggler have proved they can win the big ones. Ziggler has MITB, Miz has the Intercontinental Championship and a Wrestlemania main event victory. Miz says he doesn't care what the fans have to say, he's taking over the show.

Miz says Ziggler can be his guest, and Jericho and Piper can get the hell out. Miz tries to take the mic from Piper, but he gets laid out by Jericho. Jericho cleans house and sends both men over the top.

Ziggler doesn't look happy at all as we go to commercial.


AJ tweeted there will a triple threat between the three guests on Piper's Pit.

Chris Jericho vs. The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

The heels team up on Jericho, but Jericho holding his on.

Backdrop on Miz, and he clears Ziggler out of the ring. Boot to the neck of Miz. Delayed suplex from Jericho on Miz for a nearfall. He picks Miz up, then a chop sends him to the ground.

Jericho attempting to go off the ropes, but Ziggler trips him up. Ziggler gets in and starts stomping Jericho. Miz gets in on the stomps as well. Miz holds Jericho's arms and Ziggler punches him in the gut. Ziggler does the same, except Miz gets a stomp to the gut.

Miz holds Jericho on the second rope, but Jericho fights out. He gets a few in on Ziggler, but Miz gets a double hammerfist on Jericho. Ziggler doing elbow drop after elbow drop on Jericho. Ziggler with a cover, but Miz gets him off. The two argue.

Jericho is up and pummels both men, eventually tossing them both over the top. Ziggler lands hard. Both men up, but Jericho comes over the top rope with a crossbody. Jericho takes the announce table cover and throws it on the downed men.

Ziggler gets tossed in-ring and Jericho on the apron. Miz is up and grabs Jericho's leg, only to be booted. Zigs pushes Jericho off the apron and he falls, running shoulder-first into the front of the announce table.


Back and Miz has a chinlock on Jericho. Jericho fights it off, goes off the ropes, but then gets the knee to the gut. Miz slingshots Jericho into the bottom rope.

Ziggler attempts to sneak in, but Miz kicks him out of the ring again. Miz with a nearfall. Miz standing on top of Jericho and stomping his lower body into Jericho's back. He goes back into the chinlock, but Jericho is once again fighting him off.

Chop from Jericho, but he gets whipped into the corner. Miz charges, Jericho moves, and Miz crotches himself on the middle rope. Shoulder bumps from Jericho. Jericho running the ropes, Zigs gets on the apron, and Jericho with a springboard missile dropkick on Zigs. Running bulldog from Jericho on Miz. Lionsault from Jericho.

Miz and Jericho up top now. Superplex, but Ziggler gets under Jericho and hits the powerbomb, completing the trifecta. Ziggler crawling for the cover, nearfall. Jericho reversess for a nearfall. Ziggler gets the Fameasser, but only a nearfall once again.

Ziggler looking for the Zig Zag, but Miz has the Skull-Crushing Finale. Jericho breaks up the pin and starts slugging Miz. Jericho whipped into the corner and into a reverse neckbreaker from Miz. Jericho switches for the Walls of Jericho, but Miz gets out.

Ziggler comes in and lays out Miz, but eats a Codebreaker. Nearfall as Ziggler gets his foot on the rope via Vickie. Miz takes advantage with a rollup, but nearfall. Jericho swings, but almost gets caught in the Skull-Crushing Finale!

Jericho reverses and gets the Walls of Jericho, but Vickie distracts the ref. Ziggler comes in from behind and lands the Zig Zag on Jericho. He gets the victory.

Fine little match.


Punk backstage and a wild Eve appears.

She congratulates Punk on the "new CM Punk." CM Punk says there is no new Punk. He says all he does is fight for respect.

Eve says no one believes that, especially Cena. Punk says he'll tell him that himself.


Recap of how we got tonight's main event in the opening match.


HBK backstage and he is still looking around corners and keeping his eyes out.

He gets tapped on the back and flinches.

It is John Cena.

HBK says he is just distracted.

Cena looks onward, but Punk is here.

The two discuss who CM Punk really is and that Punk says he is the champion. He says he will always make it all about him, but he wouldn't betray his partners because that's not who he is.

Cena looks unsure as we go to commercial.


Another look at the awesome bare-knuckle boxing background of Wade Barrett. Folks, watch these packages. Barrett is going to be a beast when he gets back.


Layla and Kaitlyn vs. Eve and Beth Phoenix

Beth boots Layla in the gut then puts her on her shoulders. Gorilla press, but Layla botches a rollup awfully. Beth with another boot to the gut and drives Layla to her corner.

Eve in and brawling with Layla. Eve with a hiptoss, but Layla botches another pinning predicament. Grappling exchanges lead to Layla's springboard crossbody. Layla off the ropes, jumps over Eve, then does a dance.

Butt bumps Eve in the face. Eve isn't pleased and goes after Kaitlyn, but Layla gets a nearfall off Eve's aggression.

Kaitlyn in and a backbreaker for a nearfall. Bridging pin for Kaitlyn for a nearfall. Elbow from Kaitlyn and she goes up top, but Eve brings her down. Eve gets the mount and working punches. Nearfall for Eve. Eve drags Kaitlyn by her hair to her corner.

Beth in and a hard kick to Kaitlyn's chest. Stepping on Kaitlyn's throat. She whips Kaitlyn into her corner and knocks Layla off the apron. Layla runs in-ring while Eve chokes Kaitlyn in their corner. Beth and Eve double team Kaitlyn.

Beth still outpowering Kaitlyn and working a backbreaker. Kaitlyn makes the heel team run into each other and Kaitlyn rolls up Beth. She gets the pin!

Layla celebrates and Kaitlyn and her take the victory.


Recap of how HHH vs. Lesnar came to be.


Backstage and HHH has yet to arrive. He is en route so he can participate in tonight's contract signing.

Punk/Cena vs. Bryan/Show is next.


Big Show and Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena and CM Punk

Pre-match, Bryan doing "NO!" and the fans doing "YES!" Big Show gives him a "WTF!" look. Awesome stuff.

Cena and Bryan starting off. Cena has a side headlock, goes off into the ropes, then shoulder blocks Bryan.

And Punk tags himself in. Oh man!

Big Show wants in, but Bryan isn't having it.

Side headlock takeover from Punk and Punk gets thrown into the ropes, as he shoulder blocks Bryan. More rope running leads to a hip toss from Punk to Bryan.

And Cena tags himself in. The drama!

Big Show wants in, but Bryan says "NO!" Big Show says "YES!" But Bryan triumphs.

Side headlock from Bryan now, but he is thrown off the ropes. Leapfrogs and lay downs from Cena lead to him getting a hip toss. Punk tries to tag himself in, but Cena evades.

Big Show in and powering Cena with strikes. Whips Cena into the corner hard. Cena trying to fight his way back in, but a shoulder block only gets himself knocked down.


Back and Show squashes Cena in the corner. Cena is hurting big time. Cena fighting back with punches, but Cena gets caught in a bearhug.

Bryan tags himself in and tells Show to get out of the ring. "IT IS ABOUT ME!"

Bryan running full speed for his dropkick in the corner, but he misses.

And Punk tags himself in.

Tiltawhirl neckbreaker from Punk, but Show breaks up the nearfall. Punk looking for the tag, but Cena is out on the floor.

Show back in and knocks Punk with a headbutt. Body shot by Big Show. Punk back up, but he gets the chop to the chest. Cena wanting a tag in, but Punk is hurt. Body shots and forearms from Punk. Punk going off the ropes...but Big Show catches a bearhug. Punk elbowing the head to get out and he gets out of the hold. He goes off the ropes, but a huge back bodydrop from Show.

And Show stands over Punk.

Show steps on the back of Punk and starts talking trash to Cena. Cena wants the tag, but Punk fighting with body shots. He hits Bryan, but runs into a Big Show bodyslam. Big Show setting up for the WMD...

But Bryan tags himself in. "NO! NO! NO! GET OUT!"

"NO!" kicks from Bryan to the chest of Punk. He goes for the final one to the head, but Punk ducks and gets his own head kick.

Ref counts and both men are up. Punk off the ropes and landing shoulder blocks.

Oh man, Punk is doing The Five Moves of Doom. Slams, and then goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Cena tags himself in and gets the flying knee and bulldog. Poses for a GTS, but Punk leaves to the ramp. Bryan rolls Cena up for a nearfall.

Super Cena gets the AA and the pin. Victory to Cena and Punk.

Big Show, who was waiting near the announce table, comes in to attack Cena. But Punk jumps in and clobbers Show with the belt. Both men have begrudging stares and Punk goes to shake Cena's hand.

Cena isn't having it and Punk leaves the ring looking all pissy.


Josh Matthews with Punk backstage and he wants an explanation.

Punk says Cena went into business for himself and that Cena not shaking his hand was disrespectful. He'll teach us all respect at Summerslam.


Lesnar and Heyman backstage.


Damien Sandow vs. Christian

Sandow outpowering Christian. He hits his Russian Leg Sweep and then gets the "Elbow of Disdain."

Tosses Christian into the corner, but no one connects off the numerous counters. Christian with slaps and gets Sandow down. Sandow on the middle rope, Christian goes outside and slaps.

Christian posing and getting ready for something big, but Sandow rolls out. Sandow takes advantage and tosses Christian into the steel steps. He slams Christian's head into the steel steps.

As they both get in the middle of the ring, Brodus Clay appears. Christian rolls Sandow up, but Sandow kicks out. Chickenwing Neckbreaker gets Sandow the victory and he looks at Clay with disdain.

He wipes himself off and stares Clay down.


Backstage and HBK looking around. He sees a big setup and looks behind it, only for the camera to pan to Brock Lesnar standing behind HBK.

HBK looking very disgruntled as he walks away. Lesnar with an evil smirk as we cut to commercial.


Lesnar and Heyman out to sign the contract.

They say they buy HHH's flight delay excuses and they know that because HHH wants it so bad. Heyman says HHH is fighting for his standing in his family, for the honor of WWE, and for himself. Unfortunately, he'll be facing a "fighter with ultimate credentials" in Brock Lesnar.

The fans boo and Heyman "thanks them for their irrelevant opinion."

Heyman says not to expect a great wrestling match, but a scary beating. He says expect a man to stripped of their career and for fans to be prepared.

Heyman calls HBK out and says that if he still believes HHH will beat Lesnar, he can come say it to Lesnar's face. He says he knows he won't come out because he is afraid of Lesnar, but there is no shame in that.

After more taunting, HBK comes out to face Lesnar.

HBK going for the mic on the negotiation table and he looks in awe of Lesnar.

Crowd chants a bit and HHH's music hits.

He takes off his suit jacket as he hits the ramp.

HHH and Lesnar stare each other down over the table.

Crowd chants for Triple H.

HHH grabs the pen and signs the contract. Lesnar smirks at him and looks at Paul. Paul urges him that it is "just a contract signing."

Lesnar signs the contract, throws it at HHH's chest, then leaves the ring. He hops up and down at ringside, then goes up the ramp, all the while staring at HHH.

We go to commercial with HBK and HHH in-ring.


Touts regarding Booker T's cancelling of the Sheamus and ADR title match.


HHH and HBK backstage and HBK is skeptical if HHH can beat a beast like Lesnar.

HHH reassures him, but HBK has his doubts as he walks off.


Josh Matthews backstage with Big Show, but he gets cut off by two cars screeching in the parking lot.

There has been a car collision and Heyman and HBK's cars have had a minor fender bender. Heyman apologizes profusely.

That is, until Brock Lesnar comes and takes HBK from his car. Lesnar runs into the cameraman and the feed "cuts out" as you hear HBK getting beat on by Lesnar. Heyman eggs him on and it sounds like some foreign object has been used to beat HBK down.

Yeah...commercial time.


Big scene backstage as HBK's car windshield is smashed and superstars and AJ are assessing the situation.

HHH comes in and asks what is going on, to which AJ replies that Lesnar dragged him away.

HHH is mad.

We come back to ringside and Cole and Lawler think this situation is serious.

Lesnar comes in with HBK on his shulders and they go in the ring.

HBK hobbling, but Lesnar hits him with the F5.

Lesnar standing around HBK like a lion taunting its prey.

Lesnar gets the kimura on HBK!

HHH comes running out, but Heyman stops him and tells him that Brock will break his arm if HHH goes after Brock. HHH is conflicted.

And Brock snaps it.

HHH chases Brock out of the ring and Heyman seems enthused with Lesnar's work.

HHH checks on HBK and wants Lesnar now.

The show fades to black as HHH takes his shirt off and taunts Lesnar, who is on the ramp.


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