Ring of Honor (ROH) Boiling Point results and reactions from last night (August 11): Going through the motions

I can't help but think Kevin Steen's promise to be the last Ring of Honor (ROH) World Heavyweight Champion isn't exactly kayfabe.

ROH returned to internet pay-per-view (iPPV) last night with Boiling Point, a relatively mediocre offering in terms what what indie wrestling promotions usually put forth when their product is available on a national, and even worldwide -- showcase.

The event was announced long before its iPPV status was confirmed so perhaps this can explain the weak card.

Regardless of the reason, Boiling Point was just the latest example in why some wrestling fans feel the promotion is not long for this world.

Weak house show attendance and canceling shows can only last so long, right?

Full reactions after the jump.

I missed the first two matches but from what I've read, the Roderick Strong match against Mike Mondo was pretty good. I'm just glad Mondo lost as he has no place in the main event of ROH despite what Jim Cornette may think.

Adam Cole took on Mike Bennett's manager, "Brutal" Bob Evans in a Proving Ground Match which also exposed how shallow ROH's roster is right now. Cole now as he should have in a highly forgettable match. The promotion is failing is following up on Cole's buzz following Border Wars.

The seemingly endless push toward The House of Truth split continued with Roderick Strong openly opposing Michael Elgin in his match with Charlie Haas. I suppose they finally are broken up but if that's the case, it was severely underwhelming. Haas picked up the win after rolling up a distracted Elgin. I suppose we'll see "Unbreakable" challenge Strong for the World TV Championship now despite his great showing at Showdown in the Sun Night 2 against Richards. Yet another example of ROH squandering what they have.

Both tag matches -- The Briscoes vs. Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Rey vs. Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis -- were disappointing. Considering how incredible all four performers have been in lax rules matches, Dem Boys and Team Steen didn't go all out. And I'm sorry but nothing will ever convince me anything Kanellis can throw at "Queen of Wrestling" would hurt her.

Jay Lethal and Tomasso Ciampa continued their feud in a two out of three falls match in what was the best offering of the evening. Ciampa worked over his opponent's back, a great bit of psychology considering his finishing move, while Lethal was his usual solid self. Lethal picked up the win after a distracted Ciampa took care of Prince Nana who had come out to attack RD Evans.

And in the main event, Kevin Steen retained his ROH World Championship against CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston. The match seemed to be over after Steen powerbombed his opponent through a table. Kingston was carried toward the backstage area when Steen said that Larry Sweeney, Kingston's best friend who took his own life last year, thought he was a "pussy" for giving up.

That revitalized "War King" and he returned to the ring only to suffer a low blow several minutes later followed by a F-Cinq through two chairs.

Steen is fantastic in his role but without a proper backdrop, what does it matter?

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