TNA Knockout Champion Miss Tessmacher speaks on her journey as a pro wrestler

TNA Knockout Champion Miss Tessmacher (real name Brooke Adams) | Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The Miami Harold conducted an interview with TNA Knockout Champion Miss Tessmacher (real name Brooke Adams) in anticipation for Hardcore Justice tonight (August 12). Two things stand out when reading the article; first, she manages to keep kayfabe the entire interview. She acknowledges that she is playing a character, but she talks about winning the title as if she had actually won the title. In an era where "kayfabe is dead" and anyone who thinks otherwise is a "mark," it's always interesting to find an interview where the line gets blurred.

Second, Tessmacher comes off as extremely dedicated to her craft. She's a model turned pro wrestler, true, but she seems determined to make that evolution.

"It has been a long road," said Tessmacher. "I've been giving it everything that I have the last couple of months. When I first came to TNA and Impact, I was playing Miss Tessmacher, the secretary. It really wasn't fulfilling. It wasn't utilizing my talents and what I wanted to do. So I knew that in order to make an impact I had to go and really quit everything else I was doing. I gave up the Hooters pageant to start training. I gave up another pageant and other ones because wrestling ended up being my life and the most important thing to me. With this being the most difficult sport I've ever been involved in and the biggest challenge, I did have to give away a lot of things for that."

Maybe giving up pageants doesn't seem like a lot to some people. That was her life, though, her entire career. There is only a short window for those that choose to compete. She was sacrificing those years for a shot at being a real professional wrestler. That's a big step for a lot of people, and it's a step a lot of people might not take.

More from Miss Tessmacher after the jump.

Tessmacher had a brief run with the revived ECW, when she along with Kelly Kelly and Layla would take part in Extreme Exposé. For those that don't remember, the trio would come to the ring in bra and panties and dance. Entertaining for a certain segment of the audience, for sure, but not quite what Tessmacher wanted for her career.

"I look back, and it's a great company," Tessmacher said. "It's awesome to say I've worked for them, but there really is hardly a comparison of the two as far as my careers in the companies. I came out and did a sexy dance routine every week. I was training back home but wasn't able to use what I was learning in practice and training...I wasn't fulfilled doing a dance routine every week. Even though I wasn't trained enough to have a full match, I would have much rather been training the whole time and getting closer to what I wanted to do rather than dance."

While there are some Divas that are more than happy to look beautiful and put on a big smile, Tessmacher deserves some credit for splitting with the WWE and finding her own way into professional wrestling.

Is the entire thing a puff piece that happens to ignore Miss Tessmacher's shortcomings in the ring? Yeah, a little bit. And maybe some are put off by the fact that she was given multiple chances with two major promotions based mostly on her looks while there are plenty of great female wrestlers that don't get the same opportunity. There is something to be said, though, that she actually has put a lot of effort into becoming a better professional wrestler.

"I can wake up every day and appreciate it, knowing I did this," said Tessmacher. "Nobody gave this to me. I had to sweat the sweat, bleed the blood and do everything it took to get here. If I didn't have a career tomorrow, obviously I wouldn't want that to happen, but I would know I gave it everything I had and actually got here. I can't explain it, but it's very epic to me...I have had so many troubles and things that have happened in my life, but it's a good story and can inspire others."

In a world where we tend to be far more cynical about life and entertainment than we should, maybe we can all stand to listen to Miss Tessmacher. Work hard. Take your opportunities when they present themselves. Don't just settle for being a pretty face.

I think we could all do worse than being a Knockout Champion.

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