Ring of Honor (ROH) Boiling Point results and live match coverage TONIGHT (August 11) from Providence

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Ring of Honor (ROH) Boiling Point is all set to pop off tonight (Sat., August 11, 2012) from the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island at 7:30 p.m. ET, live on internet pay-per-view.

CagesideSeats.com will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Boiling Point below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

The show is main evented by ROH World Champion Kevin Steen taking on former friend CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston in a rematch of their bout from April's Hot Off the Griddle event. You like slobberknockers? Well, this promises to be a slugfest.

Filling out the card is a mixed tag team between featuring Eddie Edwards teaming up with "Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Ray -- in what may be her final indie appearance before starting her new job with WWE -- taking on Mike Bennet and his main squeeze, former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis.

The Briscoes take on Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino, Jay Lethal goes toe-to-toe with Tommaso Ciampa and much, much more.

Kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


World Championship Match: Kevin Steen def. Eddie Kingston
The Briscoes def. Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino
Mixed Tag Team Grudge Match: Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Ray def. Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis
Charlie Haas def. Michael Elgin
2/3 Falls Grudge Match: Jay Lethal def. Tommaso Ciampa
Roderick Strong def. Mike Mondo
Proving Ground Match: World TV Champion Adam Cole def. "Brutal" Bob Evans
QT Marshall def. Antonio Thomas and Vinny Marseglia and Matt Taven

We're live, folks. Some transportation issues caused me to miss the first half hour of the show.

Roderick Strong beat Mike Mondo (good) and QT Marshall won a four-way to earn a ROH contract.

Alright, let's do this mess.

We've got a video package for the Proving Ground match between Cole and Evans.

Adam Cole vs. "Brutal" Bob Evans

Cole in control early, working the leg. Evans uses some nefarious means to turn the tide. Cole is laid out on the outside and yanked back in by his hair.

Evans grinding Cole like the veteran he is. Cole fights back and eventually lands an enziguri. He gets a near fall and stuns Evans after another headkick. Cole goes to the top rope but Evans was playing possum and

Superkick from Cole! Evans kicks out at 2.9 and the champ locks in a figure four. They're slugging it out but he has no choice but to tap.

Winner: Cole via submission

Bennett and Maria hit the ring to beat down Cole but Edwards and Del Rey make the save.

Michael Elgin vs. Charlie Haas

The House of Truth cuts a promo beforehand and Strong leaves his partner. Trouble in paradise JUST TURN ELGIN ALREADY

They lock up and Elgin slaps the former tag champ. Beatdown in the corner from "Unbreakable." Shoulder block from the second rope gets a two count. Stalled suplex. Elgin is crazy strong.

Strong comes back out with a case of Natty Light and distracts Elgin, allowing Haas to hit a superkick to the back of the knee. Haas takes over and works the knee. Elgin tries to hit a superplex but his knee gives out.

They're slugging it out now but Haas regains control by attacking the knee.

Elgin starts fighting back and hits clotheslines in the corner. He spills him out to the outside but Strong is out there, providing assistance. "Get up! You're my favorite wrestler! I love you!" Legit LOL there.

"Unbreakable" is upset Strong is preventing further attack. Haas sprays Truth with a beer, Elgin runs both Haas and Strong into the guard rail. They get back inside the ring.

Strong sprays beer in Elgin's face, distracting him and Haas gets the roll-up!

Winner: Haas via pinfall

After the match, Elgin runs Martini out of the ring.

The Briscoes vs. Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino

Jay and Corino start us off. Leg lariat from the Sandy Fork native and he tags in Jay. Punches from Jay and Corino ducks out to the outside but ends up getting hit with a dropkick through the ropes.

Jay and Corino back inside the ring and the ECW veteran performs a back body drop, dumping Jay to the outside. Mark inside and a leg lariat takes Corino out. Everyone but Mark on the outside now ... moonsault to the outside!

They're all brawling on the outside.

Team Steen is in control but the Briscoes are fighting back. Jacobs and Corino hit a pretty nifty STO/neckbreaker combo. Suplex from Rufio and he tags in the "King of Old School." Corino working over Mark now. Rufio tagged back in. He goes for a senton but gets knees in the back. Spear puts them back in control.

Jacobs hits a cutter, bunch of action. This match isn't as crazy as I was hoping.

Sandy Fork Device on Jacobs gets the win for Dem Boys.

Winner: The Briscoes via pinfall

Corino and Jacobs raise their arms to a chorus of boos.


Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jay Lethal

Ciampa looks awesome and crazy. They're going at it and Evans makes his presence known. I LOVE YOU RD EVANS.

The former TV champ hits Lethal Injection for a two count. Lethal drops Ciampa on his head and picks up the first fall.

Evans and Ciampa gameplan on the outside and the second fall starts. I predict Ciampa wins this one. I know, I know, I'm going out on a limb.

Ciampa is brutalizing Lethal, dropping him backfirst on the apron and then getting on the microphone, saying he's going to break Lethal's back. Lethal fights back and suplexes him on the floor.

Back inside the ring, they're going toe to toe. Lethal floats over a Project Ciampa attempt but eats a knee.

Project Ciampa gets the three count. We're tied up at one pinfall a piece.

Ciampa tries to get a quick pinfall but Lethal kicks out. Lethal gets up his opponent set up in the ropes and chops the hell out of him.

Hail to the King and it's over NO! Ciampa kicks out! They're on the apron and Ciampa drops Lethal on his back AGAIN!

They barely beat the count and they're slugging it out. Dueling yakuza kicks until Ciampa hits a flying knee. Boot from Lethal.

Evans on the apron and out comes Nana! He attacks Evans and Ciampa heads out to clothesline his former boss over the guard rail. Distracted, Ciampa eats a lowblow.


Winner: Lethal by 2-1 pinfall

Ciampa is helped to the back.

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis vs. Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Rey

Bennett and Edwards start us off. They lock up and trade arm wrenches before Edwards takes over and hits a senton. Bennett is wearing pink leopard print trunks. Awesome. Edwards hits a kick to the leg and then a knee to the face.

Del Rey is tagged in and they double team Bennett. Axe kicks to Bennett. Good, Del Rey can wrestle Bennett, he doesn't have to tag out to Maria. Kicks to the gut but Bennett's squeeze grabs the hair as "Queen of Wrestling" bounces off the ropes.

Maria's tagged in and distracts the referee so Bennett can choke Del Rey along the ropes. Maria shrugs off a headbutt -- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! -- and tags out to Bennett. Del Rey is able to tag out to Edwards who takes it to Bennett. Tree of woe is followed by a dropkick to the face.

Del Rey comes in and starts kick Bennett. Edwards hits a dropkick from the floor to the apron. Nice. Two count.

Edwards back in and he's bounced off the ropes. Maria grabs his foot but Bennett fails to capitalize. He's on the floor and Edwards tries to splash him but it's countered with a spear.

Edwards is rolled back into the ring for a two count. Bodyslam and Maria is tagged in. Two non-wrestling fans agree Maria's butt is hypnotic, one male and one female.

She tags out and Bennett works Edwards over with a submission. "Die Hard" fights out of it and hits a Codebreaker. Maria and Del Rey are in and "Queen of Wrestling" hits several yakuza kicks. Forearm shots by Del Rey and she whips Maria to the corner. Bennett tags and shoves Maria out of the way and eats a rolling kick. Suicide dive from Edwards onto Bennett.

Back on the inside, Backpack DDT gets a two count.

Edwards locks in the single leg crab and Maria goes in to slap Edwards. He laughs at her, haha! Del Rey gets an ankle lock on Maria who goes underneath the ring and Del Rey follows. Bennett reverses the hold but Del Rey pops back out with Maria ring gear!


This distracts Bennett enough for Edwards to lock in the single leg and get the tap.

Winners: Edwards and Del Rey via submission

Maria is covered up by Bennett and they leave. "Thank you, Sara" chant.

ROH World Championship title match: Kevin Steen (c) vs. Eddie Kingston

Steen is out with Jacobs and Corino.

Corino gets on commentary and talks smack about Kingston. Once the fight starts, Kingston heads out and punches Corino. Nice.

Steen meets him to brawl and eventually Kingston hits a plancha. He then takes Jacobs and Corino to the back where they will stay for some unknown reason.

He heads back to the ring and gets a chair but Steen takes over and hits a Codebreaker with the chair. He lays it over his face and hits a flipping leg drop.

On the outside and Steen removes a ROH sign from the guard rail. Kingston eats it back first and Steen then sets up a table. Steen tries to whip his challenger to the table but Steen reverses and hits a suplex through it.

Another table is set up between the railing and the ring. Steen powerbombs Kingston through the underside of the table. YIKES!

Kingston is getting looked at by ROH officials. Steen gets on the microphone and talks shit to a fan. He says he'll rip "both those huge ears and eat them, motherfucker." He says he's the baddest man on the planet.


They're carrying Kingston to the back and Steen says Larry Sweeney thinks Kingston is a pussy right now. HOLYYYYYYYYY SHIIIIIIIIIT.

Kingston is back and they're going at it. Steen is suplexed on his head! That's some Japan-type shit there AND I LIKE IT.

Kingston grabs another chair but gets booted while coming back in. DDT on the chair and Steen hits a chair-assisted cannonball in the corner.

Table is set up and Kingston reverses a back suplex and hits his own, putting Steen through it.

Chair s set up and Kingston puts Steen through it, cheese and rice! Two count! Corino is back out but Rhett Titus comes out to fight him to the back? Okay.

Kingston is distracted and Steen hits a low blow! Kick out! F-Cinq from the champ but Kingston kicks out again!

Chair shot to the back from Steen. He sets it up, grabs another and goes to town on his opponent's back. He sets that one up, Kingston calls Steen a "motherfucka," Steen plants a kiss on him and the champ hits a second F-Cinq through the chairs.

Winner and STILL champion: Steen via pinfall

And that's a wrap, folks!

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