E-Wrestling for Cagesiders: Wednesday Night Revival for August 8, 2012

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This is Dannie Ray, Head of Creative for Revival Pro Wrestling and Chief Operating Officer.

And you might be wondering: "when the hell are you going to switch up this intro?"

Well, it seems like this is a good time to do it

If you are not familiar with RPW, we are a group of Cagesiders who have joined forces to create their own brand of wrestling entertainment where everyone has made and developed unique characters that face each other fortnightly on their quest to become the RPW Heavyweight Champion.

RPW is essentially a Fictional Wrestling Company directed by and for Professional Wrestling fans, much of RPW emerges from the frustration we have in how WWE presents and books wrestling.

We try to have a little bit of everything for everyone and avoid taking things too seriously; in the end our main goal is just to provide fun to both readers and writers.

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Now, the show this week is fairly long at 75 pages and it might be a bit of a hassle to go through it without knowing the characters and stories, but if you have even the slightest interest on following us, I would recommend to read our extensive review of it after the jump


WNR was brought to you this week from Philadelphia and it was highlighted by two very important events, the first one was an eight man tournament to crown a new RPW Ironman Championship after the former champ Halfus Lykarn got himself suspended for pushing a certain backstage interviewer and then refusing to let go of a submission hold on his Ironman Title Challenger.

Lykarn got his title stripped as, due to his suspension, he wasn't able to defend it and the RPW Ironman Championship must be defended in every episode of WNR.

The outline of the tournament was four first round matches leading to a fatal fourway match between the winners.

First up was Alex Monroe going one-on-one with former Ironman Champion John Brandenburg, this match also had Brett "The Chief" Bannion join Harold Murphy and Benjamin Washington as the third man in commentary. Monroe and Brandenburg looked evenly matched in a great match that saw Brandenburg advance via small package in what most certainly was a hot opener and an early candidate for match of the night.

Brett Bannion continued to talk down Alex Monroe and those two seem to be on a collision course, this rivalry was started by none other than backstage interviewer Matt Josham who seems to believe Monroe has been overhyped by the IWC and he wants to prove he's just another wrestler. Josham somehow convinced Bannion that he's more deserving than Monroe and "Chief" has been trying to prove it since.

The second match in the tournament was Enigma vs. Ronnie Reynolds, Enigma vowed to destroy the 1% member by member, starting by Reynolds. Reynolds vowed to reveal the Enigma's true identity and added a private investigator to his already large and overpaid staff. Reynolds's employees were able to find out Enigma's old elementary school and this provided enough distraction for Reynolds to pick up a victory, after the match Reynolds' bodyguard made a strong statement by delivering a huge modified elevated DDT to Enigma. He then shocked everyone by turning on Reynolds and planting him with a chokeslam, and then even attacked his own Manager.

Yes, Reynolds' staff is so ridiculously large that even his bodyguard had a manager of his own.

The Third Match saw Emerson Favreau of the 1% make his official debut and show off his impressive physical attributes that lead him to a very successful amateur career, he was surprisingly dominant against Hakai Dragon, another former Ironman Champion, but in the end it was the experience of the Dragon that prevailed and he was able to make the bigger man tap out to a muta lock.

Finally, the Leader of the 1% Mr. Jafaar al-Sultan looked to put a second member of their stable in the finals but he had a big problem to overcome in the shape of the powerful South American: El Omega 23 (pronounced veinte y tres).

The Latin American Wrecking Crew and the 1% have been at odds as of late and Omega and Sultan have been leading the charge for their teams. The two have had a bone to pick with each other for quite a while now and they got to go at it one-on-one in the ring again. The match was everything you could've expected it to be and it was another Match of the Night candidate. But the action was cut short after they hit the 15 minutes time limit; when Jafaar al-Sultan had the Camel Clutch locked in. As a result of these, neither of the two moved on to the finals. Jafaar and Omega 23 are still 0-0 after two encounters.

Leonard Knox and backstage interviewer Brandy Swinson continue to have "something" going on between them, you cannot tell what for sure but there is certainly something. Taiga and his overly sexual nature got on the nerves of Miss Swinson during an interview and Leonard Knox came to defend her honor.

The two wrestlers met later on in the night in a six man tag team match which featured Sirius Danger, Brett Bannion and Taiga who clashed with Kirk Cobain, Ryan Mercy and Leonard Knox in what proved to be a clusterfuck of a match. To make things simple, Knox and Cobain have some issues between them, Knox wanted revenge on Taiga, Benjamin Washington hates Taiga, Cobain hates Danger, Danger loves Cobain, Taiga loves women in general, and Benjamin Washington really hates Taiga. This match included Kendo Sticks and teammates fighting each other. Give it a read, I won't even spoil it here...

Okay, I lied, Taiga picked up the win with a musclebuster.

With the first round of the Tournament out of the way and our three participants of the finals having gotten enough rest, we moved onto the finals which ended up being a triple threat match.

Ronnie Reynolds vs. John Brandenburg vs. Hakai Dragon.

All three men went at it hard and at different points of the match it looked like anyone could've won it, but in the end it came up to situational awareness. It was John Brandenburg who managed to score a victory with the Signature Brand. Reynolds tapped out making Brandenburg the new champion, and the first man to have two separate reigns as the Ironman Champion.

Earlier on I said that this evening was highlighted by two events, the first of which was this tournament. The second was a RPW Heavyweight title defense where Champion Ian Jones of the British Empire was scheduled to defend his title against "The Liverpool Sensation" Douglas Gallagher.

But before this match could get underway, our EVP of Talent Relations Richard Goldstein ordered newly signed tag team The Union Jacks to go through the crowd and remove all signs referencing Shane Adames, a quite successful World Champion from the past decade who's having a late career resurgence and wants to become the best in RPW. He hasn't been signed yet as Richard Goldstein seems to loathe him. The Union Jacks were joined by Excellence who was pissed off about not being included on the Ironman title tournament. An altercation broke out between Excellence and Adames himself, who was front row in the crowd. Adames ended up being expelled. Oh well, Goldstein really seems to hold a grudge here.

So back on track, RPW HW title between Jones and Gallagher -- during the show a lot happened. Gallagher went to visit No Limits Champion Mr. Nice Guy, the young Briton is a part of Jones' British Empire but Gallagher had nothing but words for the youngest champion in RPW history, he even called him, "the future of wrestling" and "the best man in the British Empire". Gallagher promised to kick Jones' butt.

Mr. Nice Guy then listened to members of the RPW roster talk trash about Jones and call him an undeserving champion. He brought the story to Jones and complained about the haters. Jones told him to ignore them and to focus on what was important; making sure Jones retained his title.

MNG was confident that Ian Jones didn't need his help to beat Gallagher, and he told Jones that he wouldn't accompany him for his match, so the haters didn't have any excuse when Jones beat Gallagher. Jones was not happy about that...

Speaking about the HW title, the also suspended (boy RPW really gets people suspended and we don't even have a wellness policy) Aron Scythe is the number one contender for the HW strap. He has the right to challenge the winner of Gallagher and Jones, and he also hates Jones. He also has a movie coming out...about a dog....who's an amateur wrestler, and gets a house...yeah, well, that's that. The Movie is called Carnation and premiers tonight, or tomorrow, whatever.

Gallagher came out for the title defense, and so did Jones, but Jones had a proposal. Jones offered Gallagher a spot on the British Empire; in exchange Gallagher would lay down and forfeit the match. Gallagher responded that he would join the British Empire, but by brute force. He went on to say he would beat down Jones, prove his status as the alpha bulldog and reform the British Empire into something that really would make the UK proud.

In the eyes of Gallagher, Jones and his British Empire are making the whole RPW fan base think that all British are a bunch of hopeless wankers. And he isn't that that far off.

Of course the Champion and Leader of the Empire didn't take this too kindly and both men butted heads, tensions escalated, push turned to shove and we had a brawl even before the official introductions were made. Nobody in the ring was safe, not the commissioner, not the referee, not the GM. But when Richard Goldstein got caught in the crossfire The Union Jacks and Excellence stormed the ring to defend him, or maybe they went in to prove their allegiance to the Empire, you couldn't tell...

The point is that the Jacks and Ex attacked Gallagher; this brought out Brandenburg and Monroe, and not soon after most of the roster was out embroiled in a pier six brawl.

In the words of Sirius Danger (who appeared out of nowhere in the commentary table), it was pure beautiful chaos and the best ever episode of WNR, do you agree with Sirius Danger? (yes, that's his name for realsies) Let us know in the comments.

Also, the HW title never happened and we don't know what's up with that either...

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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