WWE Smackdown spoilers for Aug. 3: A new general manager is named

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This past Monday's (July 30, 2012) episode of WWE Raw featured all the fallout from the 1,000th episode and the start of the true build to Summerslam, which is just a few short weeks away.

Alberto Del Rio has announced that he won't compete again unless the world heavyweight championship is on the line, but we'll see just how long that lasts.

Daniel Bryan is also still a Smackdown wrestler and he's still going crazy. There's a new wrinkle to his character, one he started on Raw and continues here that you should love.

The big news, however, is that a new general manager is announced by the Chairman of the Board himself, Vince McMahon.

Find out exactly what went down, courtesy of PWTorch.com, after the jump.

-- McMahon kicked off the show with his big announcement regarding the new Smackdown General Manager. I'm not sure why this took an extra week but Booker T was given the honors, which sounds like it could be awesome. He was apparently very comfortable in this role during the show.

-- Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus interrupted the proceedings and were both booked in matches, even though Del Rio said he wasn't going to do so. He was placed in the main event, actually, against Randy Orton. Sheamus, meanwhile, drew Tensai.

-- Unsurprisingly, Sheamus defeated Tensai in a veritable hoss fight.

-- Eve Torres tried to kiss up to Booker T to earn a spot within his administration but Teddy Long was instead given a position as "Senior Adviser" with his first duty to tell Eve to kiss off.

-- Antonio Cesaro def. Santino Marella in a nothing match, continuing the theme of the U.S. title being a complete piece of trash. Cesaro is apparently working a gimmick where he speaks in different languages.

-- Daniel Bryan is now wearing a shirt that has "NO" taped over "YES" and telling fans he won't be saying that word anymore and they can't either. What a perfect way to keep that schtick fresh.

-- Bryan, The Miz, and Dolph Ziggler defeated Kane, Christian, and Chris Jericho. Said to be a solid affair with Bryan scoring the roll up pin on Jericho. Nice to see him come out on top despite his spiral down.

-- Ryback continued his series with Jinder Mahal and won by disqualification after Mahal hit him with a microphone. I truly don't understand what the hell they're doing with Ryback. It's like they're ribbing him.

-- Darren Young defeated R-Truth in the same manner Titus O'Neil defeated Kofi Kingston on Raw -- with plenty of interference. For those wondering, A.W. was ringside as usual and he was given a live microphone, just like usual. Maybe his big punishment was a stern talking to?

-- Cody Rhodes and Booker T had words backstage with Rhodes saying he hopes his ending Booker's career as an active wrestler doesn't mean Booker will treat him poorly while he's in power. Book announced Rhodes would be in a match against Sin Cara next week.

-- Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio via disqualification in the main event after typical interference from Ricardo Rodriguez. Sheamus interfered on behalf of Orton, tossing Del Rio into the ring so he could get hit with an RKO.

And that's that, folks. How's the show sound to you?

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