E-Wrestling for Cagesiders: Wednesday Night Revival - Fourth of July edition


This is Dannie Ray, Head of Creative for Revival Pro Wrestling and Chief Operating Officer.

You might ask, what is Revival Pro Wrestling (RPW)?

RPW is a group of Cagesiders who have joined forces to create their own brand of wrestling entertainment where everyone has made and developed unique characters that face each other weekly for RPW supremacy.

RPW is drama, RPW is comedy, RPW is passion and RPW is wrestling but most importantly RPW is fun.

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This week's show was the fallout from Call to Arms and Sir Charles Strickland's debut as the Interim General Manager of Wednesday Night Revival (WNR), but not only that, it was also the Fourth of July.

The show was opened with Miss Brandy Swinson's interpretation of the USA National Anthem, but was rudely interrupted by the British Empire, namely MNG and Ian Jones who came in to "celebrate the holiday.

The Celebration quickly turned into the Empire's usual anti-American antics and they then introduced Sir Charles Strickland. Charles Strickland laid down the law quickly and he informed everyone of three things.

1) Damien Wolfe is still suspended indefinately.

2) The next PPV event will be in London and Ian Jones and Aron Scythe will rematch.

3) RPW has signed yet another British Wrestler, his name is Excellence.

Excellence came to the ring and put himself over, he challenged any American to a match to prove "British Superiority". It was John Brandenburg who answered the challenge, the match ended up being a flag match which saw Excellence dominating.

Out of nowhere, Brandenburg hit a huge spear on the debuting Briton that bought him just enough time to grab the Stars & Stripes and win the match. Brandenburg then gave a heartfelt patriotic speech and thanked the troops.

Alex Monroe was up next looking to rebound from a hard fought loss to Leonard Knox at Call to Arms. He made short work of the Flying Slappsman by basically kneeing his head in.

After this short match we recapped Douglas Gallagher's recent struggle with Ronnie Reynolds. Gallagher would then team up with Enigma to take the team of Reynolds and his new body guard, the Giant Hyperion Rushmore.

The Tandem of Gallagher and Enigma proved to be too much for the 1%ers as Gallagher ended up picking up the win over Reynolds with the Crimson Tornado. Gallagher looks to put his rivalrly with Reynolds behind him as he looks to make a run for the Heavyweight title.

But it wasn't all about Gallagher, Enigma impressed on his official debut with a mix of high flying offense and good teamwork. The Mysterious Enigma is certainly someone that every RPW fan should be paying attention to.

Diego San Martin proceeded to declare war on the 1%, his troops as of now consist of he Brazilians, Gustavo Gusmao and (the sidelined) Espirito do Animal, the Mexican Malcolm Valenzuela and the unknown El Omega 23.

Matt Josham continued to instigate a beef between the refocused Brett "The Chief" Bannion and Alex Monroe. But Brett's opponent tonight wasn't Monroe but Ryan Mercy who was overwhelmed by "Chief" from the oppening bell and put down with the Meat Tenderizer. Bannion looks to be on the middle of a career resurgence.

Sir Charles Strickland got served a dose of American Patrotism by former commissioner Jack Dobbs in a segment you had to see to understand.

The Art of Warcraft tried to continue their winning ways but tonight they faced the toughest task of their young careers against former Ironman Champion Jafaar al-Sultan and Landon Jackson. The 'Craft went to Aron Scythe for advice and it really seems that Scythe is taking the young team under his wing.

Dominic Golden returned, albeit briefly, to the commentary table as he called the action during this match where The Art of Warcraft gave the 1%ers all they got. But after the referee went down, Jafaar and Landon took advantage of the situation and put a beating in the young Californians with a steel chair.

It looked like the 1% was going to pick up an underhanded victory but Diego San Martin led his troops into the ring and evened up the situation. El Omega 23 and Jafaar al-Sultan continued their Call to Arms brawl and took it into the crowd. This left Jimmy Craft and Landon Jackson to settle this match, Jimmy Craft took full advantage of Aron's Scythe advice to land the Ten-Kay and take the biggest win of his career.

It really wasn't a good night for the 1% as they lost two tag team matches and even Dominic Golden suffered at the hands of Diego San Martin.

Looks like Hakai Dragon is coming back to RPW, and he's returning with a vengance. Stay tuned to see the develpoments on that story.

The main event for this show was an Ironman Title Match pitting Leonard Knox, Kirk Cobain and champion Halfus Lkyarn against each other.

Earlier in the day Cobain shot himself off a cannon to celebrate freedom day, but that night he had his hands full with both Knox and Lykarn. Lykarn managed to keep himself out of trouble for most of the match and let Knox and Cobain wear each other down, in the end he appeared and used the Riley Render on Knox to retain his title. This was particularely frustrating for Leonard since he was seconds away from landing a Bull's-Eye on Cobain to capture his first RPW Championship.

But before Lykarn could get out of the ring, John Brandenburg came out yet again, this time to challenge the champion to Submission match for the title.

Will Lykarn accept?

Join our Mailing list and find out in the next edition of the RPW Dirt Sheet!

Also, independent wrestler Shane Adames looks to be wanting to come to RPW, but is he already signed? And if not, why was he on the show?

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